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Tea Bagging Senate Wannabe Ben Quayle Used A Subliminal Image Of An Automatic Weapon In His Campaign Commerical And Founded And Ran A Raunchy Website (Allegedly)

Here we have Ben Quayle.  Son of Dan and Marilyn and also Tea Bagging \Senate wannabe idiot who is running for the Arizona Senate using subliminal images of automatic weapons in his campaign ad.

Ben who’s 34 and far too old to play the “my generation will Inherit the debt” card  is also helped found and write raunchy website called TheDirty.com  dedicated to pictures of scantily dressed women and nasty comments about them under the Boogie Nights pen name of “Brock Landers” (Which of course he denies)

It’s really too nad he’s stark raving fucking mad.  He is kinda cute

You can watch Mr. “Potatoe” Head  Jr’sFull Senate Commercial after the jump.