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Bitch Say What? – Anti-Gay Activist and Biotch Karen England of the Capitol Resource Institute Is Upset That California Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado Blew Off Her Hate Groups Request To Appeal to Prop 8

Karen England and her Capitol Resource Institute are an insane homophobic group that appears to taunt gays just ’cause they can issue press releases. 

In this Press Release England and her merry band of haters are pissed at California Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado, who blew off her group’s demand that he rush out an appeal to Prop 8 while Arnold was out of the country before the Prop 8 Appeal deadline passed.

“The deadline for Lt. Governor, Abel Maldonado to file an appeal to a federal court decision overturning  California’s voter approved Proposition 8 passed Monday without the acting governor  responding to the pleas for him to assure that the case be heard in the appellate courts.  In an eight hour period, Proposition 8 supporters called, and sent messages by FAX, text and social media asking the acting governor to sign the appeal.   But Maldonado refused to address the issue.

Maldonado did not even bother to respond.  When a representative of Capitol Resource Institute contacted Maldonado’s campaign manager a half hour before the deadline to file, the aide complained that phone calls had tied up the phones all day at the capitol and their campaign office, but he did not know what the Lt. Governor was going to do.  He promised to call back, but the call never came.”

Well gee Karen, I wonder why he didn’t call you back?  Could it be because you are a crazy evil hateful bitch? 

It always amazes me that  funniest thing about these non-descript people is being a Christian asshole gives them status and purpose.  Look at Maggie Gallagher and then at this “woman.”  Who would notice them if they weren’t hating on someone in the name of Jesus? 

England is just another in a long line who wake up in the morning, looks in the mirror (and hope it doesn’t shatter…yikes, what a mug) and says ‘Oh good, I get to hate and discriminate today…life is good!’

Hopefully there is a Kansas farmhouse flying around in a tornado somewhere out there that has her name it.