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The National Organization for Marriage’s Hate Tour Pull’s Em In By The Handful!

The NOM Gay Hate Marriage Tour pulled itnto its second stop, (after gassing up at BP.  For shame!) of Manchester, NH where it was greeted by a cheering crouwd of about……27 PEOPLE!   So far two days into the Hate Tour and pro-gay counter-protesters have outnumbered the NON-bies by 5-1 or more.


This *cough* HUGE showing is after local, national, mainstream (TV and print), and blogger news reports; social media outreach,  church bulletins and  many e-spams to their own lists have been publicized and pushed weeks in advance.

NOM President Brian Brown  could not be reached for comment.  (There are no phones in the bushes at the I-90 rest stop)

The Heartbreaking Photos That BP (British Petroleum) DOESN’T Want You To See! – BOYCOTT BP!

Dear god what have they done!  All in the name of corporate greed and saving a few bucks to increase profits.  When will the regulatory system ever be fixed so it can actually regulate again?

Please, please, please be outraged by these pictures! Do not just skim over them and avoid taking action to protect those who cannot protect themselves. This has to stop! Now!

Please repost the link to the photos to everyone you know. The more people see this devastation the more we can all make a change!