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Twitter FINALLY Bans Anti-LGBT Activist “Porno Pete” LaBarbera After Decades of Complaints.

Facebook Deletes “Porno Pete” LaBarbera’s Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) Gay Hate Page

Hands are wringing and teeth are gnashing at extremist right-wing websites like LifeSiteNews over the fact that Facebook had deleted hate group leader “Porno “Pete” Peter LaBarbera’s  ” Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH)  for using “hate speech”.

According to LifeSiteNews: “AFTAH is dedicated to “apply[ing] the same single-minded determination to opposing the radical homosexual agenda and standing for God-ordained sexuality and the natural family as countless homosexual groups do in promoting their harmful agenda.”

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center:  Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) was formed by long-time gay-basher Peter LaBarbera, who reorganized it in 2006 as a much more serious and influential, if often vicious, operation In 2007, LaBarbera claimed there was “a disproportionate incidence of pedophilia” among gay men — yet another false assertion. The same year, he posted an open letter to the Lithuanian people from long-time gay-basher Scott Lively, who has made a series of false claims about gays running the German Nazi Party.”

LaBarbera is also famous for going “undercover” and drooling and reporting on the naked men and  the “sinful and perverse” homosexual activity that takes place at the event.

On Sunday, Facebook took down AFTAH’s Facebook page entirely, leaving only a “Page Not Found” message in its place.

“Your Page has been unpublished for using hate speech, which goes against the Facebook Community Standards. Facebook “allow[s] individuals to speak freely,” but “take[s] action on reports of verbal abuse directed at individuals.”


LaBarbera took to Twitter Monday to display his displeasure:

Yesterday the cowardly yet proficient anti-#conservatives at @Facebook took down (“unpublished”) AFTAH’s FB page, citing violations of their (spurious) #hatestandards. We are appealing: pic.twitter.com/ptWsYOroYe

— Peter LaBarbera (@PeterLaBarbera) November 19, 2018

Last month, Twitter temporarily locked LaBarbera out of his account over a 2016 tweet describing sodomy as a “sin” that “spreads disease.”

Porno Pete is appealing Facebook’s latest ruling, which he histrionically calls “beyond Orwellian.”


Hate Group Leader Pete "Porno Pete" LaBarbera: If Buttigieg Gets Elected, People Like Me “Will Be Hated”

AFTAH’s “Porno Pete” LaBarbera Worries That Trump Might Be ‘More Dangerous’ Than Hillary


D-List anti-LGBT activist Peter LaBarbera is calling on the Religious Right to monitor President-elect Donald Trump on LGBT rights and same-sex marriages.

Speaking on Focal Point, Bryan Fischer’s American Family Association (AFA) radio program, LaBarbera, president of the small anti-gay group Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), said that he was alarmed that few conservatives responded to Trump’s comments about marriage equality during a recent 60 Minutes interview. While refusing to disclose where he stands on the issue, Trump said that he was “fine” with last year’s Supreme Court finding that gay and lesbian couples have a constitutional right to marry, saying that the decision had “settled” the issue.

Said “Porno Pete”:

If Donald Trump, as a Republican, begins to promote homosexuality as a civil right and so-called gay marriage and homosexuality abroad that is actually more dangerous than Hillary [Clinton] because everyone expected Hillary to promote homosexuality just like Obama did. But when a Republican does it, then the media is able to say, ‘Oh look, the consensus in the conservative movement is gone, you can’t even resist homosexuality, you’re a fringe movement.’ So this is of immense importance and I would call on all pro-life and pro-family leaders not to look the other way if and when Trump promotes homosexuality or same-sex marriage.”

LaBarbera was originally thrilled by Trump’s presidential win saying that it was “a repudiation of the elitism that has come to surround the Democrats,” now calls  Trump to revise his estimation that the Supreme Court has “settled” the issue of homosexual “marriage” — and instead honor his pledge to America’s voters to defend natural marriage against the “shocking” 2015 Obergefell ruling.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.


AFA’s Batshit Bryan Fischer Is Back! – “‘The Proper Christian Response’ To A Gay Couple’s Wedding Is ‘Grief And Sorrow’ – Video

Bryan Fischer

Its been a tough few months for Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association hate group.  There have been so many stark raving anti-gay idiots getting airtime Bryan has been lost in the jumbo sized bag of mixed nuts.

But today Fischer pulled out all the buttplugs and  invited his BLFB (Best Lunatic Fuck Buddy) Peter LaBarbera on to his radio program today so that LaBarbera could share his exhaustive “research” on which of the GOP presidential candidates claiming that they are insufficiently anti-gay and therefore should not receive the support of conservative Christian voters this primary season.

Donald Trump was at the top of “Porno Petes” list because he once attended a gay wedding and called it “beautiful.”

