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Back2Stonewall, Bette Midler, and Santa Wish All Our Followers A Very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season – [VIDEOS]

Santa and His Electric ButtPlug

On behalf of myself, Bette Midler and Santa with his big electric Butt-Plug. We want to wish all of our friends and followers a very Happy, Healthy, and Safe Holiday Season.

Will Kohler

LGBT March on Washington DC Set for June 11, 2017! – YOU GOTTA FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS!

1993 LGBT March on Washington

Plans for a “mass” LGBT march on Washington on June 11. with hopes that LGBT people and their allies will flood Washington, DC similar to last week’s Women’s March that drew hundreds of thousands of people.

David Bruinooge, 42, a Brooklyn, N.Y., resident who has friends and relatives in the D.C. area, said he was inspired to create a Facebook page announcing the march on Jan. 21 while he was watching the Women’s March on Washington at home on television.

“I was watching the events unfold on TV and I was very proud and inspired by all the women, the strong women in our country who were kind of taking this to the street and getting their voices heard,” he told the Washington Blade. “And in the back of my mind as an openly gay man I thought the gay community should be doing something like this to follow up on the momentum,” he said.

That sentiment has been asked by many in the community which have been waiting patiently for Gay Inc. to do something, anything as a sign of protest.

Bruinooge intentionally chose June 11 for the march because it’s the same day that D.C.’s Capital Pride Festival is scheduled to be held on Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. near the U.S. Capitol. Bruinooge said his thought was the march would start in the morning and end at the site of the Pride festival.

Ryan Bos, executive director of the Capital Pride Alliance, which organizes the D.C. Pride events, including the Pride Parade set to take place on June 10, said he has spoken with Bruinooge and expects that Capital Pride officials will collaborate with the march organizers so the march and the D.C. Pride events will complement each other.

Back2Stonewall.com 100% supports this March and pleads with its readers to also support it and attend if possible.  We must show our power, we must show our number and most of all we must show that we will not be fucked with.

The 1993 LGBT March on Washington had over a million people at it. Lets beat that number.

Back2Stonewall.com has chosen the Hampton Inn at the Navy Yard in SE, Washington, DC as its home base for the weekends events.  It’s close to Capitol Hill and not far from what was once one of Washington DC’s gay sex areas that boasted The Follies Adult Gay Complex, The Club Baths DC, and Glorious Amusements. (And it was glorious indeed.) These venues are gone now due to the gentrification of that area and the baseball stadium but its now time to bring the gay back to SE DC.  Rates for that weekend are stating at $149.00 a night (which is a bargain so book NOW) and lets QUEER THE HAMPTON and show that we will not be second class citizens and we will fight for our civil rights.


Ohio “Twinks for Trump” Couple Dewey Lainhart and Cody Moore Whine That The Gay Community Is Being Mean To Them

Dewey Lainhart and Cody Moore

Last week, we reported about a recently engaged  gay couple that were interviewed by Wall Street Journal’s Jason Bellini during a Trump rally in Cincinnati.

Asked why exactly they want Donald Trump to be the next president, one looked at the other and laughed, “Hmmmm, I don’t know baby… Why?

His boyfriend quickly replied: “Tired’a the bullshit government! I work in the steel in-dus-try I see it hardcore at the trades and stuff. Time for a change. Trump’s the man for it.”

 Bellini’s video went viral — receiving over 196k views, 707 shares, and 900 comments on facebook but the one thing that was missing is that the couple, and the WSJ  never identified them.

Back2Stonewall had numerous tips from follower’s about the couples identities and believing in full disclosure we identified them as 31-year-old Dewey Lainhart and his 22 *cough – cough* -year-old fiancé Cody Moore of Middleton, OH stressing a “civil conversation” about the problems of  Donald Trump being elected and the major ramifications it would cause the LGBT community.

Since then the couple now report that they have been threatened since the video came out and their names released. Even though no negative comments or threats appear on their Facebook page and they never reached out to us asking that their names be removed.

Most of the comments that ridiculed Lainhart and Moore were posted on reporter Jason Belini’s Facebook page for supporting Mr. Trump — calling them “rednecks” and suggesting that someone should “take away their gay card.” but Moore  insists  that because of this website making their names public that they have received hundreds of hateful messages, including some threatening physical violence. But of course presenting no evidence.

WSJ’s Jason Bellini reached out to Back2Stonewall for a comment on this and we obliged.

Will Kohler, the gay activist behind Back2Stonewall, says the men should have foreseen the possibility they would be recognized.

“It’s disheartening that people made hateful comments,” Mr. Kohler said. “But a lot of people might find it hateful itself to support a man who if selected will take away all the rights and… equality that the LGBT community has made over the past 45 years.”

