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No Gay Couples Make It To The Finals Of NBC’s Today’ Wedding Contest"

Last month after much pressure from GLAAD, the LGBT Community and its straight friends NBC’s today show buckled down and for the first time allowed gay and lesbian couples to subit entries and  participate in its annual wedding contest. Today the show revealed the four couples who will compete in the contest — and there are no same-sex couples in the group.

But really, did anyone seriously expect NBC to select a gay couple for “Today’s” annual wedding contest?

I’m sure they felt they had done enough just by allowing same-sex couples to apply for the contest.
NBC you had a chance to show some vision, but like most you lacked  the courage


NBC Relents And Will Now Allow Gay Couples To Apply For The TODAY Show’s Annual Wedding Contest

Originally NBC said that same sex couples would not be able to apply for the TODAY shows Annual Wedding Contest in which viewers plan every aspect of the wedding, from the cake to the clothing styles of attendants because New York state law does not allow them to get wedding licenses.  And sttod by that decision even after it was pointed out by numerous gay activists and GLAAD that a same-sex couple would be able to get a license from another state and still have their ceremony in New York.  After recieving numerous phone calls and and reading e-mails protesting its decision not to allow same-sex marriages NBC has now changed its mind because “The show considers relations with the gay and lesbian community very important,” (Especially after we bitch and moan and complain alot.)  “Moving forward, we ensure that our future wedding contests will be inclusive to all couples,” NBC said.

Although “Today” viewers will decide which couple to get married on TV, it will choose from among four that “Today” producers screen and put up for a vote. So there’s no guarantee that even if same-sex couples apply for the on-air wedding, viewers will have a chance to select one to participate.

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