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EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY – Win a “I Am Divine” DVD Gift Set! (Cha-cha Heels Not Included)



Back2Stonewall.com in conjuncture with Wolfe Video and Brigade Marketing are giving away (2) two “I Am Divine” DVD Gift Sets this weekend!

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Jeffrey Schwartz (Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story, Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon, Vito) turns his camera on the plus-sized “cinematic terrorist” turned international icon of bad taste when I AM DIVINE debuts across all digital platforms beginning April 1st and on DVD April 8th from Wolfe Video. Harris Glenn Milstead, a.k.a. Divine, comes to life in this complex documentary that traces his humble beginnings as an overweight, teased Baltimore youth to internationally-recognized drag superstar. The film includes interviews with many key figures from Divine’s life, including legendary filmmaker John Waters (Pink Flamingos, Hairspray), co-stars Ricki Lake (Hairspray), Tab Hunter (Polyester, Lust in the Dust) and Mink Stole (Female Trouble, Desperate Living), and his mother. Bonus materials include more than 30 minutes of deleted footage that sheds additional light on the cha-cha heels of this midnight-movie icon.

But wait, that’s not all!

In addition to the DVD each winner will receive as part of the prize package a “I Am Divine” poster autographed by filmaker Jeffrey Schwartz and an “I Am Divine” bumper sticker.

And to win this FABULASH prize package all you have to do is drop me a line at will@back2stonewall.com – One winner will be picked at random on Saturday 4/5 and Sunday 4/5 – (U.S.A. addresses only and no P.O. Boxes please)

Are you Divine enough to win?

*”I Am Divine” debuts digitally April 1st and on DVD April 8th.  Follow the filmmakers on Twitter at @divinemovie and Wolfe Video on Facebook and Twitter at @WolfeVideo.



* Serving customers since 1985, Wolfe Video is the largest exclusive distributor of lesbian, gay, bi and transgender (LGBT) films

Jamie Lee Curtis To Produce Biopic Honoring Gay Major League Baseball Player Glenn Burke

Glenn Burke


Before there was Michael Sams or Jason Collins there was Glenn Burke.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is putting on her producer’s cap to make a film honoring the memory of Glenn Burke, a professional athlete who came out of the closet long before Jason Collins or Michael Sam.

Out at Home: The Glenn Burke Story will focus on Burke’s tenure with the Dodgers and Athletics during the 1970s, a time when he shared his sexual preferences to his teammates and management but not the general public. Burke died of AIDS-related causes in 1995.

Curtis told the press the time is right for such a story to hit movie houses.

With (openly gay college football player) Michael Sam’s brave and bold statement, he joins the Trifecta of American sports, Glenn Burke – MLB (Major League Baseball), Jason Collins – NBA (National Basketball Association), Michael Sam – NFL (National Football League), dealing with gay athletes, and forcing open the door permanently. Our film will clearly honour the force and the struggle to get there.

As a gay man, Burke’s association with the Dodgers was a difficult one at best.  According to his 1995 autobiography, Dodgers General Manager Al Campanis offered to pay for a lavish honeymoon if Burke agreed to marry.  Burke refused to do so, and is said to have responded “to a woman?” He also angered Dodgers’ manager Tommy Lasorda by befriending the manager’s gay son, Tommy Lasorda, Jr.  Lasorda has disputed that but says he does not understand Burke’s behavior at the time: “Why wouldn’t he come out? Why keep that inside? Glenn had a lot of talent.  He could have been an outstanding basketball or baseball player.  He sure was good in the clubhouse. What happened?  I don’t know what happened.”

The Dodgers eventually traded Burke to the Oakland Athletics for Billy North, claiming that they needed an experienced player who could contribute right away. North did have more experience and better statistics, but some would argue he was less talented, and there have been suggestions that homophobia was behind the trade.  In Oakland Burke received little playing time in the 1978 and 1979 seasons.  Billy Martin used the word “faggot” in the clubhouse when he became an Athletics’s manager in 1980, and some teammates avoided showering with Burke.

Burke suffered a knee injury before the 1980 season began, and the Athletics sent him to the minors in Utah and then released him from his contract before the season ended.

An article published in Inside Sports magazine in 1982 made Burke’s homosexuality public knowledge.  Although he remained active in amateur competitions, Burke turned to drugs to fill the void in his life when his career ended.  An addiction to cocaine destroyed him both physically and financially.  In 1987, his leg and foot were crushed when he was hit by a car in San Francisco.  After the accident, his life went into physical and financial decline. He was arrested and jailed for drugs and lived on the streets of San Francisco for a number of years, often congregating with other homeless people in the same neighborhood where he had been a popular figure. He spent his final months with his sister in Oakland.

Glenn Burke died on May 30, 1995, of AIDS complications at Fairmont Hospital in San Leandro, California, at age 42.

Elton John Wants Justin Timberlake! (To Play Him In His Upcoming Biopic That Is)

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times Elton John talked about the making of an upcoming Elton biopic of his life being made and that it would it will be a “jukebox musical in earnest.”

“It’s going to be a surreal look at my life, and not just a factual look at my life, more in the manner of a Moulin Rouge!” said the singer, who commissioned Billy Elliot writer Lee Hall to pen the script. “I just don’t want it to be a normal biopic because my life hasn’t been like that.”

And who exactly does Ms Elton want playing herself? 

I’ve got a wish list of people, No. 1 on my wish list is Justin Timberlake, because he played me before in a David LaChapelle video of ‘Rocket Man’ and was superb.”

Elton wants the biopic will only go up the year he went into rehab in 1990 and then the movie will feature  flashbacks of his rise and  fall of his career up to that point. “.”

David Farnish, Elton’s husband is co-producing and a director has been director lined up.

Justin Timberlake as Elton John.?  That will send sexy away never to come back