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Video – "The Blue Rose" Vintage 1965 Bodybuilder Beefcake Movie – Early Gay Porn Without The Porn

Classic 1965 film made by Chuck Renslow for Kris Studios. This poetic film is an extension of Renslow’s male physique photograhy of the period. By today’s standards this film is quite tame, however in 1965 films like remainded in a legal gray area, barly escaping obscenity laws. The film stars Steve Kotis as the Grecian shepherd lad, and Ralph Kleiner who is enchanted by the blue rose.

Running time approx. 12 minutes; color emhanced w/ sound

Back2Stonewall’s Saturday Night Short Movie: "Touched" (2003)

“Touched” directed by Mike Lemmon is the story of what transpires one night when Mike, a middle-aged gay man who is desperate for companionship, makes the impulsive decision to give “the bars” one last try. “Touched” is a quiet, spiritual tale of loneliness, desperation and connection as two lives collide and are changed forever.  A wonderful short film that will warm any heart

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WATCH – "Victim" (1961) Starring Dirk Boagarde – Back2Stonewall Saturday LGBT Cinema Classic

Melville Farr, (Dirk Bogarde) is a married lawyer, a blackmailer who has photos of Farr and a young gay man, Farr tracks down other gay men being extorted for money by the same blackmailer. The well-educated police Detective Inspector Harris considers the sodomy law nothing more than an aid to blackmailers, and helps Farr in calling his blackmailer’s bluff.
This movie was far ahead of its time in 1961 was then a blatant plea for England to reforms it’s sodomy laws which were still on the books.

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