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Breitbart.com Endorses Ex-Gay Torture Therapy During Pride Month

Breitbart.com Endorses Ex-Gay Torture Therapy During Pride Month

In a recent column on the GOP/Tea Party propaganda news site Brietbart.com  interviewed Joseph Nicolsi Jr., the son of NARTH (The National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality) founder Joseph Nicolosi in which he denounced California’s bill which would ban ex-gay torture for adults under fraud laws.

An excerpt:

Nicolosi is a licensed clinical psychologist who runs the largest reparative therapy clinic in the world. He told Breitbart News that his clinic uses evidence-based treatment interventions, the same interventions used by other clinics throughout the world, to treat trauma and sexual addictions.

Dr. Nicolosi said limiting people’s legitimate options for ideological reasons is a textbook case of political overreach. “Sacramento politicians want to deny the people of California the freedom to find joy in living consistently with their values, including as they relate to their sexuality,” he said.

In 1997, the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) conducted a survey of 882 patients who underwent reparative therapy seeking to modify their sexual orientation. Nearly half of the patients (47 percent) experienced a significant change in their sexual attraction. Among patients who self-identified as “exclusively homosexual” before treatment, 18 percent self-identified as exclusively heterosexual following therapy, while 17 percent identified as almost entirely heterosexual and 12 percent as more heterosexual than homosexual.

The current power play is reminiscent of a similar political move in 1973 that eliminated homosexuality from official lists of psychological disorders not because of any scientific discovery that changed the opinion of the medical profession, but because of political pressure from gay-rights activists to reclassify homosexuality as “normal.”

In March 2016, the World Psychiatric Association (representing about 160 countries) wrote to the U.N and world leaders. In their declaration, they stated that homosexuality cannot be reversed. But I am sure Joseph Nicolsi Jr a licensed clinical physiologist from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and a regular on the Kirk Cameron podcast knows more.

Right Wing Site RedState Joins Mozilla Boycott, Will This Become The Next Chick-fil-A Debacle?

Red StateThe right wing site RedState whose parent company Salem Communications, owns dozens of Christian radio stations as well as TwitchyTownhall, and HotAir has  joined the Mozilla boycott launched several days ago by Brietbart.com’s Ben Shapiro’s Truth Revolt.

Today, users of the Firefox web browser were given a message when accessing most of our Front Page content at RedState. They were told that this site could not be displayed, because of a conflict with the values of the Mozilla corporation, and they were suggested to visit another site. Send a message that you won’t take it lying down. Get another browser. Tell your friends what you’re doing, and why. Safari, Chromium, Internet Explorer, Konqueror, you name it. None of these browsers is developed by a corporation that is persecuting individuals for what they do with their own time and money. Firefox is, because that’s what Mozilla has done to Brendan Eich.

With the right wing spin machine going full force on Eich’s stepping down from his CEO position at Mozilla after blowback by it’s employees, techies across the country and the LGBT community after it was discovered he not only donated to California’s Prop 8 but also supports extreme right wing and anti-semetic fringe politico’s.  Will this situation spin out of control like the Chick-fil-A debacle of 2013?

While the grassroots gay community has stood strong on the subject a few contrarian and fearful “assimilation queens” have been opening questioning what happened and questioning the community itself, (Bruni, Sullivan, and Mixner)  giving additional ammo to the right wing for their latest “Gay Mafia” and “Christian persecution angle” while our National Orgs (HRC, GLAAD. The Task Force aka Gay Inc.) who have the ears of the mainstream press have remained silent and are again using the “lets not talk about it and it will go away strategy” that allowed Chick-fil-A to become the mess it did in the first place.   HRC, GLAAD. The Task Force  either need to step up and start taking proactive actions when situations like this occur or they need to hand over the reigns and let others to be spokespeople for our community.  Their silence on some very important subjects and battles is not only deafening, but dangerous to the LGBT communities fight for equality itself.

Gay Inc. needs to understand that LGBT advocacy is not only press releases and gala’s and every once in awhile they are going to have to stand up and fight and get their hands dirty.

The Simpson’s Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney – Eggggcellently Funny Video

The nutjobs over at Brietbart.com are livid. Livid I tells ya.  And the comments are HYSTERICAL!

I haven’t been into the ‘nighttime cartoon thing’ since Flintstones.

