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1000 Russian Orthodox Protesters Rally Against Gay Pride and Gay Marriage in Moscow, Russia

Following the recent ruling of the European Court of Human Rights that Moscow’s ban on gay pride marches is illegal  a number of Orthodox religious organizations put together a rally against gay parades, legalization of same-sex marriages and immorality propaganda and gathered some 1,000 protesters on Bolotnaya Square in central Moscow on Saturday.

Vladimir Khomyakov, a co-chairman of the Narodny Sobor (People’s Gathering) Orthodox organization, said, “Despite the stories about our belligerent homophobia, we have never urged and are not urging to destroy gay clubs and attack gays. We have come to claim that the ECHR ruling is a gross interference in Russia’s domestic affairs and a violation of the Russian constitution and international law.”

The video below taken in 2009 will show you just one of the examples of “belligerent homophobia” that Vladimir Khomyakov says is just a “story”.

3 People Shot, One Critically Wounded In San Francisco Castro District During Gay Pride "Pink Saturday" Event

FOX40- KTXL Sacramento and SFGate are reporting that that 3 to 4 people were in the Castro late last night during Pink Saturday celebrations.

Police responded to reports of multiple gunshots fired at Castro and Market Streets along the 2300 block in front of “The Cafe,” a popular gay nightclub. A teenage male sustained life-threatening injuries and two other individuals were wounded.  A 19-year-old man was taken into custody in connection with the shooting and a weapon was recovered, KGO-AM reported.

Saturday evening’s shooting was a flashback to a similar incident that occurred during a public event on Halloween in 2006. The shooting, believed to be gang-related, led to the cancellation of future Halloween events in San Francisco’s predominantly-gay Castro district.

PLEASE be aware and be careful out there everyone……

Gay Rights Activist Roughed Up and Arrested During "FLASH" Pride Event In St. Petersburg, Russia (Video)

At least five gay rights activists were roughly arrested and taken to a police car in St. Petersburg, Russia Saturday for holding a banned rally outside the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg. Protestors had hoped to outwit authorities by only revealing the site at the last minute.

About 30 protestors had gathered outside the famous Hermitage museum on Palace Square, shouting slogans such as “Equality without compromise,” “Homophobia is an illness,” “Homophobia – the country’s shame” and “Marriage rights without compromises.  Activists had kept the location of Saturday’s rally a secret until the last minute in an attempt to prevent the arrests. Organizers said it was only their “military planning” that prevented further arrests at that rally.

A small group of anti-gay activists also showed up, attempting to attack the protesters. At least four of them were also detained.

Moscow’s Mayor Yury Luzhkov has described gay pride parades as “satanic” and gay rights activists have condemned the Russian authorities’ refusal to allow gay rights demonstrations.

As we celebrate gay pride today in many places in America please let us remember our oppressed brothers and sisters in Russia and other parts of the world.

Bryan Safi Takes A Look At The Year Accomplishments and Disappointments For Gay Pride (Video)

Happy Gay New Year! (or as it’s officially called, Gay Pride)! T Bryan Safi takes a long hard look at the last 12 months and asks: just what are we so proud of? From Constance McMillen and gay proms to surprise support from Eminem and McDonald’s, it’s been quite a year for the gay world.

Over 250,000+ Attend Belin Germany’s Gay Pride Festival "Christopher Street Day 2010" (Video)

An estimated crowd of 250,000+  revelers lined the downtown streets of Berlin Saturday to celebrate the German capital’s annual gay pride parade.

The colorful parade comes a week after the city’s annual Lesbian and Gay City Festival (Lesbisch-Schwules Stadfest), a rocking party that lasts all weekend and draws thousands.

Now in its 32nd year, Saturday’s gay pride parade is called Christopher Street Day in commemoration of the start of the modern gay rights movement at the Stonewall Inn in New York’s Greenwich Village in 1969. The gay bar is located on Christopher Street, the gay neighborhood’s most famous street.

About 50 colorful floats wound their way around Berlin’s downtown streets to end up for the first time at the Brandenburg Gate.

Looks like a BLAST!

Thousands Attend Boston’s 2010 Gay Pride Parade Despite Torrential Rain (Photos)

There was beads, batons, and body paint, and a whole lot of rains but that did not stop thousands of LGBT and LGBT friendly people  attending this year’s gay pride parade in Boston.  While marching in a gay pride parade was once controversial, and may still be in some places, yesterday’s event in Boston felt mainstream. Sun Life insurance corporation threw Mardi Gras-style beads emblazoned with its logo. There were drag queens and scantily clad men tossing lollipops from floats, but also a showing by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, TD Bank, and TJX, parent company of the TJ Maxx and Marshalls chain. Employees at the National Grid utility marched, some soaking wet from a soaking rain, alongside a festooned bucket truck

Thge parade was also was a political battlefield in the campaign for governor.

Incumbent Governor Deval Patrick marched with his daughter, Katherine, who is openly gay, and a contingent of sign-wielding supporters and later behind him came Republican candidate Charles D. Baker, who worked the crowd with his openly gay brother Alexander (who goes by the name Sandy) and his openly gay running mate, Senate minority leader Richard Tisei.

Both candidates got cheers and hoots of support, although there were also some in the crowd who pronounced themselves unimpressed.

Kirsten Martin of Jamaica Plain said Tisei came up to her and introduced himself as he walked the parade route. She had never heard of him but liked how he looked her in the eye when she spoke.

Curious to learn more, she grabbed her iPhone and did a quick search for his party affiliation and voting record.

“Just because he walks with us doesn’t mean I’ll vote for him,’’ she said.