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GLAAD Marches Into Irrelevancy, Names Brett (Rehearsals Are For Fags) Ratner “Straight Ally Of the Year”

GLAAD GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is continuing its march into irrelevancy (double time) and has named Hollywood producer Brett Ratner as its “Straight Ally of the Year”

Of course this is the same Brett Ratner who in 2012 was fired resigned from producing the Academy Awards after telling an audience that “rehearsing is for fags.”, quickly apologized  and worked with GLAAD as penance on a “Coming Out for Equality PSA” series. (The clips feature celebrities like Jackie  Chan, Charlie Sheen, Giada De Laurentiis and Pauley Perrette speaking in  support of the LGBT community.)  Which of course will debut around the same time that Ratner gets his award at the $1000.00 a plate Media Awards in New York on March 16th.

Said GLAAD President Herndon Graddick:

 “From high-school jocks to faith leaders, those who follow Brett’s lead are  admired and heralded, while anti-LGBT bullies are increasingly ridiculed and  marginalized.”

In a year that has brought us many wonderful REAL straight allies such as Brendon Ayanbadejo and the ever vocal and well written Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Viking who has taken on anti-gay politicians and was a major force in helping to defeat a amendment to write man-woman marriage into the Minnesota constitution.  To choose Ratner over those who speak from their hearts with true passion for equality and the rights LGBT community is appalling.   For GLAAD to choose Ratner and parade him as such that his work was done with pure altruism instead of the fact that he was busted for using anti-gay words and then paid them off with his penance is further proof that GLAAD has become nothing more than a bad joke.

GLAAD’s Media Awards have never been about TRUE recognition.  Its been about fundraising.  The bigger the names, the more money they make.  They are a travesty and a joke.  Both the awards and the organization. (And don’t even start me on Anderson Cooper being given the Vito Russo Award.)

GLAAD should just change its name to  Gay Star Fuckers-R-Us and be done with it.



Are We As A Community Trying To Become “Too Straight”?

gay art

If you follow me on twitter, then you may have noticed that lately more of my tweets are filled with vinegar than with sugar. I won’t pretend that there hasn’t been something that’s been bothering me lately about the LGBT community. And if you’ve ever read my articles, one of my biggest talking points is about how important it is to communicate our feelings in order to bring forth discussion about the issue. So I need to rant about how I feel these issues are problematic to me.

At first I thought maybe I was making all this up in my overactive imagination because by nature I resist many notions of conformity. I don’t go out of my way to avoid it but it’s definitely not a concept that I subscribe to very often. But lately I’ve noticed this trend about our community that gives off a unified front when in honestly it feels anything but together. It feels cool, detached and rigid.

It feels like more and more that LGBT only shows this one facet of our diverse community that echoes how the straight politicians and businessmen that openly oppose us. We’ve gone from picketing in streets to this homogeneous corporate feel that recognizes people that have made small strides instead of those that have been in this fight all of their lives fighting for our rights. It looks too much like we’re trying to be straight when we aren’t.

One thing that has been bothering me lately is about sex. Lately there’s this insinuation by some to assimilate in relation to our sexual nature that seems to be taking place with this community. References made about how we can’t show our sexual nature and must be like that of our straight counterparts and not openly display our love for sex. More and more it feels like the things that should be recognized like advocating for understanding our complex and differing sexual nature aren’t and the things we shouldn’t give too much credence are the things that are overly praised, lacking in substance and importance.

I know that to some of the outside observers it seems that we are nothing more than a bunch  of materialistic, selfish, superficial sex crazed fiends. And to a degree I could not care less what those outsiders believe so long as they do not impede on our freedoms or our customs or our rights. But it bothers me when we have members within our community insisting that we do all we can to resemble all heteronormative actions and behaviors   Like how we should be advocating for monogamous relationships that want to get married and nine to five jobs with the picket fence two dogs and kids.

Anything that deviates from that is not only rejected as a normal concept but actually looked down on. Some go as far as to condemn other gay men saying that they are the reason that the rest of society has an issue with us. Blaming our sexual nature, that is no different in any aspect from our straight counterparts other than how we express it. And I do not like it at all. It enrages me in fact. Look. if nuclear style family is for you then that is perfectly fine. I hope you are able to fulfill that wish and prosper for all your days.

But if someone is inclined to work hard as a bar owner that enjoys polyamorous relationships then he/she should be able to do so without disdain and criticism from members of this community  Especially with the fact that you know damn well what it feels like to be discriminated against for being who you are. Stop trying to put your perfect image of what people are supposed to be like and be concerned with making your own utopia for yourself.

We are sexual beings with varying levels of desires and characteristics that are unique (as it is for everyone). Let two (or more) consenting  adults that have sound reasoning, are protecting themselves and their partners by engaging in safe sexual practices they should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies. They should be able to participate in whatever sexual activity they see fit without this slut shaming.

Another thing that bothered me recently  is when I read about Bret Ratner being recognized by GLAAD with an Ally Award. You may remember that Ratner last  year went on an anti-gay rant before he was slated to produce the Oscars. After being confronted by LGBT advocates and activists for his bigoted tantrum he made a vow to rectify his ways. And he has taken steps by producing videos of other straight celebrities advocating for equality. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and welcome any form of advocacy for equal rights.

