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Man Arrested With Assault Weapons and Possible Explosives, Says He Was Going to L.A. Gay Pride Parade

Man Arrested With Weapons and Possible Explosives, Says He Was Going to L.A. Gay Pride Parade

Coming just hours after the worst mass shooting in Unites States history in Orlando, Florida at the gay nightclub PULSE eaving over 50 dead. The LA Times is reporting that Santa Monica found possible explosives as well as assault rifles and ammunition Sunday in the car of a man who told them he was in town for the L.A. Pride festival in West Hollywood.

Early Sunday,  Santa Monica police received a call of a suspected prowler near Olympic Boulevard and 11th Street. Patrol officers responded and encountered an individual who told officers he was waiting for a friend. That led officers to inspect the car and find several weapons and a lot of ammunition as well as tannerite, an ingredient that could be used to create a pipe bomb.

The car had Indiana plates. The man made comments that he was in town for the Pride event in West Hollywood this weekend. The source said authorities did not know of any connection between the gay nightclub shooting in Orlando, Fla., early Sunday morning and the Santa Monica incident. The investigation has been taken over by the FBI.

A city official in West Hollywood also confirmed the arrest and stressed that officials were beefing up security at the gay pride event.

We will keep you updates on this story also as more information becomes available.


Netroots Nation 11 Speaker Attacked By White Supremacist Outside GOP Convention Hotel

Benjamin Lowe, the Advocacy Communications Director at the Truman National Security Project was in Minneapolis, Minnesota this past weekend for Netroots Nation 11,  a political convention for American progressive political activists where he led a panel called Dive Into the Deep End: Mastering Communications of the Most Difficult Progressive Topics.

On Saturday night after the days panels and seminars were over Ben was attacked by a white supremacist outside the Hilton Marquette Hotel where many NN11 participants were staying and also coincidentally was host to the GOP “Right On 11” conference for their blogger and journalists.

According to Ben a car pulled up alongside him and his friend and a passenger inside shouted “White Power” the man then jumped out of the car and punched Ben in the head and then got back in the car and took off.

Ben and his friend were unable to get the license plate but a police report has been filed.

Video – McDonald’s Responds To Trangendered Womans Brutal Beating In Maryland Restaurant

We all know that hate crimes are on the rise against the LGBT community and everyone of them are horrible but last Monday at a McDonald’s on Kenwood Avenue in Baltimore, MD.  A transgender woman was savagely beaten by two girls while McDonald’s employee’s stood by doing almost nothing and videotaping it.

The video, which was uploaded to LiveLeak.com, shows two females kicking, punching and slapping a transgender female who at one point goes into seizures.  McDonald’s employees could be seen watching the fight and adding their own color commentary to the shocking scene, but only once does a manager half-heartedly try to help the victim. One employee is even heard laughing. At first the attackers appear to walk away from the battered victim with one of them uttering “she’s bleeding, yo.” The pair, however, emerge for a brutal second round where they drag the victim by her hair across the restaurant.

Finally a customer, a brave lone elderly  woman, attempts to rescue the victim but is pushed aside by the bashers and punched in the face.

The video ends as the suspects flee the restaurant after having been told by restaurant employees that the police were on their way. “Ya gotta go before the police come yo!” the worker is heard telling one of the girls.

The helpless victim is left on the floor where she is seen rolling around in convulsions as a result of what appears to be a seizure

Both assailants were later identified. Police said a 14-year-old girl has been charged as a juvenile, while charges are still pending against an 18-year-old woman..

Five days later only AFTER the video of the beating of this poor women went viral did McDonalds release a statement:

“We are shocked by the video from a Baltimore franchised restaurant showing an assault. This incident is unacceptable, disturbing and troubling. 

McDonald’s strives to be a safe, welcoming environment for everyone who visits. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of customers and employees in our restaurants. We are working with the franchisee and the local authorities to investigate this matter.”

This  is one of the sickest, most depraved attacks I have ever seen. Why is it that we already know the predictable defense is going to be some bizarre sexualized allegation that the transgender woman thanks to the bogus bullshit and hate spread by so called “Christian’s”.

And what of the McDonald’s workers?  How in the HELL do you stand there and watch something happen to someone, anyone like that let alone videotape it and then give advice to the two animals who committed the crime.

Both these girls should be charged with a hate crime and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and every McDonald employee who did not help this poor woman and especially the employee who filmed it should be fired immediately and charged with aiding and abetting.

Bronx, NY Man Lured Into Trap: Beaten, Sodomized, Burned, and Tortured All Night Long "For Being Gay" By Gang Of Nine

In what has to be one of the\most shocking anti gay hate crimes in recent memory, A gay 30 year old man was told there was a party at a brick house on Osborne Place, in the Bronx.. He showed up last Sunday night as instructed, with plenty of cans of malt liquor. What he walked into was not a party at all, but a night of torture — where he was sodomized, burned and whipped all for being gay. There were nine attackers, ranging from 16 to 23 years old and calling themselves the Latin King Goonies

At 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, the group grabbed the 17-year-old, took him to the house and slammed him into a wall,  He was beaten, made to strip naked, slashed with a box cutter, hit on the head with a can of beer and sodomized with the wooden handle of a plunger, the police said. And he was interrogated about the 30-year-old and asked if they had had sex.  The teenager said that they had. The gang members set him loose, warning him to keep quiet or they would hurt his friends and family. The teenager walked into a nearby hospital and said he had been jumped by strangers on the street and robbed.

