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FLORIDA - Couple Kept 5-Year-Old Bound In Cage. Punched, Kicked, Beat With Mop Handel.

FLORIDA – Couple Kept 5-Year-Old Bound In Cage. Punched, Kicked, Beat With Mop Handel.

Not a drag queen. Not LGBT’s. Just your plain ole’ Florida White Trash.

Taylor B. Schaefer, called deputies after getting a “gut feeling” that her boyfriend, 32-year-old Shawn M. Stone, was abusing her 5-year-old child.

She was right. But she already knew.

Surveillance videos’ which caught the abuse, showed instances of the 5-year-old victim being beaten and bound with his hands behind his back for hours in the days leading up to the 911 call.

Initially arrested on a charge of aggravated child abuse, but as detectives investigated the situation, they learned that the abuse was much worse than they initially thought.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood said Stone punched, kicked, and beat the child with a mop handle for having an accident and also kept the child in a cage.

“Ultimately, the investigation revealed multiple recordings of the victim receiving beatings while Schaefer was present in the house, as well as several instances where he was visibly injured and limping in her presence, but received no care or medical attention,” the sheriff’s office said.

The child was taken to a hospital for treatment, doctors and nurses discovered that the 5-year-old suffered 46 visible injuries, internal injuries, and a fractured skull.

Detectives said they also learned that an older child was “forced to drink boiling water, sprayed with boiling water, and beaten with several household objects.” This child also was said to be a witness to the “brutal abuse” heaped upon the 5-year-old.

After concluding their investigation, the sheriff’s office said they charged Stone with an additional 23 charges for “repeated acts of abuse and neglect.” Taylor Schaefer also faces 25 charges for not intervening and reporting the instances of abuse, according to detectives.

Both defendants are registered Republicans.

But please Florida. Go on and abuse law abiding LGBT Americans while this hell happens in your state all the time.

White Supremacist/Nazi/Republican Group Marches In Washington DC [VIDEO]

White Supremacist/Nazi/Republican Group Marches at Lincoln Memorial In Washington DC [VIDEO]

About 100 members of the “White Nationalist” (see. White Supremacist, Nazi’s , and Republicans) group Patriot Front marched outside the Lincoln Memorial while chanting “reclaim America “while carrying flags, shields, and photographs show one banner reading “victory or death.”

Patriot Front leader Thomas Rousseau gave a speech near the Capitol reflecting pool while bystanders booed.

“Our demonstrations are an exhibition of our unified capability to organize, to show our strength. Not as brawlers or public nuisances, but as men capable of illustrating a message and seeking an America that more closely resembles the interests of its true people.

Via: The Daily Beast

At the end of the protest, about two dozen members of the Patriot Front were stranded as all could not fit in a U-Haul van they rented to transport them to and from the rally,

12 Year Old Beaten Up In Florida Schoolyard For Wearing Gay PRIDE Flag [WARNING: Sensitive Video]

12 Year Old Beaten Up At Florida School For Wearing Gay PRIDE Flag [WARNING: Sensitive Video]

Leo Hoffman, a 12-year-old is child was beaten up at Seminole Middle School in Largo, Florida last weekend for wearing a rainbow PRIDE flag as a cape at a Memorial Day weekend school event.

Leo was at a picnic at their middle school during when a male student confronted them. The boy grabbed the flag and put it in the garbage, but Leo went to get it back.

Another boy took the flag away again and pushed Leo to the ground and stepped on them. A melee between students then ensured with a tug-of-war with the flag between those standing up for Leo and those who attacked him.

Dr. Michael Moss, principal of the school said\ the alleged attack during the Memorial Day weekend and that five of the main boys involved have been suspended and others were assigned to an alternative school.

“We teach our students to accept and respect everyone for who they are. This is a district that values diversity and promotes inclusion.

Video of the attack has been shared online by Leo’s sister Ashleigh, and has gone viral.

The school is now set to introduce an anti-bullying program when the students return later in the year .

Iraqi Actor and Facebook Personality Murdered For “Being Gay”

Iraqi actor and Facebook personality Karar Noshi has reportedly been kidnapped and murdered in Baghdad for being gay.

“Security forces and witnesses”  reported on Monday that Noshi’s body was found in central Baghdad following his kidnapping, although there was no official confirmation. Statements also claim that there was “evidence he had been tortured and viciously stabbed”.

Karar Noshi was a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts who worked in theater.

His family received the body of their son after he was found dead on Palestine Street (in central Baghdad).

One Iraqi social media page suggested he had been targeted for the way he looked/

Noshi was a young Iraqi graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts who works in theater.

His family received the body of their son Karar a short while ago after he was found dead on Palestine Street (in central Baghdad).

US-based Iraqi rights activist Faisal Al Mutar wrote on Facebook that Noshi had been killed after being “accused of being gay”.

Al Mutar later wrote that “Shia extremists” were behind the killing, perhaps referring to Iraq’s powerful socially conservative Shia militias. The armed groups have also been accused of kidnapping secular activists in recent months.

Philadelphia Gay Basher Kathyrn Knott Hit Victims and Called Them “Faggots” – Read the Affidavit of Probable Cause

The Three Faces Of Hate


Now that Kathryn Knott, Kevin Harrigan and Philip Williams have been charged with the crime, an affidavit of probable cause describing the incident has been made available by the court describing what happened to the two gay men were attacked in Philadelphia.

