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"Christian" Broadcaster Rick Wiles: The Antichrist “Will Be a Homosexual Jew” [Video]

“Christian” Broadcaster Rick Wiles: The Antichrist “Will Be a Homosexual Jew” [Video]

Far-Right fundamentalist Christian radio host and conspiracy theorist who demonstrates the miraculous ability to out-crazy virtually anyone else Rick Wiles has stepped the crazy bar up a notch even for him. On his “TruNews” program Tuesday night  that the End Times are near and warned that the Antichrist “will be a homosexual Jew.”

What is the spirit of antichrist? It is anybody or anything that denies that Jesus Christ came to earth as God in human flesh. That is antichrist. If you deny it, then you are antichrist. And the Jews and Judaism is antichrist. Any Jew that denies that Jesus Christ is the son of God in human flesh, then he is antichrist. Judaism is antichrist. Islam is antichrist. Hinduism, Buddhism, all those isms [are] antichrist because they deny the virgin birth of the son of God.”

“I personally believe that the Man of Perdition, the one that you call Antichrist, I personally believe he will be a homosexual Jew  Watch out for global Zionism taking over this planet through artificial intelligence. There are two things that you cannot publicly criticize now; you cannot criticize the homosexual agenda and you cannot criticize Zionism. Those two are together. They’re driven by the same spirit. And what is coming is a global entity that is going to be Zionism and homosexuality and it’s going to be operated through artificial intelligence and it’s going to be policed through the most high-tech surveillance society that you can imagine. It will be a nightmare.”

“Israel embraces homosexuality .They need to be told, You’re sinners, you’re going to go to Hell, you need to repent, you need to call upon the name of Jesus!’”



Newt Gingrich Equates Violence To Beating President Obama In Fundraising Letter

Newt Gingrich is going off the deep end ehen in a recent  fundraising email with the subject line: “A Bloody Nose Just Won’t Cut It.” Gingrich states about beating President Obama “I don’t want to bloody his nose, I want to knock him out!”

Okay obviously the Pillsbury doughboy is speaking figuratively because Obama would have him on the ground pissing your pants and asking for mercy in less than a minute, that is if he wasn’t hiding behind the much butcher Callista. What galls me is that he would actually use this as a demonstration of his toughness to convince voters he deserves the nomination and raise money

But I guess even if he wasn’t being “figurative” it would be okay.  After all President Obama did say that “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,”

See ya later Pig Newton!

Herman Cain vs. Morgan Freeman On Tea Party Racism: “I doubt Morgan Freemans ever been to a Tea Party.”

I think you are wrong Cain!  Freeman’s definitely been to a “tea party” he does have daughters and granddaughters after all. You

Now a Tea Party Movement Meeting may be another issue entirely.

YOU want to be President and you can’t finish a complete correct sentence? You Fraking Mad Hatter

And Remember everybody …. 999 is still 666 upside down.  OMEN maybe?

Video – Glenn Beck Slams King & Spaulding For Dropping DOMA Case – Gays Are Bullies.

Glenn Beck the fake crying, sociopath, Mormon bigot  accused gay rights groups of being “bullies” and praised Paul Clement, the attorney who left King & Spalding to continue defending DOMA, as an American hero, akin to John Adams and MLK


Becks attempt to put a high-powered attorney, who is reportedly set to make over $500 an hour to defend a law that enshrines discrimination and anti-gay animus, on the same pedestal as American civil rights heroes who devoted their lives to ending discrimination is disgusting.  But the pièce de résistance is when Beck the Anti-Christ himself calls the LGBT Community “Bullies”

BECK: So a private firm picked the case up. Well, here’s where the bullies come in. They start getting hammered with phone calls. This law firm gets hammered with phone calls and pressured. And so all these activists force the law firm to reconsider and they dropped the case. We’re trying to teach our kids about bullies in school, and boy do we teach them every day because we let the bullies win every day.

To even equate teen bullying and the horrid consequences realted with it Beck attempts to turn those fighting for equality into the bad guys, while painting those who are working to deny the rights of countless loving gay and lesbian couples as victims.is mind boggling.

George Washington Couldn’t Tell A Lie But Glenn Beck Can – The National Archive BUSTS Glenn Beck Over A Huge Lie He Told At His "Restoring Honor" aka "I Have A Scheme" Rally

Glenn Becks a LIAR?  I am shocked. SHOCKED I tell you.!

Okay not really. And yes, I do expect it.  But what I didn’t expect was that Washington, DC’s national Archive would be the one to BUST Beck on a whopper of a lie that he told during his “I Have A Scheme Rally” last weekend.

While “speechifying” at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial, Beck who loves to invoke the names of the founding fathers as much as Sarah Palin likes to make up new words started talking about  George Washington  (Remember him?  George, unlike Beck could not tell a lie)

“The next George Washington” was “in this crowd. He may be 8 years old, but this is the moment. This is the moment that he dedicates his life, that he sees giants around him. And 25 years from now, he will come not to this stair, but to those stairs. And he can proclaim, ‘I have a new dream.'”……, “I went to the National Archives, and I held the first inaugural address written in his own hand by George Washington.”

The only problem is that Beck may have toured the National Archives and he did get a quick  peek at Washington’s Inaugural address but never held it in his grubby little hands.
Beck did receive a special VIP tour of the archives, arranged by an as-yet unidentified member of Congress. During that tour, he did get a peek inside the “legislative vault,” which isn’t open to ordinary visitors. But Archives spokeswoman Susan Cooper insists that Beck didn’t lay a finger on any precious documents, much less George Washington’s inaugural address. That would be a major violation of policy. “Those kinds of treasures are only handled by specially trained archival staff,” she explains.

While it may not seem like much of a lie to some Beck’s LIE gave his speech more heft and rhetorical flourish. And his LIE stands in stark contrast to the point of the rally, which was all about restoring the principles of courage and honor that the nation was founded upon. In fact, one of Beck’s only prescriptions for fixing the country is to “tell the truth.”

You know who else LIES right?

Meet Your New TeaBaggin’ Senator! (Who You Probably WOULD Teabag Or Vise-versa If he Wasn’t A Right Wing Loon!)

Yes thats right!  Theres a Teabagger in the Senate!  Any why is there a Teabagger in the Senate you may ask?

Well its because the current President and Democratic Party has done such a HORRIBLE job the past year that the rightwing nuts prevailed and a Tea Bagging (abiet studly) Republican won a senate seat in MASSACHUSETTES! 

Thats how much the Democrats SUCK right now.

So tell me?  Is the Anti-Christ supposed to be handsome silver daddy and an ex-Cosmo nude model?