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Maloney’s Uptown Bar In Atlantic City, NJ Upset With Being Promoted As “Gay Friendly”

Hanna and John Hartnett, the owner and manager of Atlantic City’s Maloney’s Uptown Bar are upset because the opening the new sports bar has been described as a “gay-friendly” bar.

The Hartnett’s blame Geoff Rosenberger, who unsuccessfully tried to purchase the bar.

“He has no right to be saying anything about how this place is a gay-friendly bar or any say about what happens with this place,” John Hartnett said Saturday as he took a break from last-minute preparations for the soft opening planned for later that evening. “Every bar in Atlantic City is gay friendly, but at the same time I don’t want to labeled as a gay bar

Rosenberger, an Atlantic City advocate and real estate broker, wanted to buy the property and open a gay bar, but he and his business partners were unable to obtain financing.  But last fall,  Rosenberger was in discussions about the property announced that they would open a gay bar the name Hookups on the property as soon as they obtain the proper licensing

Since then, Hartnett has feared the gay-bar buzz would hurt his business if his bar were to reopen. “I let it go over my head until I read in the paper the same day I’m trying to open the doors that Maloney’s Uptown is a gay bar,” Hartnett said.

Last week, Rosenberger, who is active in the renewal of Atlantic City and another business partner approached Hartnetts about working as promoters, but nothing was ever approved, Hartnett said. Both businessmen were told they could invite their friends to the opening, but not to promote the bar as a gay bar, Hartnett said.¬† (Continued…….)

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