In a followup interview Lainhart says he excuses Mr. Trump believing gay marriage should have been left to the states because his candidate now considers the issue settled by the Supreme Court’s decision. He says he doesn’t like the record on gay issues of Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, the Indiana governor who signed a law allowing businesses to refuse to serve gays and lesbians.

“I’m not voting for the vice president. I’m voting for Trump,” he says.

In the wake of the backlash, Mr. Lainhart says he has been vigilant and says he carries a gun “because I love the Second Amendment.”

Lainhart added bothered him most was when he and his fiance were called “privileged white guys.”

He says he works 40 to 80 hours a week in a blue-collar job to afford his home and his car.

“We’re both two country folks,” he says. (Middleton, Ohio  has a population of about 48,694 people. The racial makeup of the city is 83.3%White, 11.7% African American, 0.2% Native American, 0.5% Asian, 1.6% from other races, and 2.7% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 3.8% of the population.

Mr. Moore calls the gay community’s reaction “extreme.”

“The gay community is not a very supportive group,” he says. adding  they don’t regret doing the interview, but claim it’s “put a damper” on their excitement over their recent engagement.



UPDATE: Hate Group Leader Linda Harvey’s Book “Maybe He’s Not Gay” Pulled From Amazon.com

Amazon hate group


After inquiries by Back2Stonewall, Amazon.com has pulled the book Maybe He’s Not Gay from its website. The book was written by the founder of Mission America, Linda Harvey, is a right wing pundit and head of the organization that advocates fighting LGBT organizations.

A special thanks to those who follow Back2Stonewall.com and reached out with us to Amazon.com. Our effort had Linda Harvey’s irresponsible and potentially dangerous book removed from the largest bookstore on the web,

Alone and together we can make a difference.  We just have to try.

WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart Calls Out Pat Robertson On MSNBC (With A Quote From Back2Stonewall) – Video

The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart appeared on Bashir Live today and responded  to televangelist Pat Robertson’s latest horrific remarks about the gay community, and calls on Christians to stand up against outrageous assertions that condemn homosexuality with the help of yours truly and Back2Stonewall.com

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy



Back2Stonewall Starts A NEW Weekly Segment on the “Our View” Podcast with Tim and Jill – TODAY!

Tim and Jill

I’ll be starting a new 10 minute segment covering LGBT issues, news, media and of course some good old fashioned snark on the awesome Our View With Tim and Jill podcast starting today and EVERY Saturday at 1:00 pm


It’s gonna be INCENDIARY!

So tune in or catch the show at your convience in the archive section!


Or go to  http://www.ourviewtnj.com and select podcast or go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com at 1pm EST and select #OurView


Back2Stonewall.com’s BIG GAY ROADTRIP 2012! Aug 16th – Aug 26th

From Aug 16th – Aug 26th I will be embarking on a 2000+ mile BIG GAY ROADTRIP Vacation!

OH, NY, VT, NH, ME, MA, PA all in 10 days and I will be posting some of the GAYEST photo’s and adventures from the road.

But fear not!  In my absence the Back2Stonewall Boyz: Brett, Zak, Sly, Peter, Roy, Featured Poster Sean Cotter and INTRODUCING Back2Stonewall.com’s latest victim, er I mean newest poster the awesome Tim Franco will be posting and keeping the blog full and we’ll also be having some SUPER DUPER GUEST BLOGGERS making appearances.  (Rumours have it even a lesbian!  GASP!)

So buckle up and hang on, it’s going to be a fun and interesting week and a half!

The Most Opportunistic Use Of The Chick-fil-A Mess By A LGBT Organization Award Goes To….. GLAAD!

Seizing the chicken and choking it by the neck GLAAD has launched a fundraising drive by capitalizing on this whole Chick-fil-A mess where they are asking for donations in the amounts multiples of $6.50, a price of a Chick-Fil-A meal.


Back2Stonewall.com has been at the forefront of the Chick-Fil-A mess covering the story and actually exposing it back in 2010 when we posted an article titled: Fast Food Giant Chick-fil-A Sponsors and Supports Anti-Gay Hate Groups – EAT MORE BEEF! and we have haven’t gotten one donation from our two years of hard work exposing this company (and very little to no recognition for that matter) and we need the money even more to continue on doing what we do from down here in the trenches to cover LGBT related events and stories

Needless to say I’m a bit pissed off.

GLAAD receives about 10 million dollars+ a year in donations and funding and has a 7.5 million dollar operating budget.  They throw awards and banquets and even throw parties at host lounges at The Sundance Film Festival.

We on the other hand get NO funding from any LGBT organizations or groups,  rarely get even a small donation and miss many important LGBT conferences, events, and stories because we can’t afford to cover them and have to beg to get to the few that are able to.

SCREW GLAAD!  Donate to us!  And really make a difference!

(There I said it and I’m GLAD I did. The DONATE button is located in the right sidebar)