But it has only been a year.  Even when you take time out of the equation we have to also consider that there are a plethora of LGBT activists that hardly ever get recognized for all the hard work and dedication they put into this movement every day. People that risk their lives are not even noticed unless it makes the news. It’s funny (not really) how the people that are condemning gay men and the rest of the community into this ideal of conformity are the very ones that are conforming to the heteronormative “acceptable” behaviors that are even more vain, superficial and lacking in substance than anyone else is doing.

This trend of assimilation was confirmed even more for me when a friend pointed out an article by Joshua Gamson that questions the identity we develop when we are a part of a movement. In The Dilemmas of Identity Politics,  Gamson points out that even though having parts of our identity that resemble the rest of society that we have to ensure that we don’t lose the rest of our identity in the process. We need to be careful that in our efforts to show how alike we are with the rest of society that we don’t become the very things we advocated against.

To me that’s what it feels like some within the community are doing. All this suggests that in order for us to make advances that we have to modify our behavior and our culture. It’s too dangerously close to internalized homophobia or mocking and discrimination of other LGBT that don’t fit into this model that can be displayed as normal.  Instead of displaying the true diversity of our community, we show the same representation in our movement.

The majority of our leaders are gay Caucasian men that the rest of society deems acceptable and appropriate with no consideration or discernible effort to the rest of this community. There’s hardly any recognition to lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered. Even less with minority LGBT members. Let me once again make it clear that I’m not saying that mediation and finding common ground isn’t a good thing.

It has always proven to be an effective means to enact change that I support. But I can’t abide that we have to do all we can to fit in to mainstream society. I still wonder all these years later if that was the reason I was told not to be in front of a gay pride rally because they didn’t want to “incite more tensions” as I was told because it didn’t fit the model of what LGBT are supposed to look like. And it needs to stop. We shouldn’t have to fit in just to be accepted.

I understand the need to distance ourselves from the stereotypes that are created out of hate, ignorance, bigotry and sometimes our own behavior as a community. But at the same time that doesn’t mean we should whitewash every aspect of our diverse and unique nature. We shouldn’t disregard the customs we have developed or the culture that we have nurtured to fit the status quo. We need to be unafraid to show those that are most geeky, or feminine, gothic, of different ethnic minorities/races, ages instead of this plastic, uniformed representation now.

We have a rainbow that represents us so let’s show that and respect how different we really are. We are not straight so we shouldn’t have to amend characteristics of ourselves for the movement. The movement exists to show that even though our sexuality is different that we should not be treated differently. And we need to actively make sure that we are not adopting those same conformist attitudes of others in this or any community.

Seth Rogen Calls Brett Ratner An Anti-Gay Bigot At The 2012 Independent Film Spirit Awards – WINNERS LIST

Last night at the Independent Film Spirit Awards held at Santa Monica beach, California the film community came together to celebrate the very best in independent film-making.  Actor Seth Rogen hosted the ceremony and one of Rogen’s first duties as host it seems was to take a shot at Brett Ratner saying: Without awards season we wouldn’t know what a bigot Brett Ratner was.”  Obviously refferring to Ratner’s the anti-gay slur that he made last year when he said that “rehersal is for fags” when Ratner was set to produce the Academy Awards telecast and then was booted.  But never fear GLAAD smelling celebrity blood in the water jumped on the occasion and now Ratner will be producing  a new video series that will feature Hollywood celebrities, athletes, musicians and politicians ‘coming out of the closet’ as supporters of equality,” (As if  Joe Bob Bigot in Arkansas cares what Whoopi Goldberg has to say)

Anyway I digess. 

The Winners of the 2012 Independent Film Spirit Awards: 

Best Supporting Male. – CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER for “The Beginners.”

Best First Screenplay – WILL REISER for “50/50.”

Best Cinematography – GUILLAUME SCHIFFMAN for “The Artist.”

 Best Supporting Female – SHAILENE WOODLEY for “The Descendants.”

 Best Male Lead – JEAN DUJARDIN

Best Documentary – “THE INTERRUPTERS.”

Best Screenplay – ALEXANDER PAYNE, NAT FAXON and JIM RASH for “The Descendents.”

Best International Film. – “A SEPARATION.”

 Best First Feature –  “MARGIN CALL.” Director J.C. Chandor is accepting the award. “I’m glad we made a good little movie,” he said.

Best Direction – MICHAEL HAZANAVICIUS for “The Artist.”

 Best Female Lead –  MICHELLE WILLIAMS. Could we see a repeat tomorrow at the Oscars?

Best Feature – “THE ARTIST”

If the Independent Film Spirit Awards are any indication of whats in store tomorow at the Academy Awards expect HUGE wins for the artist and the “Oh My God He’s So Old” Sympathy Award to go to Christopher Plummer

Brett Ratner To Step Down As Oscar Producer Over “Rehearsal’s for fags” Comment.

The Hollywood Reporter is stating that Bret Ratner is going to “step down” (or be “pushed down” and have it be said he “stepped down” as this years Oscar producer:

Director Brett Ratner is planning to step down as Oscar producer, a source close to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences tells The Hollywood Reporter. The source says a decision has been made and the Academy will make an announcement shortly.

Calls to the Academy were not returned.

All this is coming after Ratners half-hearted apology yesterday over offending audience members at a screening of his new movie “The Heist” when during a question and answer session when asked what rehearsals are like, Ratner declared “rehearsal’s for fags”.

Bye Bye Brett!