At 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, the police said, the group members grabbed a  second 17-year-old, beating and interrogating him about the 30-year-old gay man. The 17 year old admitted that he had had sex with the man. They took his jewelry and held him while the 30-year-old arrived for what he thought was a party He was immediately set upon and tied up. the “Goonies” ordered the 17 year old captive to attack the man. The teenager hit him in the face and burned him with a cigarette on his nipple and penis as the others jeered and shouted gay slurs, the police said. Then the attackers whipped the man with a chain and sodomized him with a small baseball bat. This went on for hours.
While the man was held captive and attacked, five of the Latin King Goonies went to his house, which he shared with his 40-year-old brother. Using a key taken from the 30-year-old to get inside, they found his brother in bed. They pulled a blanket over his head and hit him, demanding money. When he refused, one placed a cellphone to the brother’s ear, and he heard the voice of his younger brother, who said he had been kidnapped and who pleaded, “Give them the money.”

The brother complied. The men took $1,000 in cash, two debit cards and a 52-inch television.

Finally after hours of torture they released their victims and made a remarkably thorough attempt to sanitize the house — including pouring bleach down drains, the police said, as little by little word of the attacks trickled to the police. A crucial clue to the attackers was provided by someone who slipped a note to a police officer outside the crime scene, at 1910 Osborne Place in Morris Heights, near Bronx Community College.

Seven suspects were arrested on Thursday and Friday, and two were still being sought.

David Rivera, 21; Nelson Falu, 18; Steven Carballo, 17; Denis Peitars, 17; Bryan Almonte, 17; and Brian Cepeda, 16. They were being held by the police in the Bronx on Friday night, with no arraignment scheduled. Still being sought, the police said, are Elmer Confessor, 23, and Ruddy Vargas-Perez, 22.

The charges include abduction, unlawful imprisonment and sodomy, all as hate crimes.

“These suspects deployed terrible, wolf-pack odds of nine against one, which revealed them as predators whose crimes were as cowardly as they were despicable,” Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said at a news conference.

Homo Say What? – Adult Douchebag Quisling Over At The Gay Patriot Blog Attack Teenage Lesbian Constance McMillen

The oxymoron gay Republican asshole called Nick (ColoradoPatriot, from TML) over at Gay Patriot are attacking “the gay left’s newest tool,” Constance McMillen because we all know that high school kids aren’t self-aware enough to know that they’re gay.

Okay. So have you heard of this story where the high school girl who wanted to attend the prom with her “lesbian girlfriend” (I use the quotes because, really. Call me an old stick-in-the-mud*, but are high-schoolers self-aware enough to realize they’re lesbians already? And even if so, are we encouraging kids that young to identify themselves sexually? What ever happened to the innocence and beauty of youth? Ugh, but anyway.) was duped into arriving at some sham event while the actual prom was being held somewhere else? [snip] Additionally, let’s note that her reaction was to broadcast far and wide to anybody willing to listen that she’d been completely punked and embarrassed through her gullibility in hopes of garnering sympathy, rather than reflecting on how she could have been so credulous. This will likely also find her kindred spirits in the movement.


How about the gullibilty and douchebaggery of being a “Gay Republican”?

Third Hate Crime In Buffalo, N.Y. – Gay Man Attacked On Chicago "L"

In a disturbing trend everyday more and more hate crimes against the LGBT Community seem to be happening.

Tuesday Christopher Rudow (pictured above right) was found murdered in his aprtment in Buffalo, N.Y. apartment.  Chris, moved from New York City to Buffalo about six years ago to assist with the opening of a new GEICO call center in Amherst.  Police discovered his body in his apartment in the Lofts at Elk Terminal in Buffalo. He died of blunt force trauma. This  comes on the heels of two other cases involving hate crime charges in Buffalo since only January 1st.

On early Sunday morning Daniel Hauff (pictured above right) was “badly beaten” by men who called him “stupid faggot” on the Chicago “L” train

According to the Chicago Tribune:

“Daniel Hauff, 33, said he tried to quell a dispute between two men on the train when one of them, joined by two other riders, began yelling gay slurs and other taunts at him. Hauff said he pressed the emergency intercom, and the conductor came. But the conductor soon left, Hauff said, and the train started moving again. Hauff said the men beat him while the train was between the Wilson and Argyle stops. ‘And I never once threw a punch,’ Hauff said. ‘It’s just not in my nature.’ Hauff said he got away by wiping some of his blood on the attackers and telling them he was HIV-positive, which was not true. Police said three men were arrested in the 1100 block of West Argyle Street for misdemeanor battery and ‘making disparaging comments,’ though the report had nothing specific about anti-gay comments. Police said the suspects were released Sunday on bail. Hauff said he was released from a hospital around 6 a.m. He said his face, chest, back, knee and foot were in pain, but nothing was broken.”

A witness reportedly photographed the beating on his phone. Hauff faults the conductor for leaving the scene too quickly.

The world is going crazy and I cannot stress enough that at times like these the importance of protecting ourselves in these times.  Travel in pairs or groups, take self defense classes, carry protection (other than a condom) and be prepared to use it. 

Remember your safety comes first.