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YouTube Removes RFK Jr.’s Interview Claiming Chemicals in Water Supply Turn Kids Trans Just Like It Does to Frogs.

YouTube Removes RFK Jr.’s Interview Claiming Chemicals in Water Supply Turn Kids Trans Just Like It Does to Frogs.

What a waste of a Kennedy.

YouTube may have actually done something right for a change as it has removed a Jordan Peterson podcast from its site in which Robert F. Kennedy Jr. suggested that the rise in transgender youths was in part a product of exposure to chemicals.

“I think a lot of the problems we see in kids, particularly boys, it’s probably underappreciated on that how much of that is coming from chemical exposures, including a lot of the sexual dysphoria that we’re seeing. I mean, they’re swimming through a soup of toxic chemicals today, and many of those are endocrine disruptors. There’s atrazine throughout our water supply.” – Robert Kennedy Jr.

Kennedy Jr., the son of the assassinated senator, has long been known as a vaccine skeptic and has previously spoken out about his opposition to COVID-19 vaccine mandates and quite frankly insane.

On Sunday, Kennedy Jr. told his Twitter followers that the conversation had been “deleted” by the video platform, but thanked Elon Musk, the owner of the social media site, for continuing to allow it to remain up there.  he then went on to accuse YouTube of “blatant interference in the electoral process” and urged his supporters to make videos on the platform voicing their anger towards the decision.

Michele Bachmann Wants To Ban Halloween To Stop Children From Sucking On Satan’s Candy

Michele Bachman wicked witch

Michele (Batshit Crazy) Bachmann, Republican Congressional Representative to Minnesota and founder of the Tea Party Caucus, is at it again. This time she is calling for a ban on Halloween

“This holiday is based in Satanism. It’s a Pagan ritual to worship Satan and call him forth to the earth and the liberal elites have added socialism to it. We are in the end days and we must purify our nation if we are to be welcomed into the kingdom of God.

We have to ban Halloween to save the children. That’s how they indoctrinate them you know. Giving them Satan’s candy sacks. Soon you’ve got a country full of children sucking on Satan’s sacks and thinking liberal thoughts instead of good Christian ones.

From the Free Wood Post (Yes the Free Wood Press is a satire website, but if you didn’t know that and  Bachman is so fracking crazy, you probably believe that this story is true.) 


AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Cory Booker’s Gay Rumor Proves The Left Wants To Elect A Gay President!

Bryan Fischer

The American Family Associationss Batshit Bryan Fischer responded to Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s recent statements of  “it’s okay if you think I’m gay” by saying that it has huge implications and calling Cory’s s response “a tacit, if not almost explicit, admission” that he is gay” with Fischer adding, “I think they’re grooming him to be the first homosexual president of the United States.”

If only.

FRC’s Tony Perkins Pens Love Letters To Michele Bachman and Anti-Gay ExxonMobil

Tony Perkins FRC KKK

FRC hate group President Tony Perkins had a busy little black-hearted day yesterday reacting to the news that his beloved batshit crazy GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann was not going to run for re-election and also that ExxonMobil shareholders had for the 14th straight year voted down adding LGBT employee protections to its company’s bylaws. Perkins claimed victory over the rejection of the resolution, which she said indicates the company “is putting its stock in something other than political correctness

Michele Bachmann:

After an incredible run, Rep. Michele Bachmann  announced that  she’s retiring from Congress at the end of her term. For eight years,  she served more than the people of Minnesota–she served the families of America with her tireless stand for conservative values. A proud voice  for life and marriage, Michele never shied away from a fight–and our  movement is better for it. We wish her all the best as she closes out  her distinguished Hill career and starts out on her next journey. In the meantime, join me in thanking a dear friend and fearless leader for all she’s accomplished on behalf of faith, family, and freedom! We look  forward to working with Michele in the House and wherever God calls her  next.”


The four to one margin against the resolution is a strong indication that the homosexual community’s agenda is not resonating beyond the most liberal states.  Exxon is setting a good example for other businesses who think promoting extreme political views is the only away to avoid the strong arm tactics of far left special interests.

