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WOOF! Chippendales’ Jaymes Vaughn

JAYMEAS\It’s Saturday and St. Paddy’s Day celebrations are taking place all over so do you really want to hear me ramble on about something while you’d rather look at some really hot dudes? That’s what I thought. So here’s some delicious pics of Jaymes Vaughn, the super sexy Chippendales dancer that appeared on The Amazing Race. Of course we know Jaymes is more than eye candy. He dedicated and inspired an entire campaign to raise money for cancer awareness after his father’s diagnosis. Dedicated to family and a good time, what more could you ask for? More pics for starters


Insane abs and a look like he’s ready to be bad? I’m game


Plus he has that vein thing that leads down his torso like a roadmap to his happy trail. I wonder where the path leads…

JAMYMESThis one gives me so many feels because it appears like he’s thirsty and who would’t want to give him something hot..or cold to drink.

JAYMES2This is from the charity I was talking about. See how sexy advocacy can be?

JAMYNESMmmm. That’s all I have to say really. Someone buy me a ticket to Vegas. Don’t worry, I’m good for it.