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Allen West: “I’m a warrior and I’m a statesman” Also A Lunatic, Crybaby and LOSER!

“The most important thing everyone has to understand is my voice is not going to be lost. We’ve gotten a lot of opportunities, a lot of offers, and we’re going to make sure we continue to have that platform. […] I’m a warrior and I’m a statesman and I’m a servant of this republic. I’m not going away just because of a congressional race where he seems to have to cheat to beat me.” – Soon-to-be former Rep. Allen West, on Mark Levin’s radio show.

No Mr. West, you lost because you cared more for a false ideal than your country.  Spare us the crying.  You and the rest of the ‘baggers” will soon be history.

Enjoy your new gig at World Net Daily, Brietbart, The Daily Caller, or in torture porn videos

Whiney little bitch.


AFA’s Bryan Fischer Goes Batshittier! – Claims Mike Signorile Supports Anti-Gay Death Penalty!

Crazy as a fucking loon AFA spokesthing and radio host Bryan Fischer is trying to justify his support for Uganda’s anti-gay law know as the “Kill the Gays Bill” by insanely claiming,, that progressive gay radio host Michelangelo Signorile endorses a death penalty for gay people.

Fischer is death grasping  on a remark Signorile made to a homoCON GOP  Romney supporter during a heated pre-election debate. Signorile said suicide would be “much easier than waiting for the slow, painful death that Mitt Romney will bring you.  Later Signorelli apologized. (And I’ll never know why because he told the truth) But somewhere in Fischers most probably venereal diseased swiss cheese mind he tries to make the correlation between Signorelli’s statement and Uganda’s hateful bill to justify himself.

Insanity doesn’t run in Bryan Fischer’s family.  It fucking gallops!

Herman Cain Out Batshits Bachmann: “It Was The Liberals Who Killed Jesus Christ!”

Politics, well the GOP has just hit a whole new level of crazy.

The liberal court found Him (Jesus) guilty of false offenses and sentenced Him to death, all because He changed the hearts and minds of men with an army of twelve. Never before and not since has there ever been such a perfect conservative. For over 2,000 years the world has tried hard to erase the memory of the perfect conservative, and His principles of compassion, caring and common sense.”


Laugh, long and hard.  Just like political satirist are this election year since they have to do nothing because the GOP Teatard candidates are writing the jokes for them.

WOW Adam Baldwin of "Chuck" and "Firefly" Is An Anti-Gay Marriage, Anti-Womans Choice, Anti-Union, NRA Card Carrying GOP Tea Party Patriot Loon.

I only recently got into TWITTER.  But I am beginning to find out that has its ups and downs.

The upside being that you can make new friends from around the world, catch up whats going on and follow celebrities as they tweet about upcoming shows, gossip and social issues and sometimes even send and receive messages to them.

The downside is when you stumble upon a celebrity that you like and it turns out that he’s a batshit crazy GOP/Teabagging Conservative asshole that makes Victoria Jackson seem sane.  Well that’s what happened to me when I stumbled upon Adam Baldwin’s Twitter account recently.
Turns out Baldwin known for his current role on “Chuck” and Joss Whedon’s awesome Sci- series “Firefly, not to mention the 80’s teen cult classic My Bodyguard is a real fucking piece of work.    Anti-gay marriage, anti-woman’s choice, and anti-union. Which in itself  HYPOCRITICAL and  HYSTERICAL since he must belong to 3 Unions SAG, AFTRA, and Equity, if not more.

Baldwin is the walking poster boy for the Fox News Crazy, and the GOP Tea Party CRAZY Motherfucking parasites out there that think they are “patriots” who in reality if our founding fathers were alive today would probably be jail, ship back to England, or hung for treason.

Baldwin and those like him are attempting to take control of our country and harm everyone who doesn’t walk the way they do. think the way they do, or believe in what they believe.  And at this I draw the line.

If you follow me on Twitter @Back2Stonewall_  (Don’t forget the underscore) you are well aware of the fact that Baldwin and I have been getting into it for weeks.  So since Baldwin has no problem Tweeting his views to his fans and fellow Teajhadist.  I have no problem re-posting them here for everyone to see. 

You know I can go on and on about what a complete start raving extreme right wing nutter he is.  But I’ll let his Tweets speak for themselves.