Well if you ever wanted to know what Hitler’s love notes to Ilse Koch aka Ilse She Devil of the Nazi’s and Krupp’s which used Nazi slave labor during WWII sounded like this probably about sums it up.





Ted “Bat-Shit Fever” Nugent: We Wouldn’t Have “Obamacare” If The South Had Won The Civil War

Faded rocker and raging tea-tard Ted “Bat-Shit Fever” Nugent took quill to paper to write an Op-Ed for the Washington Times where he called Chief Justice John Roberts a turncoat, and implied, with a bit of backhanded racism  that we wouldn’t have “Obamacare” if the South would have won the Civil War.

“Because our legislative, judicial and executive branches of government hold the 10th Amendment in contempt, I’m beginning to wonder if it would have been best had the South won the Civil War. Our Founding Fathers’ concept of limited government is dead. Because of the chief justice’s vote, Fedzilla just burped and is now prepared to gobble up even more of our tax dollars, more of our GDP and limit even more opportunity in the private sector.”

So Ted Nugent patriotic draft dodger, deadbeat dad,  pedophile, and wannabe cracker who moved to Texas before Detroit, Michigan could throw him out thinks the Civil War was about states rights?

Garbage. The southern states all yelled “state’s rights” but everyone understood that the ONLY “right” they were fighting for was the “right” to own human slaves.  And that’s well documented in almost every American history book except those written by the Ku Klux Klan.  The secession of the southern states and the whole of the civil war was all about slavery nothing more.  Nothing less.

And to bring up that comparison to slam President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act is nothing but a backhanded thinly disguised racist remark.

And IF.  Just IF. The South would have won the Civil War?  The South would have eventually experienced a slave revolt and their economy would have collapsed. Their system would have been unsustainable and the North would have dominated them economically within a decade.  And the entire world would be better off today, since their descendents wouldn’t be infecting the rest of the world with their stupidity, religious fanaticism and authoritarian fascism.

Batshit Crazy Anti-Gay NOM Loving NY Sen. Ruben Diaz: “Hitler Was Pro-Choice”

“Forget about being politically correct by being Pro-Choice. Let me tell you something: A) Hitler was pro-choice. He chose to send the Jews to Auschwitz. That was not their choice that was Hitler’s choice. B) Murderers, assassins and criminals are pro-choice. They choose to put a gun to your head and take your life. That is not your choice. That is their choice. C) The baby in your womb will not choose the saline solution that will burn his or her skin away nor will he choose the forceps that will crack his little head off. That is not their choice, that is your choice.”

NY Sen. “Reverend” Ruben Diaz, had the audacity to write this on  his official state website. Diaz has since been denounced by fellow Democrats and the New York Jewish Anti-Defamation League.

Excuse me New York State Senate.  But perhaps the time for denouncements has past and its time for censuring and perhaps even impeachment?

Think about it.


We Got Trouble Right Here In River City, Ex-Gay Religious Bigot Runs For Covington, KY Mayor

You can go almost anywhere in Kentucky with the exception of bigger cities like Lexington, Louisville, and the likes and swing a stick and find someone who’s anti-gay.

So it’s surprising that Covington, Kentucky which is the  fifth-most-populous city in KY, mostly Democrat, and is one of only 3 cities in the state that  includes sexual orientation and gender identity in its non-discrimination laws is having to deal with a bible thumping anti-gay religious bigot named Dara McDowell who is running to become Mayor of Covington.

McDowell who believes she felt God calling on her to run for Mayor of Covington hopes to focus primarily on economic issues, job creation, and tourism and the dreaded “homosexual agenda”

“I’m concerned about leaving behind a town for my children, for all children, that is pro-homosexual agenda.”  McDowell had said according to the River City News who has been coving this story.

“(Homosexuality) is a choice, I think it’s important to respect choices, but to promote it? I see the undercurrent of that (in Covington).”  McDowell has also said that she would oppose gay pride festivals in the city which has held such an event the past two years. “I see what happens at gay pride parades and I don’t want them in my town,” she said.

Okay now here’s the kicker!