According to that document, the incident began when “words were exchanged” between the two groups of people, with suspect Kevin Harrigan allegedly calling the victims “faggots” several times before a “heated argument developed.” The affidavit also alleges that Knott screamed “faggots” at them and hit one of them in the face.

Read the affidavit below:



Affidavit of Probable Cause, Harrigan/Williams/Knott, 9/23/14


NYC FIND THEM! – NYPD Release Video of 8 Knicks Fans Wanted in Violent Gay Bashing Attack

FIND The NY Knicks Gaybashers!

On Sunday afternoon Nick Porto and his partner Kevin Atkins were gay bashed in broad daylight near Madison Square Garden in NYC by a group of 8 men wearing NY Knicks jerseys.

“They called us f—-ts,” said Porto, a clothing designer. “They made fun of my jeans — I made the jeans myself, for that day.”

When Porto turned around asked why they were shouting at him, the group of men knocked the pair to the ground and began to violently kick and punch them.

Porto, suffered a broken nose and head injuries while his partner suffered a broken right wrist and lost his bag with iPad and cell phone in the attack.

Although the NYPD has stated that the attackers are unlikely to be identified because so many people in the area were wearing Knicks jerseys because of the Indiana Pacers vs. Knicks game that had just let out one bystander has come forth and provided police with some cell phone images of one of the attackers as they walked away from their heinous act.

PLEASE take a look at the picture above and the video below.

If you recognize ANY of these men call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or submit tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website at www.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.com or by texting tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then entering TIP577. All calls are strictly confidential.

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LGBT Flash Mob Shuts Down Anti-Gay “Christian” Preachers At Phoenix Pride – Video

Anti-gay Ruben Israel, who owns the insane “Official Street Preachers” website and a few others showed up at Phoenix  Pride on Saturday where they were officially sey up behind barricades (in cages where they belong) to berate Pride attendee’s  by calling them “dogs, whores, perverts, hags” and other “Christian” terms until performer Queen B and her flash mob shut them down with thier rendition of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.

Horrific Hate Crime: Gay Man Found Tied To Lamppost Beaten And Burned Alive

An upset couple arrive at the murder scene to lay flowers where Stuart Walker was brutally murdered

Horrible news to start a Monday moring with.

A gay mans body was found dead and tied to a lampost, beaten, doused with gasoline and burned alive.  

28 year old Stuart Walkers remains was found  at 5am on Saturday in Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. 

Strathclyde Police confirmed the body had scorch marks and the victim had suffered massive injuries

According to Detective Inspector John Hogg, Ayr CID,: ‘Stuart had been out with friends in the Cumnock area during the night and was last seen alive by a family friend near to the fire station in Glaisnock Street around 2.30am hours on Saturday morning – nearly two and a half hours before he was found.  Police  are not ruling out he may have been the victim of a homophobic attack..

Kazza Sutherland, who used to work with Stuart, said, “I can’t believe this has happened to such a great guy. I hope they catch those who did this to him. Hopefully justice will be served and I hope those who did this go to hell.”

To think that any human being could do this to another for any reason, and especially because they are different is just simply insane.

SourcesThe Daily Mail 

Surveillance Camera Catches Gay Teen Beaten By Mob In Rock Hill, South Carolina – Video

19-year-old Joshua Esskew was attacked at the Spot Convenience Store Saturday morning by a group of at least eight men.

The attack was caught ion the convenience stores parking lot security cameras.

Joshua believes he was targeted for the attack because he is a gay.

Joshua  he was at the gas station with a friend, getting a drink, when the attack happened.  Someone yelled a homosexual slur at him and he turned around and asked if they were talking to him. When he turned back around, he says someone hit him in the back of the head with a 40-ounce malt liquor bottle. Joshua defended himself from his attacker, and several other men ran to the fight and joined in the attack.

WBTV spoke with Lieutenant Mike Baker with the York County Sheriff’s Office about the attack. “In South Carolina, we do not have an enhancement of penalties for what might be deemed a ‘hate crime’,” Baker told WBTV on Friday. “We are investigating this as the very serious and violent assault that it was.”

Sure looks like a hate crime to me.  What the hell is the  use of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act if its not used to it fullest?

And as for the ones who attacked Joshua.  It takes really big manly men to attack someone 8 to 1.  You are nothing more than fucking animals and should be put away for life or like rabid dogs put down.
**If you have or know of someone who has any information that could help identify the subjects involved in this attack, persons with information can call the Sheriff’s Office at 803-628-3059 or, if they wish to remain anonymous, they can call the Crime Stoppers tip-line at 1-877-409-4321, or send anonymous email tips from www.yorkcrimestoppers.com.

Pathetic Tea Partiers Invade Washington – Call Barney Frank A Faggot To His Face

The disgusting sub-human Faux-Republican group know as The Tea Party has decended on Washington and surprise surprise they are acting like a buch of ill inbred insane animals with crowds of anti-Reform/Tea Party members going through the halls of the Longworth building shouting slogans and epithets at Democratic members of Congress with Rep. Barney Frank got an uglier version of the treatment. Just after Frank rounded a corner to leave the building, an older protestor yelled “Barney, you faggot.” The surrounding crowd of protestors then erupted in laughter.

What a bunch of neanderthal douchebags. 

They are all walking poster children for the right to choose abortion.