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BREAKING NEWS – Taliban Attacks Camp Bastion In Hopes Of Killing Prince Harry

Just one day after his birthday,  Prince Harry was whisked to safety by SAS bodyguards as the Taliban launched deadly attack on Camp Bastion in Afghanastan in hopes of killing him.

A spokesman for the Taliban, which has released what it says is a video of the assault on Camp Bastion, said: “We attacked the base as Prince Harry was on it, and so they know our anger. Thousands more suicide attackers are ready to give up their lives.”

The insurgents  passed through checkpoints in pick-up trucks before the attack, the Taliban had been wearing local clothes and are thought to have been unarmed.

The fighters then collected the uniforms and weapons – including AK47 automatic rifles and rocket-propelled grenades – which are thought to have been buried near the Nato base in Helmand.

A suicide bomber blew a hole in the perimeter fence. Other fighters detonated their suicide vests in the battle.

The attack was well planned and it is thought the insurgents may have had help from members of the Afghan army or Afghan civilians who work at the base.

Harry who had armed himself and was ready to fight but was taken to a fortified safe room on the base during the three-hour suicide bombing mission. Harry was prepared for the fight but had to follow the plan.

The insurgents destroyed six American Harrier jets, three refuelling stations and damaged six aircraft hangars.

Eight Coalition forces and one civilian contractor were wounded while the  insurgents destroyed six American Harrier jets, three refuelling stations and damaged six aircraft hangars.

14 attackers were killed in all, and another was wounded and captured.

MSNBC Pundit and Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins: Rainbow Flag In Afghanistan Will Kill Soldiers!

Tony Perkins., President of the nationally recognized hate group of the Family Research Council and MSNBC pundit (TURN OFF MSNBC!) if running his “Fear Based Propaganda CON” again. 

This time about a group of a American soldiers who raised a Gay Pride flag at an Afghanistan base camp.  

Writes Perkins:

The Obama administration doesn’t typically run its agenda up the flagpole, but at a military base in Afghanistan, the soldiers did it for them. There, in the dusty desert of war, an Army outpost saluted the colors of the homosexual lobby by flying a rainbow flag in place of Old Glory. Back home in America, a woman named Nicole Jodice posted the picture on Facebook, praising her husband for promoting, not the stars, but these stripes…

…Just three weeks after President Obama publicly apologized for offending the Islamic community with the accidental Koran burning, this base is pledging its allegiance to an act that is nearly as incendiary. Where is the concern now for angering Afghan Muslims, who vehemently oppose homosexuality? The issue is as much an issue of military security as it is of religious morality. After February’s accident with the Korans, American lives were lost. What price will we pay because some want to use the military to show their gay pride?

I doubt that the Afghans even understand what the rainbow flag means. And besides they have more pressing matters. food, water, and electricity to name a few.   And even if they did I think the extremist Muslims care more about the USA occupying their country and blowing up their relatives than the rianbow flag.

The troops are probably more in danger by the raising of an American flag.

Just saying….

Video – Navy Aircraft Carrier Commander Investigated Over A Series Of Homemade Raunchy Anti-Gay Videos Shown To Crew

The Virginia Pilot Newspaper has obtained footage of a series of raunchy videos, full of anti-gay remarks, and crass humour which were  shown to the crew of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise while on deployment supporting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by Capt. Owen Honors, who produced, scripted and starred in the videos and who at the time was the executive officer, or second-in-command, of the Enterprise.

Honors is shown cursing along with other members of his staff because the “f-bomb is funny”. There are also anti-gay slurs, simulated sex acts, rectall exams, two female sailors in a shower together and Honors sitting behind his desk jacking off,.

All made with U.S. Navy equiptment, in a war zone, with our taxpayers money.

So why aren’t the Teabaggers andy why aren’t they screaming now?

Top Aide to Commander David Petraeus In Afghanastan: If You Can’t Serve With Gays, Get The Hell Out Of the Army

Command Sergeant Major Marvin Hill, a senior aide to NATO’s Afghanistan commander David Petraeus in an interview that airs tomorrow on Washington Watch came out with a strong statement in support of repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT), saying that servicemembers who can’t adjust to the change should think about leaving the military.

“If there are people who cannot deal with the change, then they’re going to have to do what’s best for their troops and best for the organization and best for the military service and exit the military service, so that we can move forward — if that’s the way that we have to go. … We know that if there is a change, that that change will have to be led, and it’s going to have to be led by senior leaders such as myself and — and others across the battlefield. Senior leaders are the ones [that are] going to set the tone in the unit and enable the unit to move forward.”

THANK YOU Command Sergeant Major Marvin Hill.

It’s truly about time someone in the military, instead of excuses that it’s too hard or too complicated to enact laid out the fact that it’s the role of leadership to lead and implement change as well as management, regardless and that if they can’t do it than don’t be in the leadership position.

Afghanistan Ministor of Interior Hanif Atmar Attempted To Cover-Up U.S. DynaCorp Contractors Buying Boys For Sex

In a State Department leaked cable Afghanastan’s Ministor of the Interior Hanif Atmar requested the help of the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan to quash a story about DynCorp, which was under a U.S. government contract to train Afghan police about DynaCorp employee’s  buying drugs and little boys.

Those “dancing boys,” of course, are the bacha bazi, . Boys ages 8-16 who are hired away from their poor families for the entertainment of wealthier men. Officially they simply dress in up girls’ clothing and dance; unofficially they are bought and sold as sex slaves.

That an American contractor would be engaging in such activity is horrific.

The Washington Post in a  July 2009 article very briefly mentioned the scandal: “One effort to train Afghan civilian police has drawn attention from the State Department’s inspector general following incidents of questionable management oversight, including one instance in which expatriate DynCorp employees in Afghanistan hired a teenage boy to perform a tribal dance at a company farewell party and videotaped the event.”