After the River City News posted their original story about McDowell and many people took offense to her anti-gay rhetoric and left messages on  RCN’s Facebook page, McDowell responded on Facebook to the criticism of her positions, posting that she in fact “used to be gay” and  also a drug user.!

Man with a man is a sin. So is woman with woman. But so is lying and gossiping… and calling your brother a “fool”. Everybody sins. I’m a sinner. I used to be gay. I used to have illicit sex (any sex outside of marriage). I’m sure you did too. I used to take drugs. Perhaps you did the same. I’m sure I sinned as soon as a put my feet to floor, today. But when we tell children that it’s “good” to sin… that’s where we are asking God to bring judgement, I think. I absolutely LOVE gay people, gay people are my favorite people to hang out with. I can list the reasons why, but I’ll save it for later. I totally accept you where you are… as I would like you to accept me. I just fear that if we PROMOTE homosexuality as a good thing, such as the lewd sexual behaviors that we have ALL seen in those ridiculous gay pride parades and march it all in front of children and loudly proclaim “this is a good thing!” – I think we are just asking for trouble, not just in the form of judgement from God, but in the form of a confused generation. And I just don’t want to sit here watch it happen. The reason that you are so angry with me is because you are actually angry with yourselves. You know this is wrong. There is something wrong about it. But because you have been indoctrinated and brain washed into thinking it’s okay, you doubt your own heart… and thus you are inwardly angry… It’s okay. I’ve been there. I used to be gay and I HATED people like me… then. But like it or not, I’m here to offer a choice, and perhaps, maybe preferably, a wake up call.

And the scariest part?

McDowell is now the mother of 8 and is a mentor at Covington Independent Public Schools.

Now THOSE are the children that I REALLY worry about.

Ex-Gays are like ex-smokers.  They still want to have some but since they won;t they have to make life miserable for everyone else that still does.

Special thanks to River City News.

Video – Ron Paul: EVERYTHING Is Unconstitutional (Except My Insanity!)

Ron Paul (R-TX) emerging as the latest frontrunner in the Batshit Crazy Iowa GOP Presidential Caucus does not simply want to repeal most of the 20th Century, he believes that nearly everything America does is unconstitutional. ThinkProgress compiled video of just a few of Paul’s many claims that basic laws and essential programs violate the Constitution. A short list includes Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the National Labor Relations Board, the Federal Reserve, income taxes, and even the dollar bill.

Minnesota Stonewall Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Leader: Stop Picking On Dr. Marcus Bachmann!

David Joseph DeGrio, chairman of Minnesota Stonewall Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party thinks that we should all stop picking on Michelle Bachmann’s husband for being effeminate because it makes us look like bullies.

I don’t view saying that someone’s gay is a negative thing, but I believe that perceived sexuality was being used as an attack on Marcus Bachmann, and I find it unacceptable to use perceived sexuality as an attack on anybody. The message I see it sending is a bit hypocritical because we’re advocating for policies in schools to stop this exact thing, saying someone’s effeminate or someone speaks with a high-pitched voice or even [saying] someone is gay because this a gay characteristic.”

DeGiro would have a point IF the attacks on Bachman were unprovoked.  But perhaps DeGiro needs a reminder of these words which came from Marcus Bachmann’s mouth when describing us.  “BARBARIANS. SICK,  and  DISEASED.”  

Marcus Bachmann’s effeminacy in and of itself is not what’s funny.  It’s funny that he’s an effeminate, very obviously gay man who’s married to a deranged anti-gay congresswoman, and who went on a rant about how gays are barbarians for not resisting those sinful urges he seems to think everyone has.  Until Marcus Barchmann stops his attempt to “cure” homosexuals, and stops preaching Christianist torture on innocent people, then he has to expect retaliatory remarks.  

The waaaay too  UBER -PC LGBT  leaders, especially those who live in the same state and do absolutely nothing to retaliate against Bachmann like DeGiro,  should keep to their ” moral high road” to themselves before they lead us to a  pacifist orgy of extinction.

If anyone should NOT be the head of a group with the name “Stonewall” in it , its obviously  David Joseph DeGrio