“Trump went to a so-called gay wedding himself of a friend in New York,” LaBarbera said, “and he was quoted as saying, ‘It was a beautiful thing.’ Trump said that the gay wedding, so-called, that he went to between two men was a beautiful thing. And you have to ask yourself, Bryan, how many Christians … would say that a homosexual so-called marriage is a beautiful thing?”

Fischer, of course, totally agreed. “If you have a biblical worldview, you’d be grieved for them,” he said. “You’d be grieved for what they’re heading into, grieved for the way in which homosexual behavior separates them from God, the risks that it’s putting them at, the risk that it’s going to put children to if they’re adopted into that household. So the proper response would not be joy, it would not be celebration; the proper Christian response would grief and sorrow over what these two people are doing to themselves and also to others

Batshit Bryan + Porno Pete = True Hate Forever

Ted Cruz: "Gun Laws Don't Work" (Especially after the almost half a million dollars I've gotten from the NRA and others.)

LISTEN: Ted Cruz’s Phone Call With Anti-Gay Extremist “Porno Pete” LaBarbera and E.W. Jackson – Audio

Ted Cruz I Hate Homos

An audio-tape has surfaced of a phone call which happened last week between Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz and a failed GOP nominee for the post of Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor, and anti-gay activist and hate group leader Peter LaBarbera in which Cruz vows he would actively fight against  and to reverse gay rights.

On the call Cruz talks about the question about the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage, comparing it to the Court’s ruling on abortion in Roe v. Wade,

Right Wing Watch:

“It is the decision reminiscent of Roe v. Wade of a handful of unelected judges arrogantly and lawlessly decreeing the authority to fundamentally change our country and to tear down the foundations of the country,” Cruz added.

He also criticized Republicans who decided to “surrender” to the Supreme Court and treat Obergefell as the “settled law of the land.”

“My response to this decision was that it was illegitimate, it was lawless, it was utterly contrary to the Constitution and that we should fight to defend marriage on every front,” he said, before promoting constitutional amendments to overturn the ruling and put justices up for retention elections, along with legislation “to strip the federal courts of jurisdiction over challenges to marriage.”

On LGBT rights and military service referring the repeal of DADT and the right to serve Cruz commented that he was “just hearing terrible things” about the military being “beset with these new LGBT rules”:

“You look at the military and one of the things we’ve seen is morale in the military under the Obama administration has plummeted, and it has plummeted because you have a commander-in-chief that doesn’t support our soldiers and sailors and airmen and marines, you have a commander-in-chief that doesn’t stand up against our enemies, that won’t even acknowledge or say the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ and you have a commander-in-chief that treats the military as a cauldron for social experimentation. He’s more interested in promoting homosexuality in the military than he is in defeating our enemy.

For example, the military is now focused on trying to promote transgendered [sic] soldiers. The role of the military is not to be some left-wing social experiment. The reason we have the brave men and women who sign up as service men and women to defend this nation is to stand for our values, to protect our safety and security, to protect innocent men and women and to stand up and defeat our enemies, and I would stop the shameless politicizing of our military to push a left-wing agenda that is contrary to the values and contrary to who we are as an American people and a nation founded on Judeo-Christian values.”

Cruz went on to add that he wanted  “to strip the federal courts of jurisdiction over challenges to marriage.” saying “we will not use the federal government to enforce this lawless decision that is a usurpation of the authority of we the people in this country.”

LaBarbera, the D: List hate group leader of president of Americans For Truth about Homosexuality  praised Cruz for his anti-gay advocacy, calling him a “real believer”.

You can listen to the conversation below.


Porno Pete LaBarbera Schmoozes With Harlem’s “Stone The Homos” Pastor James Manning – Video

Porno Pete LaBarbera Army of One

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality’ founder and undercover leatherman Porno PeteLaBarbera appeared on the internet show of Harlem’s  “Stone the Homos” Pastor James Manning this week to whine and gnash teeth about us horrible gays and how we are winning the war on marriage equality

Joe Jervis of  joe.my.god sums it up:

“…just the usual fire and brimstone denouncements and lies about “ex-gays.” LaBarbera whines that marriage equality is a done deal nationwide, he just hopes that at least one state (Oklahoma, he suggests) defies the courts and refuses to comply with a marriage ruling. For his part, Manning declares that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo “is a homosexual himself.”

You have to admit though “Jesus and the Stoned Homos.” would make a great rock band name.


Porno Pete LaBarbera and Bryan Fischer Choke On Their Chick-fil-A Over Dan Cathy – Video

Peter LaBarberaLOL

Earlier this week in a recent interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Chick-fil-A CEO and President Dan Cathy said he plans to no longer speak out on gay marriage. “You learn from those mistakes,” Cathy said. “If not, you’re just a fool. I’m thankful that I lived through it and I learned a lot from it.”

