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Crazy Anti-Virus Software Founder John McAfee Wanted For Murder In Belize

John McAfee, the man who founded the company whose anti-virus software resides on hundreds of millions of computers worldwide, is being sought for murder by police in Belize.

McAfee who sold his interest in the company and in 2008 lost an estimated $100M fortune in the stock market before moving to Belize.  And as many also say,  his mind.

According to Marco Vidal, head of the national police force’s Gang Suppression Unit, McAfee is a prime suspect in the murder of American expatriate Gregory Faull, who was gunned down Saturday night at his home in San Pedro Town on the island of Ambergris Caye. Details remain sketchy so far, but residents say that Faull was a well-liked builder who hailed originally from California. The two men had been at odds for some time. Last Wednesday, Faull filed a formal complaint against McAfee with the mayor’s office, asserting that McAfee had fired off guns and exhibited “roguish behavior.” Their final disagreement apparently involved dogs.

Disgustingly during the AIDS panic in San Francisco in the 1980,’s McAfee sold fake identity cards certifying bearers as HIV-free.

McAfee has been describes as a compulsive liar if not an outright psychopath