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Gay Television History 12/3/77 - MAUDE: "The Gay Bar" (Full Episode)

Gay Television History 12/3/77 – MAUDE: “The Gay Bar” (Full Episode)

Uptight neighbor Arthur has launched a crusade to close a nearby gay bar, so Maude convinces him he should visit the bar before condemning it. A classic 1970s sitcom “gay episode” and still unfortunately somewhat relevant today.

Gay Camp Classic: Bea Arthur & Madame sing "A Good Man is Hard to Find" And Actually Sort Of "OUT" Rock Hudson – (Video) 1980

Classic Camp from our beloved Bea Arthur as she and Madame get catt and discuss “The Rock” as in Rock Hudson and how he would “never ever take advantage of a woman” (HOW TRUE!) and then finish off by warbling an old Sophie Tucker tune.