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AHS-NYC FINALE RECAP:  Episodes 9 and 10 ("A Requiem: 1981/1987") SPOILER ALERT!

AHS-NYC FINALE RECAP:  Episodes 9 and 10 (“A Requiem: 1981/1987”) SPOILER ALERT!

AHS NYC Finale Ep.9 & 10 jumped right into the rapid progression of the “illness” as we see it take out both Sam and Patrick even though they’d only experienced mild symptoms earlier. Before their deaths however, each is visited by ghosts from their past, as though they’re gay Ebenezer Scrooges being faced with their lives misdeeds. Sam is visited first by Billy, sweet headless William, Theo, and then by Henry (whom we never did see die and is dressed in leather to the max no less.) Theo brings Sam through the hospital, showing him how the men he neglected to show kindness to have all succumbed to the illness as well.

Next, Henry takes Sam to a dungeon, where he must confront the ways he’s transferred the pain he experienced at the hands of his father and previous bosses into sexual depravity, before showing him the beach on Fire Island where Sam unmasks Big Daddy, who becomes a noticeably less large blond twink.  What’s likely going on is that this new blond is the angel of death that Sam wants to see before he dies. Or maybe he’s meant to represent a past lover — it’s not made totally clear here but what has been for the past 5 weeks? Patrick is also forced to face how his own internalized homophobia by Barbara in a wedding dress has hurt others, how his commitment to masculinity and police caused unnecessary pain (Which Millennial writer wrote that?).   

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Facebook META Bans Gay Website Over AHS-NYC Recap. Pornography or Homophobia?

Facebook META Bans Gay Website Over AHS-NYC Recap. Pornography or Homophobia?

For weeks now for better or worse this website has been posting recaps of AHS-NYC (which is easier said than done.) Well imagine my surprise when I finally finished eps 7 & 8 and I posted to my personal Will Kohler Facebook/META (whatever) account and get a warning that the AHS NYC graphic being “pornography”. I contested and won and my post was replaced and my account was fine. So I go to my Back2Stonewall Facebook account and post the recap. Same thing! A warning about the AHS NYC graphic being “pornography”. Well I contest the decision on this account. ON THIS ACCOUNT IT IS PORNOGRAPHIC AND THEY RESTRICTED ME FOR 6 DAYS.

So we have AHS-NYC RECAP:  Episodes 7 (“THE SENTINEL”) and 8 (“‘FIRE ISLAND’”) SPOILER ALERT! up and viewable at my Will Kohler’s FB page, and banned and restricted on the Back2Stonewall.com FB page and I can’t post at all for 6 days. The only difference between the two pages is one is personal and Back2tonewall is a dedicated gay FB news webpage. I’m not saying homophobia has anything to do with it but it might. Or it just could be FB has really bad employees’ who don’t do their job properly or perhaps let personal feelings into their decisions. But whatever it is Facebook/META has gotten just as bad as Twitter and the LGBT community needs it’s own viable social media platform.

This has gotten entirely out of hand.

I should sue or send Big Daddy after them.

See you in 5 days on Facebook just in time for the AHS-NYC Finale Recap and then probably banning!~

Oh bother.



Episode 7: ‘THE SENTINEL’ 

Gino and Patrick bravely charge into the killer’s ramshackle warehouse lair (worth over $2mil in todays market.) where they’re horrified to discover Whitley’s Frankenstein Jesus on full display. And poor Henry lent him an ear. Whitely sayst he made a mistake by giving his creation a subpar heart, suggesting that Patrick’s “noble” organ ehhhhm, would be far better for when he bring his “Guardian” to life! *lighting flash*

Sylvia is that you?

Meanwhile in another room: Henry, who is already down one ear bravely saws off his own hand to escape with Gino, even finding time to squeeze in a disapproving comment about Patrick and Gino’s age difference before cutting into his bone.

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AHS NYC RECAP:  Episodes 5 (“Bad Fortune”) and 6 (“The Body”) – SPOILERS


Bodegas and psychic readings on Christopher Street finally make it into the mix as Fran wanders into Kathy’s Tarot Card Business looking for a job after shopping at a bodega with 2022 prices. (Apples $2.29 a lb in 1981?) Sam/Hannah and then Gino both drop by and get read. Literally. ($10 in 1981!?) And all the cards turning into Death cards did bring in a more supernatural elements into a very non-magical season. (but at this point why?) “Bad Fortune” also missed a a great opportunity for Frances Conroy’s Angel of Death to make a quick cameo return and connect all the seasons properly, but alas, it’s not in the cards. Just some computer generated death. Nothing to see here move on.

However, on the topic of supernatural disturbances, the origins of Big Daddy take a paranormal turn after Gino engages in a dark psychic night of the soul. Meanwhile Patrick and Gino have done on their Mai Tai Killer investigation has been completely off the books and they’re liable to implicate themselves (again). Oh and it turns out that Whitely has been taking his victims, cutting them up, and splicing them into a replica of Jesus Christ to martyrize them.  AT PRIDE NO LESS. Oh and Barbara was murdered. Big Daddy? Patrick? Who the fuck cares a great ending for an annoying throw away character! BOOM!

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