Cathy made news two years ago with his criticism of gay marriage, which prompted a investigation into Chick-fil-A’s charitable givimg and the realization that WinShape, CFA’s charitable division had been donating heavily to so called “christian” groups that fight against LGBT equality. Since the exposure donations to such group have dropped dramatically. But it must be added have not stopped.

“Probably the elements that were stressful for me most is from our internal staff and from operators and how this may be affecting them,” Cathy said. “The bottom line is we have a responsibility here to keep the whole of the organization in mind and it has to take precedence over the personal expression and opinion on social issues.”

Well Cathy’s remarks did not go noticed by two of his most anti-gay lunatics hate  group leaders and supporters “Porno Pete” LaBarbera of American’s for Truth about Homosexuality and Bryan J. Fister Fischer of the American Family Association  who got together via telephone on Fischer’s propaganda filled radio show and indignantly choked their chickens together over Chick-Fil-A’s  “supposed” shifting tone after they went out and supported it on Chick-Fil-A day

First they eat chicken, then they eat their own.

Douche of the Week: “Porno Pete” LaBarbera Attacks Gay Blogger Jeremy Hooper And Innocent Baby

porno pete



“Porno Pete” LaBarbera of the anti-gay group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality has sunk so low and is sio desperate that he is now attacking children with gay parents without even waving the Bible as a shield.

Just a few days ago well respected gay blogger Jeremy Hooper of the anti-gay watchdog LGBT website Good As You and his husband became the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. Upon hearing the newsr LaBarbera took to his  Twitter page and posted the following:

“No mommy for THIS baby whose “gay” dad is Jeremy Hooper. At least in old days gay activists didn’t acquire babies”

LaBarbera has crossed the line and taken his self righteous hate to a whole new low level.  Not content with just attacking Hooper which LaBarbera has done before when he posted a screencap from Hooper’s wedding video and wrote the word “perversion” on it.   Now he has the audacity to attack an innocent baby.


I’ll get the tar, you get the feathers and meet me in Naperville, IL,

Peter LaBarbera asshole



Rachel Maddow Goes Off On The GOP’s Warm and Fuzzy Feelings for Vladimir Putin – Video

Rachel maddow

“It’s one thing for the right to fall in love with its own politicians, to make Reagan a saint, Sarah Palin their own collective girlfriend, but the president of Russia, he is not that into you. Seriously, I know you guys hate President Obama, so it feels good to have a man-crush on somebody else, but this guy is the president of Russia. Zip it up, you guys, seriously. Have some respect.”

Un-American traitors, the lot of them

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy



Porno Pete LaBarbera Is Ever So Pissed Over San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair……. AGAIN

Peter LaBarbera

“Below is the ‘official’ promotional poster for the Folsom Street Fair, an annual, sadomasochism-celebrating street festival in San Francisco. The ‘fair’ is notorious for its open-air perversions, mocking of religion, sadistic whippings, ‘master-slave’ couples, and full nudity — and the latter will be allowed again this year due to an exemption granted to FSF to a new anti-public-nudity law passed by city supervisors. Words can barely convey the evil captured by this image — a rebellious wickedness that comes from glorifying sin in defiance of the wholesome boundaries for sex established by God. Folsom is also the creepy cousin of ‘gay pride’ and ‘diversity’ — there would be no Folsom Street Fair were there not first a ‘gay’ revolution, with its ground zero in the homosexual Mecca of San Francisco.“- Peter LaBarbera who is ever so pissed that she won’t be able to attend this years festivities.

Methinks Miss Porno Pete doth protest too much.

Folsom Street Fair Poster 2013


AFTAH’s “Porno Pete” Peter LaBarbera and Scott Lively Praise Russia’s Gay Hate Law

Peter LaBarberaSurprise, surprise!

“Porno” Pete LaBarbera and “Crimes Against Humanity- Ugandan Gay Murderer” Scott Lively have come out in support of Russians draconian anti-gay “propaganda” law.  Which by the way Lively is trying to take credit for.

Via ABC News:

“Among others commending Russia’s anti-gay efforts was Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. “Russians do not want to follow America’s reckless and decadent promotion of gender confusion, sexual perversion, and anti-biblical ideologies to youth,” LaBarbera said on his website.

Scott Lively, a Massachusetts-based evangelical lawyer and activist, conducted a 50-city speaking tour of Russia in 2007, and says the current bill reflects policies that he advocated at the time. At the end of his tour, Lively released a “Letter to the Russian People,” and he redistributed it this month after the parliament vote. “The purpose of my visit was to bring a warning about the homosexual political movement which has done much damage to my country,” he wrote in the letter. “This is a very fast-growing social cancer that will destroy the family foundations of your society if you do not take immediate, effective action to stop it.”

But remember, please don’t call them bigots.