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Rush Limbaugh On The Same Sex Marriages At The Grammys: “It was horrible, it was despicable.”

Limbaugh Grammys Conservative radio host, drug addict and adulterer Rush Limbaugh found last night’s Grammy Awards to be “despicable,” but he wasn’t surprised. On his radio show Monday morning, the host reacted to the award show that featured Katy Perry “dressed as a witch and burned at the stake” while gay couples were married to the song “Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Via Meditaite:

“It was horrible, it was despicable,” Limbaugh said of the show. He agreed with the words of former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, who thought the “demonic” performances showed there’s “a lot of evil in the world.” Limbaugh also admonished Macklemore’s lyrics, which “openly attacked right-wing conservatives and Christians.” But Limbaugh said the controversy was “the point” of shows like Grammy Awards, which aim to “mock, insult and lampoon their audience.” He went on to connect the award show to CNN. “Nobody watches, but because they have not strayed from the liberal path, they are still loved and adored and praised,” he said of that network, though he did not say by whom. “They have not watered down the liberalism.”

Early Neilsen numbers show that 28.5 million Americans watched the Grammy’s last night. Or as Limbaugh said, “nobody.”

Oh Brother! – HRC President Chad Griffin Talks About Growing Up Gay in Arkansas: VIDEO


Chad  Griffin should be talking about how he went to Washington D.C. to work for the Human Rights Campaign and got a HUGE $350,000.00 a year salary and in the process lost his balls, his spine, and has become nothing more than a glorified cocktail party and awards host.

Just telling it like it is……

Barney Frank Plays The Blame Game And Whines About Whiners – Hey Barney! Be A Winner, NOT a Whiner!

Rep Barney Frank insists in a recent interveiw to Michelangelo Signorile. “You don’t wait for the president to go out and lobby. The NRA doesn’t wait for the president to go out and lobby. … You think the president has a magic wand? [Waiting for the president to force a vote] is exactly why we’re going to lose.”

Well Barney if you call buying votes and backing candidates with obscene sums of cash like the NRA does when it lobbys I guess we know what our mistakes are now according to you don’t we.  Oh and also I suppose that the “magic wand” that Lyndon Johnson used for the 1965 Civil Rights Act has been lost and finding it will soon be the plotline for National Teasure 3?

Barney you are so full of shit.  Old fashioned lobbying of individuals calling Congress and such no longer works.  Politicians do what THEY want.  Not what the people want and you would think after Health Care we would all know that.  Politicians today do not care about the people they care about what THEY can get.  Maybe we should stop donating to Gay Inc. and the DNC and just do what the NRA does and donate obscene sums of money to certain candidates in exchange for thier support.

Is that what Barney Blowhard is REALLY saying?

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