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ANONYMOUS Hacks Multiple KKK and Racist Hate Sites. May We Recommend…….



ANONYMOUS  has been doing the world a good deed and hacking and hijacking multiple white supremacist websites around the country and posting the personal information of dozens of Klan members and supporters including having  their credit card numbers and PINs published.

Raw Story:

On Tuesday, the campaign continued, with Anonymous moving beyond the Klan to target racist websites like Stormfront.org and writing, “The aim of our operation is nothing more than Cyber Warfare. Anything you upload will be taken down, anything you use to promote the KKK will be shut down. DDoS attacks have already been sent and have infiltrated your servers over the past 2 days — d0x’s have also been launched on leaders of the KKK. All information retrieved will be given to the public.” DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks are an illegal tool used by hackers to shut down a website by flooding it with so many dummy requests that the server overloads and goes offline. Anonymous is claiming to have knocked multiple Klan websites offline in several states including North Carolina, Utah and Texas, as well as a website for white supremacist group the Traditional American Knights.

BRAVO Anonymous! Well done!

May we recommend:  Family Research Council, American Family Association, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, and the Liberty Council for the next round of take-downs begin.

ANONYMOUS Hacks Nigerian Government Website, Demands Support of LGBT People

ANONYMOUS Nigeria hack

The  hackivist group ANONYMOUS,  took  over Nigeria’s official government website last night denouncing its intent to pass a law that would jail LGBT people for up to 14 years and demanding the government end its support of the anti-homosexuality bill.

The hacker, identified on twitter as @PaddyHack, said he took down the website Thursday for several hours, posting a warning to president Goodluck Jonathan:

“Your government has passed a to jail homosexuals in your country for up to 14 years. Nobody should live in fear of being jailed, when their only action is loving another consenting adult, regardless of gender.”

The Street Journal reports:

The attack on the website, Nigeria.gov.ng took place in the evening and messages urging the President to overrule the laws were displayed on the site until around 11 pm when the administrators regained control of the site. The hackers protested against the 14-year jail term for homosexuals in Nigeria.

The President was asked to “veto or renounce the bill” within 72 hours. Issuing a threat after, the hackers stated on the website that “failure to follow our order will unleash a torrent of fury aimed directly at the direction of your administration, starting with some startling but unsurprising evidence of corruption in your ranks.”

The hackers also continued with an assurance as the message continued with “no need to start destroying evidence, I already have it.”

A spokesperson of theNigerian ministry, Joseph Mutuah, likened the attack to robbery while the Nigerian press labeled the hacktivist as gay, ‘foreign’ ‘cyber-warlord’, ‘vandal’ who is apparently ‘engaging’ in ‘cyber warfare’ against Nigeria.

In response to the anti-gay media hype, The hacker stated:

“The Nigerian Press are attempting to tarnish the name of the LGBT cause by smearing their name of the latest defacement of their website.

“The deface is a protest against the potential bill that will be passed jailing homosexuals for up to 14 years. Their only ‘crime’ is loving a person of the same gender.

“I am not inspired to do this because I am pro LGBT, I’m not even gay. I am inspired to do this because I am anti hate. Declaring gayness as being a sin is nothing more than hiding hate behind your bibles.

“IF you must follow the bible, just remember Mark 12:31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[a] There is no commandment greater than these.”

BRAVO and THANK YOU to @PaddyHack and to ANONYMOUS!

Next stop RUSSIA!  


Westboro Group DOES NOT Protest Sandy Hook, Cowers and Hides In Hotel Because of Outrage

The cowardly members of the Westboro Baptist Church showed their true “righteous colors” this week and never left their hotel rooms in Newtown CT, after nationwide outrage, cyber-attacks and volunteers from all across the United States traveled there, to form a human barrier to prevent them from reaching the memorial service for Sandy Hook Elementary principal Dawn Hochsprung.

Hundreds off duty police officers, firefighters, bikers and concerned and disgusted citizens traveled across country to join with locals in forming a human barricade to stop members of the church from trying to picket.

Last week a website for members of New York’s Fire Department put out a call for off duty emergency workers to travel to Sandy Hook and a day before the memorial service the estranged son of Westboro pastor Fred Phelps had released a statement condemning the planned picketing action.

‘My sincere hope is that the Sandy Hook community is able to grieve and mourn privately, and with whatever peace can be had in knowing the rest of the world mourns with you,’ wrote son Nate Phelps, who is a board member of the group Recovering from Religion.

ANONYMOUS the worldwide Hacktivist group also became involved and declared war on the Westboro Baptist Church  by hacking into Phelps-Roper twitter account and taking it over Also ANONYMOUS disrupted several of the WBC websites by launching Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks against them, and has leaked the personal details of several members, such as home addresses, emails, and phone numbers.

In turn the  internet security company the Westboro Baptists have hired to protect its website from attacks announced that it would be donating the money it received from Westboro to charities supporting the Newtown community, veterans groups like the Wounded Warrior Project, and LGBT groups like The Trevor Project.’

