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Self-Hating Gay GOProud Leader Jimmy LaSalvia Thinks Gays Should Carry Guns

Sounds to me like GOProud’s Jimmy LaSalvia is a pathetic, whiney moron. Guns aren’t the answer you feckless, pathetic sad sack of shit. Since when have more guns ever solved anything? In Tuscon? Virginia Tech? Washington, DC? Doesn’t seem like don’t have enough guns imbecile, rather too many.

Can someone please explain to me why these “people” consider themselves to be Republicans? Is there ANYONE in the Republican party who wouldn’t sell these bastards down the river at the first chance they got? Do these dip-shits actually think that the likes of Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain care one iota about them? If they believe the BS their spewing, then their delusion is a mental illness and they should be committed as soon as possible.