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Back2Stonewall’s Friday Night Movie: What Grown Ups Know (2004) Australia: 30 min

Roy and his mother flee from his abusive father. They run into trailer-park owner Maurice, to whom Roy is attracted. As Roy’s mother begins to die, Roy may either seek false security in Maurice’s arms or become a man and confront his mother’s illness

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Video – Foster’s Beer "Man Tan" Commercial – Homophobic or Funny? You Decide

Foster’s beer advice gurus Brad and Dan answer an urgent question from a caller: “Can I rub sunscreen lotion on my mate’s back ?”

Now I have read a few comments on other sites that they think this commerical is highly homophobic.  On the other hand Fosters is also going out of its way to make the title characters Brad and Dan come off as some Boozy, Aussie slacker,  beach bum boys and the guy who’s calling the line as a uber straight uptight clueless asshole.

Just HOW PC is TOO PC?

Homophobic or funny?  You decide

International Winning Harness Racer Steven Shinn Fights Back At Gay Discrimination After Being Fired In Austraila

Steven Shinn is a world renowned horse harness racing champion well known in Australia. In 2008, the RWWA (Racing and Wagering of Western Austraila) employed him as a senior harness racing steward in , but shortly afterwards was told by the chairman: “None of your colleagues want to work with you”. and was fired.

Why?  Well according to one of his managers at the RWWA its because: ‘Before Shinn arrived here, we heard he was fired in Adelaide because your boss walked in on you naked with your boyfriend’, which of course was a complete lie.”

Discriminating against LGBT people in the workplace is illegal under Australian law.So Shinn has  lodged his case with the Fair Work Australia tribunal and wants his situation to empower other LGBT people who may be in the same situation.

“I want to draw attention to the plight of the thousands of gay and lesbian people and those from other minorities who daily suffer from both overt and latent discrimination still prevalent in this country,” Shinn said.

More than 100 key trotting figures have signed a petition protesting Shinn’s dismissal.

If this happens in a country where its against the law to discriminate against LGBT individuals….imagine how often it happens in America where it still is not. – Source

"Whats "Too Gay" The Week In Review: NPH to Star In "Company", Wonder Woman, Low Carb Queers, Glenn Beck Is A Fraud, The Venus Di Milo Should Wear A Bikini

\*  The newest member of the “Gayby Bunch” Neil Patrick Harris will star next April in a production of Stephen Sondheim’s musical Company, as straight swinging single Bobby.  Talk about miscasting.

*  David E. Kelly has confirmed he’s trying to develop Wonder Woman for television, but he says it’s too soon to discuss casting, and he doesn’t even know if he’s capable of writing it. Hey David, not that Logo’s The A List: New York is FINALLY over I hear that Reichen Lehmkuhl is available to star.  As Diana Prince that is.

*  New Zealand beer company Moa is apologizing for a T-shirt t campaign which “suggests” low carb beer drinkers are gay. The t-shirts read “Low Carb Beers,” with a pink ‘Q’ superimposed over the letter ‘B’ making it “Qeers.” Surprisingly, the marketing manager admitted that the campaign is saying that anyone who drinks low carb beer must be queer, but they are “bothered” that it might offend people.  Did I miss something?  Anyone who drinks low carb beer IS QUEER!

* The gold company that Glenn Beck has been pimping as he forecast the coming fall of America has had all its assets seized by the courts for “fraud.” – Turns out that Glenn was the perfect spokes-fraud for the company.

*  Older than dirt bigot and homophobe Pat Buchanan, who should have gone to jail during the Nixon era, wants to defund the Smithsonian Institution for the exhibit of gay art currently being displayed. I tell you what douchebag as soon as they paint over the nudes of Michaelangelo, Rafael, and put a bikini on the Venus Di Milo we’ll talk.

Luke O’Donnell Naked………..For A Cause – Morning Eye Opener

Walking slab of Prime Grade A Beef, Luke O’Donnell is an Australian professional rugby league footballer currently playing for the North Queensland Cowboys of the National Rugby League and one of the models for the Naked for a Cause calendar. The proceeds go to breast cancer research and features Aussie Rules football players and Rugby League players

Why don’t American athletes ever pose naked for anything?  Thnak GOF for Australia dn the UK!

Australian Footballer Jason Akermanis Defends His Homophobia

Jason Akermanis fought back against critics of his newspaper column, said that gay players should stay in the closet because they’re not welcome. Rugby player Ian Roberts and Olympic swimmer Daniel Kowalski were among those who slammed the remarks, and rightfully so.

Akermanis arrogantly tried to defend himself to MTR Radio:

“There’s articles everywhere written from these guys and all of them, of course, are gay so they think they know everything and they know more. They’re making it personal about me, which is a very dumb thing to do because all I wanted to do was debate the facts…Maybe I’ve got a problem with it. What am I supposed to do? Do you think I’m the only one? That is an uncomfortable situation to be in.”

