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Dan Savage Puts Exodus International’s Alan Chambers In His BIG GAY Place

“So we’ve gone from Boys in the Band to Stonewall through forty years of the gay rights movement and forty years of an anti-gay backlash funded by the religious right and twenty years of an ex-gay ‘movement’ that promised ‘freedom from homosexuality’ only to arrive right back where we started: Alan Chambers is a sad and pathetic man. He’s a homosexual and he doesn’t want to be. But there’s nothing he can do to change it. Not all the prayers to his God could change it. Still, Alan Chambers knows a heterosexual life. Because he wants it desperately enough. But Alan Chambers is still a homosexual and he always will be. Always.” Dan Savage, writing for in his Slog Blog.

And while we’re on the subject of Alan “Self Loathing Closet Case” Chambers lets never forget that he has the blood of many lesbian and gay suicide victims on his hands from the lies and twisted therapies that he put them through because of his self loathing.

So not only is “Chambers is a sad and pathetic man.” as Dan so nicely puts it using The Boys in the Band to prove his point.

Alan Chambers is  also a murderer.