Click the READ MORE below to see some of Baldwin’s most “patriotic” tweets.

Oh and Baldwin.  Fuck you very much!

Michigan Asst AG Andrew Shirvell FINALLY Fired for Anti-Gay Cyber-bullying of College Student Chris Armstrong

In the “What too you so long” story catagory today comes the news that FREAKAZOID Michigan Assistant Attorney General  Andrew Shirvell has  FINALLY bee  fired  from his job at a hearing today, the Detroit Free Press reports

A hearing that was supposed to be held Tuesday was moved up to this afternoon. Philip Thomas said he showed up for the meeting and was read one sentence.

“They said essentially that as a result of Andrew’s conduct, it’s become impossible for him to carry out his duties as an attorney general.”

Shirvell had been criticized for his blog in which he calls Chris Armstrong, the president of the Michigan Student Assembly, a radical homosexual, a Nazi and Satan’s representative on the assembly. Thomas had said his client is expressing his free-speech rights

Shrivell’s lawyer added that firing felt “political” and blamed media attention from the left: “There’s been a tremendous piling on against Andrew. The liberal media started this tempest in a teapot. Andrew’s reaction is that he’s devastated over the loss of his employment.”  Blah, blah, blah…..

“The next step must be a complete retraction of all the malicious lies and fabrications by Mr. Shirvell, and a public apology to Chris Armstrong, his family and the others Mr. Shirvell has slandered” added Chris Armstrong’s attorney Deborah Gordon..

Recent news has uncovered that Shirvell’s anti-gay activities date back since at least 2005,  when Shirvell was raising a stink about a pizza joint in Ann Arbor with a rainbow flag decal on its window that told its customers it was a gay-friendly establishment.

Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah – Lady Gaga Vs. The Westboro Baptist Church

Lady Gaga stood up to the incestuous batshit crazy Phelps clan of the Westboro Baptist Church yesterday as the goddess herself Gaga posted a note entitled “At the risk of drawing attention to a hateful organization” to her “little monster fans” on her Facebook page  because the Westboro loons invaded St. Louis Saturday night and waved thier little signs and spouted their hate speech outside the Lady’s concert Saturday night at the St. Louis’ Scottrade Center.

Gaga wote:

“This group of protesters are hate criminals and preach using lewd and violent language and imagery that I wish I protect you all from. Their message is of hatred and divisiveness, but inside at the Monsterball we preach love and unity. Although I respect and do not judge anyone for their personal views on any politics or religion, this group in particular to me is violent and dangerous. I wanted to make my fans aware of my views on how to approach, or rather not approach, these kinds of hate activists.”

Lady Gaga also added that Westboro’s message was “ignorant” and that fans should “feel gratitude in your heart that you are not burdened or addicted to hate, as they are.  and to “pay these hate criminals no mind.”

Go Gaga!

(Although I must admit in my mind I get pleasure of thinking of an alternate outcome  where Lady Gaga sashayed out of the auditorium and waklked over to Shirley Phelps Roper took off  her 6 inch platform shoe and smaked the bitch upside her head.)

Teabagger Channel Will Launch This Summer Because Fox News Just Isn’t Batshit Crazy Enough (Video)

Kelsey Grammer and Comcast are among the big names backing The RightNetwork, a new network that will  “focus on entertainment with Pro-America, Pro-Business, Pro-Military sensibilities.” They’ve even been embedded with the Tea Party in preparation for a launch this summer.. The following is not, apparently, satire. Right Network, says the host as part of a victimhood-reinforcing speech, is “for people who break their backs paying more than their fair share of taxes,” more specifically those “that live in what they call flyover country and what we call America.”

Grammar who is now the star of the Broadway drag extravaganza La Cage Aux Folles, who owns multiple homes in Malibu, California and Bridgehampton, New York, has had had a sex scandle, doesn’t pay alimony, had a bit of a cocaine problem, ALLEGEDLY is a deeply closeted bi-sexual who tries to pick up guys while walking his dog in Malibu, and who’s hit show “Frasier”, was a show that no tea bagger would be caught dead watching; partly because they couldn”t understand the jokes unless they came with a fucking manual to explain them is the PERFECT spokesthing.