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Navy Revolks Chaplins Rights To Perform Gay Marriages After Uproar From GOP and Anti-Gay Hate Groups

The Washington Post is reporting that United States Navy is revoking its permission to its navy chaplains that it can conduct same-sex marriages at military chapels following an uproar by GOP politico’s and anti-gay right wing hate groups claiming the move would violate a law prohibiting federal recognition of gay marriage. (DOMA)

In a memo last month from Navy Chief of Chaplains Rear Adm. Mark L. Tidd said that same-sex marriages would be permitted at military chapels in states that recognize gay marriages once the gay ban ended.  Navy chaplains would not be required to officiate at same-sex marriage ceremonies if it was inconsistent with religious beliefs and that gay marriages could occur on base because Navy lawyers had concluded that “generally speaking, base facility use is sexual orientation neutral.”

Conservative anti-gay hate groups such as The Family Research Council and Elaine Donnelly, founder of the Center for Military Readiness went ballistic

Said Donnelly:

They don’t know what they’re doing, they don’t have a clue,”  (Tidd’s decision) “demonstrates what we’ve been saying all along — this isn’t leadership,” she said. “In this case, a senior officer issued something that is contrary to common sense, sound policy and the assurances given to Congress

Donnelly who is one nasty, anti-gay, piece of work has no actual experience serving in the military, but that hasn’t stopped her from establishing a career as president of the Center for Military Readiness through which she crusades against women out of active duty and gays out of the the military.  Donnelly who got her start in politics working alongside Phyllis Schlafly in defeating the Equal Rights Amendment has made it her mission to ensure that women do not serve in combat and that gays do not serve at all while making outrageous statements, such as her suggestion that retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General John Shalikashvili recent call for the repeal of the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy was somehow tied to a stoke he had suffered.

How scary that these are the “things”, because I shudder to say people that out Government listens to.  They are nothing more than thugs, bullies and terrorist who scream the loudest but actually have a few followers.

For the Navy ti fold to them is an embarrassment on that branch of the service and also the country.

Via:  The Washington Post

Anderson Cooper Talks With Koran Buring Crazy Ass Religious Extremist "Pastor" Terry Jones – Video

Anderson Cooper took on batshit crazy religious extremest and terrorist Pastor Terry Jones of Florida (Who btw is also ant-gay) who is holding a “Burn The Koran” day on the Anniversary of the 9/11 last night and Cooper held no punches.

COOPER: Do you consider yourself a bigot?

JONES: No, not at all. And we do not consider our message a message of hate.

It is — it is a clear message of warning. We have tried to make it very, very clear that, according to the United States Constitution, Muslims are more than welcome in America. They are welcome to worship. They are welcome to build mosques.

We have made that very, very clear. I understand they’re not in agreement. And they’re mad and angry. They’re — they’re — they’re insulted because we are burning the Koran, but they should, indeed, be with us on the fact that radical Islam is bad. It is evil. We do not want it in this country.

COOPER: Well, I — I — I think the vast majority of Muslims in the United States would agree that — that extremism and radical Islam is a bad thing. And many of them have worked to — to fight it.

But I asked about the bigotry, because the definition of a bigot that I just got off Dictionary.com is a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, especially on religion, politics or race.

You do appear to be remarkably intolerant on any ideas other than your own regarding religion.

JONES: We are — as the Bible teaches, as Jesus teaches, we are intolerant, yes.

Jones is clearly insane to the point of Fred Phelps and The Westboro Baptist Church order.  What he is doin is very dangerous.  It has been condemned by the White House and General Petreaus because it can spark an international incident and lead to the harm of American solders fighting in the Middle East and can spark more terrorist attacks at home,e and abroad.

But STLL there has been NO CONDEMNATION from the Republican Party, The Tea Party, any Right Wing Groups or Religious organizations. 

Their silence is deafening.

*You can watch the FULL Anderson Cooper 360 Interview after the jump….