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Michigan State Senate Passes Unconstitutional Sodomy Law That’s Linked To Bestiality

Michigan still sucks

Despite the fact that Lawrence v. Texas, 539 U.S. 558 (2003) the landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court struck down the sodomy law in Texas and, by extension, invalidated sodomy laws in all other states.  The  Republican controlled Michigan Senate has passed a bill that effectively reaffirms the state’s unconstitutional law making sodomy a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Michigan’s is one of the few states  that make oral and anal sex crimes illegal regardless of whether they’re same-sex or different-sex and who’s unconstitutional  sodomy ban is intertwined with a prohibition on bestiality – effectively equating the two. The law makes it a felony for anyone to commit “the abominable and detestable crime against nature with mankind or with any animal.” If the person is already a sex offender, violations are punishable by life in prison.

The New Civil Rights Movement reports:

For the last several years, Michigan legislators have been trying to pass an important package of bills referred to as Logan’s Law, designed to keep pets out of the hands of animal abusers, according to The Detroit Free Press. Among the bills in the Logan’s Law package — named for a Siberian husky who died tragically after acid was intentionally poured on him — is Senate Bill 219, by GOP Sen. Rick Jones. In addition to barring convicted animal abusers from owning pets for five years, SB 219 would update language in the state’s ban on bestiality and sodomy as follows:


SB 219 passed the Senate Thursday, with the above language intact, and is expected to be considered by the House as early as next week.

But according to Republican Senator Rick Jones striking the words “either with mankind or” from SB 219. isn’t going to happen for fear of “jeopardizing” the “whole bill”,

“The minute I cross that line and I start talking about the other stuff, I won’t even get another hearing. It’ll be done. Nobody wants to touch it. I would rather not even bring up the topic, because I know what would happen. You’d get both sides screaming and you end up with a big fight that’s not needed because it’s unconstitutional. But if you focus on it, people just go ballistic. If we could put a bill in that said anything that’s unconstitutional be removed from the legal books of Michigan, that’s probably something I could vote for, but am I going to mess up this dog bill that everybody wants? No.”

Rick Snyder, Detroit, toxic water, anti-gay. Why would anyone want to live in that God forsaken state?

The best thing that could ever happen to Michigan would be if Canada invaded.  But they don’t want it either.

What a dump.

Martina Navratilova Blasts Homophobia and Animal Cruelty In NYC Horse-Drawn Carriage Incident At NYC Pride – Video

Martina Navratilova is fighting back over an incident of homophobia and animal cruelty that took place over NYC Pride weekend when a  group of women  leafleting about the abuses suffered by the horses that pull the decorative carriages seen on the busy streets of New York  were verbally assaulted with homophobic and racist  slurs by one of the drivers.

In a letter to NYC City Council speaker Christine Quinn,  Navratilova writes:

“As any animal lover will tell you, the carriage drivers you support spew hate  when anyone expresses concern for the horses they force to work in all weather  extremes, and during Pride weekend it was captured on video. “You have a big  dyke convention here?” shouted the driver at a small group of women, mostly  seniors, who were peacefully leafleting near where the carriages line up.  “Fucking ni**er,” he said to a black woman in the group. How can you support  such a scurrilous industry that spouts racist and homophobic  vitriol?

Many PETA advocates, including me, are gay. We share a  heightened sense of responsibility in fighting the callous disregard that many  have for animal suffering because we have experienced a similar disregard for  the cruelty that we ourselves have faced. You are a champion of gay rights;  won’t you extend your compassion to the city’s beleaguered working animals?  These animals have been stripped of all their rights and have been denied the  opportunity to fulfill their natural instincts. And for years, there have been  accidents resulting in horse deaths and human injuries, the most recent  occurring just last month when an SUV collided with a horse, which I hope you  read about. That’s why I urge you to support Intro. 86A, the bill seeking to  replace the archaic horse-drawn carriages with eco-friendly classic cars. At the  very least, won’t you green-light the pilot program to test the viability of  this savvy idea? It doesn’t cost the city a cent or any jobs and is sure to be a  hit with tourists. All eyes are on you to make the right move.”

As evidence Navratilov sent Quinn the altercation which was caught on videotape.

Christine Quinn not only killed the very popular bill to ban horse-drawn  carriages for political reasons, but she has also blocked every meaningful  animal protection bill introduced at City Hall since she became Speaker and also killed a bill that was co-sponsored by 45 Council Members (out of 51).  that would have required pet stores to install sprinklers after a several pet store  fires killed hundreds of animals.



You can contact NYC City Council speaker Christine Quinn by CLICKING HERE.

Source: Towleroad

Missouri Teabaggers "Alliance For Truth" and Joe The Plumber Protest AGAINST Saving Puppies

Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher and the Missouri teabagger group “Alliance For Truth”have started a movement that opposes Missouri Proposition B, known as the “Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act.” (TPM):

“This measure would provide common sense standards for the care of dogs,” Markarian told TPM, including sufficient food and clean water, vet care, regular exercise, and adequate rest between breeding cycles, among other things. Markarian said the measure only applies to “commercial dog breeding facilities” that have more than 10 breeding females who they use for “producing puppies for the pet trade.”

And why does Joe The Dumber and the Missouri “Alliance For Truth” oppose legislation closing cruel inhumane puppy mills? Because it will will be the undoing of responsible breeders and free and seeks only to raise the cost of breeding dogs, making it ever-more difficult for middle-class American families to be dog-owners.”

Wurzelbacher, who wrote on the Alliance For Truth site goes even further saying that The Humane Society is “cowardly hiding behind animal cruelty, lying to our citizens and taking our constitutional rights away – one state at a time.” and “This bill forces breeders to limit the number of dogs they can own – regardless of care. Think about this a minute . . . . Should the government have the right to limit the number of houses a realtor can sell? Or the number of cattle a rancher can raise?

You can’t make this stuff up.  These people are so low and out of control.  When are people going to see the actual lunacy and danger the Tea Party brings to America?  What they have done so far isn’t enough now they stoop to the harming of innocent animals.  Missouri has the largest concentration of puppy mills in the country due to lax laws, lax enforcement, and a strong anti-authority/anti-government streak that has run through the folk sense the Civil War. The places I’m talking about are like factory chicken farms, where the dogs are horribly mistreated, caged, living in filth.

Perhaps its time to round up Joe and the Teabaggers and treat them the same way. These people are just so sick, twisted and evil. and they are lower than any life form alive, especially if they advocate animal cruelty in the name of the constitution.