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WATCH: "Boy Erased" Trailer Starring: Nicole Kidman, Lucas Hedges and Russel Crowe

WATCH: “Boy Erased” Trailer Starring: Nicole Kidman, Lucas Hedges and Russel Crowe

In the upcoming movie Boy Erased, Lucas Hedges,, stars as Nicole Kidman’s gay son who quietly suffers while trying to come to terms with himself. Directed by the actor Joel Edgerton, the cast is rounded out by Russel Crowe, Xavier Dolan, and Cherry Jones

The film deals with the realities of minors being sent to gay conversion therapy (a practice deemed dangerous by the mainstream psychology community, but still perfectly legal in 37 states). Hedges’s character at first seems like the archetypical good Southern teen. His dad is a preacher, he’s a high school basketball star who catches the eye of the cheerleaders, and seems to be quite popular. Yet through his nervous glances at boys with chiseled cheekbones and hunky models in cologne ads, we’re led to believe he’s harboring a secret. After tearfully confessing his interest in men to his shocked parents, it’s off to therapy with him, played by Cherry Jones, tells him there’s nothing wrong with him but that’s apparently not good enough for his father, so Hedges winds up in a gay conversion therapy camp that is horrible, dark, and abusive.

 Watch the trailer below.