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Pride Organizers Are Cancelling Drag Queens Ahead of Festivals. Cowards.

COWARDS – Pride Organizers Are Cancelling Drag Queens Ahead of Festivals.

PRIDE was born out of activism and to show everyone who we are. Excluding Drag Queens goes against everything PRIDE stands for.

Organizers of Pride festivals and parades in mostly conservative states where there’s been a broader push targeting LGBTQ+ rights have been under increasing pressure to censor or cancel their events.  They’re taking steps like editing acts and canceling drag shows in order to still hold their annual celebrations . But should they?

Most Pride organizations are busy “doing their homework” and investigating how legislation popping up around the country may impact their events, said Ron deHarte, co-president for the U.S. Association of Prides.  (Who knew?)

This year, the Pride Alliance of the Treasure Coast in Port St. Lucie, Florida has reacted to possible legislation, canceling a planned gay pride parade and restricting other events to people 21 years and older.

Meanwhile, organizers in the Nashville, Tennessee, suburb of Franklin, opted not to include drag performances in their Pride celebrations so they can work with local officials to get other events permitted.

But the question is should they change or cancel these PRIDES or should they stand up against these fascist rules and opinions and include drag queens and let the chips falls where they may.

The founders of Pride meant for the events to include everyone and take our power by showring everyone how proud we are to be where we are and how we will fight for our rights,

Rolling over and excluding drag queens does not do that.

PRIDE was born out of activism. Not by being lily-livered fraidy cats who have no clue what real activism is and are causing our past LGBT+ heroes to spin in their graves.