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Back2Stonewall Calls on ALL NYC LGBTQ’s To BOYCOTT ALL Chelsea Pier Businesses Unless they CANCEL DeSantis on Sunday

Chelsea Piers NYC has shown absolutely no respect and has basically spit in the face of the LGBQT community while they do everything in their power to REFUSE to CANCEL the Ron DeSantis visit on there on Sunday.

Chelsea Piers latest wheedle insult without actually doing anything: Chelsea Piers is going to eat the cost of event and funnel the small amount paid for the event to LGBT groups just prove they “love the queer community” without actually doing anything.

To this we say NO! CANCEL THE EVENT NOW!

And if don’t we are calling on ALL LGBTQ and Ally New Yorkers to a FULL BOYCOTT AGAINST ALL CHELSEA PIER BUSINESSES! And we hope other LGBTQ websites and groups will join us.

NOT 1 LGBTQ cent unless Chelsea Piers cancel DeSantis on Sunday.

And we are NOT kidding. You hurt us. We hurt you.

Pick a side.