Yeah, right Jason.  It’s hard being an ugly bigored asshole.  I feel so sorry for you.

Austrailian "Family Values" Legislator David Campbell Caught At Gay Sex Club!

Not only did David Campbell, the Australian legislator, considers himself a “family values” politician. got himself videotaped at a gay sex club, and he used his government car to drive there! (Oh, and this hypocritcal, closet case piece of steaming poo is married. To a woman. )

Campbell is accused of using a ministerial car to go to a gay club in Anzac Parade, Kensington, in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, on Tuesday evening, Channel 7 reported tonight. It is alleged he stayed for two hours at Ken’s, also known as KKK , which is a popular gay sauna. The club lies in Ms Keneally’s electorate of Heffron. The club has a $22 entry fee and assures clients discretion as they offer services for men who prefer men.  TimeOut Sydney described Ken’s as “today’s most popular gay sauna … The iconic sauna has been servicing queer Sydney’s sexual appetites for more than 25 years. Between the dimly lit steam room, sizzling sauna, glory hole maze, dark room and porn theatre, Kens caters for every taste … Butt Naked nights are towel-free so patrons get to size up their prey before they commit to getting a room, while weekday Lunchtime Specials pull in a crowd who take the concept of Happy Meal to a whole new level.”  

OMG and the club —  is nicknamed KKK? 

Oh, the irony.

Whats "Too Gay" Today? – Kylie Minogue’s Boyfriend Bares It All, Gay Dogs, Sarah Palin, and Gay Surfers. COWABUNGA!

*  Andrés Velencoso Seguara who is currently Kylie Minogue ‘s model/boyfriend is featured this month on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Vanity Fair España magazine in the buff. Andres is best known for ad campaigns such as Chanel Allure Homme, Sport fragrance and Louis Vuitton campaign with J-Lo in 2003 and ranked the number 6 male model in the world.  First Kylie gets to meet David Tennant and now this.  She’s one lucky bitch!

*Speaking of BITCHES (And not in a good way) Sarah Palin made an unsuccessful attempt at humor that made her come off as the cro-magnon knuckle dragger that she really is while making light of the fact she was in one of America’s liberal bastions Friday night, S Palin told attendees at an event in Eugene, Oregon she eats granola and organic food just like residents there do:  “I eat granola. I eat a lot of organic food. I have to shoot and catch a lot of my organic food before I eat it,”  Oh why can’t Dick Chaney take her out hunting before she inspires more nutcases to commit violence

*  In Woodville North Australia,  Ian Jolly, 57, was barred from dining at Grange restaurant Thai Spice in May last year after a staff member mistook his guide dog Nudge for a “gay dog”.  A statement given by restaurant owners Hong Hoa Thi To and Anh Hoang Le said one of the waiters had understood Mr Jolly’s partner Chris Lawrence “to be saying she wanted to bring a gay dog into the restaurant”.  “The staff genuinely believed that Nudge was an ordinary pet dog which had been desexed to become a gay dog,” the statement said.  At an Equal Opportunity Tribunal conciliation hearing on Friday, the restaurant agreed to provide Mr Jolly with a written apology and attend an Equal Opportunity education course, in addition to paying him $1500. 

*  Gay Surfers how have a place to hung 10 hang 10 on the Internet.  GaySurfers.net.  The website features details of gay-friendly surf spots in Australia, Costa Rica, France, Indonesia, Mexico and the United States, along with a discussion forum and interviews with out surfers. “It’s a tool for gay surfers to meet and find others that share the same passion and sometimes face similar issues,” its founder explains. “Most gay surfers live closeted with the fear of being rejected by their surfing community.

*Watch the “behind the scenes” video of the photoshoot featuring Andres Velencoso Segura for the May 2010 issue of Vanity Fair.

Australian Four-Time Olympic Swimming Medalist Daniel Kowalski: I’m Gay

Four-time Olympic medalist in swimming for Australia,  Daniel Kowalski came out of the closet today in a column in Australian paper The Age:

“Despite the dark, fearful and lonely times, being able to write this fills me with a sense of freedom, pride and relief. There truly is a genuine sense that everything will be OK. I wrestled for a long, long time wondering whether being gay made me a bad person, but I can no longer fight who I am and that, simply put, is just me.

Being a gay man with a foot half in and out of the closet is tough; the games it plays with your mind – and more importantly, your heart – are hard to put into words but I am going to try my best. I finally accepted my sexuality at the end of 2006 following a huge anxiety attack at work. After what were literally years of torment, denial and very, very dark times, I couldn’t live a lie to myself any more. You often read that when people came out they had felt depressed or had suicidal tendencies. I, like them, experienced all of the extremes, but mostly it was the loneliness that was the hardest part of being gay – and still is. The number of times I have sat on the couch or lain in bed bawling my eyes out, scared and fearful of the future, are too many to mention.