By the way, Simpsons, while ‘just a cartoon’, is an example of conditioning consumers by PopCulture. We are conditioned to accept what it pushes, which is largely liberal – leftist pap. It’s the kind of thing Breibart shouted against ( although I have no clue what he’d say about this particular.)

The Simpsons — another evil branch of the conspiracy of commie traitors on tv.

No surprise there, “The Simpsons” is run by Marxists.

 As someone who grew up with the Simpson’s this is just sad……..I love the Simpsons but the dirty liberal foks have killed them….. No matter, I Already voted MITT.

What a bunch od morons.

Brietbart.com Goes Batshit Over Bill Maher’s “Anti-Intellectual, Anti-Science Freakshow” Comments

Needless to say that the teatards over at Brietbart.com are having kiniption fits.

Here are some of their more “intellctual”comments

melas_uru                      1 comment collapsed                  CollapseExpand

Ya, poor Bill is upset because Ashcroft covered the breast of a statue but apparently has no problem with Holder, walking guns into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels. Yep, Bill can’t wait for the pedophiles to file suit, claiming that their constitutional rights are being violated because they’re not being allowed to molest children. After all, if they’re born homosexual, then why should they have to wait just because of the antiquated views of a bunch of Bible thumping conservatives? Old Bill doesn’t seem to have a problem with the fact that this President spent two weeks blaming a YouTube video for the deaths of Americans in Benghazi and then sold a personalized flag poster with stripes that appeared to be the Blood of those Heroic Americans.

No, I guess just about anything that is Sordid and Depraved is all right with Bill.

In memory of (The Heroic American) Victims of  9/11/2012. http://twitchy.com/2012/09/20/…

khmichaels                      1 comment collapsed                  CollapseExpand

Obama quotes scriptures the way that lucifer quoted scriptures to Jesus.  With an agenda and stinking of an evil agenda.

And you are correct.  Maher, like other liberals, assume that Pelosi, Reid, Obama, etc just pretend to be Christians so that they don’t lose that important voting block.

What is a shame with all the sucker voters falling for it is how common it is for voters not to understand how they are being taken for a ride.

AFs for example think that Democrats really care for them by offering them handouts.  If only they knew that is for nothing more than getting their votes, just like LBJ actually admitted to.

John Brittingham, Serving the servants.                      6 comments collapsed                  CollapseExpand

Bill Maher should be placed on an enemy if the state list.

PeeTardy_Rob                      6 comments collapsed                  CollapseExpand

How come god allowed Andrew Breitbart to choke on his Coke and for Maher to thrive? What kind of god does that…is god  liberal after all?

czynik                      1 comment collapsed                  CollapseExpand

I will be happy if it is not the commie bulls**t we get now. Funny how the leftists embrace Islamic extremism but not Christianity in any amount. That plays into the mental disorder of liberalism since the Islamic mainstream oppose almost all aspects of the liberal lifestyle, including abortion, womens lib, and anything gay.

Thank you Brietbart.com commenters for proving Bill Maher’s point.

Breitbart.com Attacks Animated Film PARANORMAN Over Gay Character: “Gay Filmmakers Target Children”

Brietbart.com which is run by GOProud’s Number 2 HomoCON fag hag Dana Loesch (Ann Coulter is number 1) is not even pretending that it”gay friendly” by openly attacking a gay filmmakers about the inclusion of a gay character in the recently animated feature PARANORMAN claiming that the LGBT community is targeting children:

Said Brietbart hack writer extraordinaire William Bigelow:

You knew it was only a matter of time before the gay community, which has successfully integrated gay characters into every possible form of entertainment for adults, targeted children.

Actually it is only revealed at the end of the movie that one of the character is gay, as a throw away line no less.  But that doesn’t stop Bigelow from turning it into a HUGE LGBT CONSPIRACY.

It’s a time-honored technique of the gay community to hide the fact that a character is gay until the audience has developed a real affinity for him/her, then catch the audience off-guard by divulging that the character is gay.

Translation: We totally hate gay people and we don’t want them to be portrayed positively and realistically because we don’t want the audience to like them.

Breitbart.com is celebrating homophobia more than ever, you just have to look at the comments for this article, a festival of anti-gay hate. Disgusting yet not surprising for a right-wing site.

WARNING:  SPOILER – By cicking this link Breitbart.shitcom will reveal the gay characters identity.