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The Benham Brothers Go Balls Deep About North Carolina's Sexual Health Initiative for Teens

Benham Bros: God Sent the Killer Hurricanes So America Would Repent For Accepting LGBT People

Those soon to be exposed incestuous found sex tape brothers the Benham Bro’s are at it again.  This time between swallows stating that God sent the murderous and destructive hurricanes of Harvey and Irma because America has become too comfortable with homosexuality.

Jared Holt at Right Wing Watch reports:

Religious Right culture warriors David and Jason Benham published a video Monday in which they claimed “God is speaking” through hurricanes to send a message that America should repent for “breaching the boundaries of God” in regard to gender identity, gay marriage and homosexuality in general.

The Benham brothers posted a Facebook video on the anniversary of 9/11, warning that God had been using recent hurricanes to urge America to repent against its advancement of LGBTQ rights. The duo has previously labeled marriage equality “a mask for Satan,” and has gone so far as to claim that Satan is responsible for the existence of homosexuality.

Now we all know that these two have Benham Bro-jobed each other.  Just look at the worshiping glance  and you can feel the that sexual tension in the above picture.

Oh who do I kid. They have sucked a lot of cocks than just each others.  

Sex tapes forth cumming I am sure.