This is how you fight hate and evil   You STAND UP and  FIGHT BACK.  You don;t ignore it.

Well done to all involved.

How about the Family Research Council next?  Same boat, different crew.


Hacktivist Group ANONYMOUS Publishes Personal Info Off Westboro Baptist Church Members

Anonymous the worldwide internet hacktivist group has posted  and leaked all the personal and  contact information of Westboro Baptist Church members it could get.  (With a special thanks to Vets Against the WBC)

Looks like some bigots are going to get a shitload of phone calls and gay porn for Christmas!

Go get em kids!

Westboro Baptist Church
3701 SW 12th St
Topeka, KS 66604
Phone: 785-273-0325
Email: wbclist@speakfree.net
Email: info@phelpschartered.com
Email: chockenbarger@cox.net
Phelps Law Firm
Phelps Chartered
1414 SW Topeka Boulevard
Topeka, KS 66612
PO Box 1886
Topeka, KS 66601
Phone: 785-233-4162
Fax: 785-233-0766
Fax: 785-969-9017
Email: info@phelpschartered.com
Email: slpr@cox.net
Email: kjhoffice@speakfree.net
Fred Waldron Phelps, Sr
Founder of Westboro Baptist Church
Pastor of Westboro Baptist Church
Born 1929
Husband of Margerie “Margie” M. Simms
Westboro Baptist Church
3791 SW 12th Street
Topeka, KS 66604
Po Box 1886
Topeka, KS 66601
Email: wbclist@speakfree.net
Email: info@phelpschartered.com
Phone: 785-272-4135
Phone: 785-273-0325
Phone: 785-273-0338
Fax: 785-273-9228
Shirley Lynn Phelps-Roper
Lawyer at Phelps Chartered
Born Oct. 10, 1957
Daughter of Fred Waldron Phelps, Sr
Wife of Brent D. Roper
3640 SW Churchilll
Topeka, KS 66604
Email: slpr@cox.net
Email: kjhoffice@speakfree.net
Email: th8asluf@godhatesamerica.com
Email: brid1611kjv@bellsouth.net
Email: info@phelpschartered.com
Phone: 785-273-1080
Phone: 785-272-8559
Home: 785-273-1445
Home: 785-273-0277
Home: 785-272-1619
Home: 785-273-0325
Home: 785-273-0277
Home: 785-273-0325
Work: 785-233-4162
Work: 785-273-0068

Click HERE to get the 411 o ALL THE MEMBERS of the WBC and have fun kids!

ANONYMOUS Hacks 50 Ugandan Goverment Websites In Retaliation For Persecution Of LGBT Community

GSec (Grey Security), a hacking crew associated with the international hacktivist collective known as Anonymous is claiming responsibility for hacking and defacing multiple Ugandan websites, including websites belonging to the Ugandan parliament in retaliation for governement intimidation and harassment of the LGBT community in Uganda.

In a Pastebin release dated June 25, Anonymous released the following message to the Ugandan government:

Message to the Government of Uganda:

So… What now?

We have full access to at least 50 of your websites, and even more are being hacked and (D)DOS’d. This is becoming much bigger than we expected, and this is exactly what we were aiming for. This operation is going world-wide, and everyone is helping out. You want to put people to death, only because they have different likings than you do… Your stereo-types are pathetic, and so are you and your security.

This will continue, until you change your ways and beliefs of LGTB. There is no need to put people to death for this, and we will not tolerate it.

We have access to your official Bank, to your official news websites, to your department of defence.

Put this to a stop now, or else it all goes right here… On pastebin.

Anonymous explains in  a second message via Pastebin, also released on June 25th:,  “The reasoning behind these multiple defaced and DOS’d websites is simple.  We do not and will not ever stand for gay/lesbian discrimination.” The announcement goes on to warn all Ugandan officials “to prepare for a war you can not and will not withstand.”


Source:  National Anonymous Examiner




NOM Hacked AGAIN! – Brian Brown’s Twitter Account Hacked!

What a wonderful way to start a morning!

To the ANONYMOUS person doing this. @tperkins and @PeterLaBarbera could use a good spanking also.

Just saying…..

“Anonymous” Hacker Activist Group Vows To Destroy FOX-NEWS Website On November 5th

The hacker activist group “Anonymous” has released a video statement in which a digitally generated voice explains that the online group  has decided to take down the Fox News website on Nov. 5th of this year

The “Anonymous” video points to the network’s “continued propaganda against the occupations” as reason for vowing to “destroy the Fox News website.”

“Since they will not stop ridiculing the occupiers, we will simply shut them down,” the digitized voice explains, adding that an Anonymous-driven “propaganda campaign” against Fox News would follow.

“Fox News, your time has come,” it concludes. “Operation Fox Hunt. November 5th. May the hunt begin.”

Three cheers for Anonymous! 

 Anonymous when you are done with them PLEASE shutdown The American Family Association, Family Research Cuncil, The Liberty Counsel and other Christofacist websites.  You will become 21 Century heroes!

 Source: RawStory