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EXPOSED: Facebook Has Made Millions of Dollars by Promoting Over 36 Hate Groups’ Content

EXPOSED: Facebook Has Made Millions of Dollars by Promoting Over 36 Hate Groups’ Content

Alex Cox of Sludge.com has exposed that Facebook has taken in nearly $1.6 million from hate groups since mid-2018 despite company’s supposed policy of banning hate speech.

Sludge’s review of Facebook ad data found that at least 38 hate groups and hate figures, or their political campaigns, paid Facebook nearly $1.6 million to run 4,921 sponsored ads. Some ads call undocumented immigration an “invasion.” Others claim that LGBT people are “evil.”

Via Sludge:

Close to $960,000 of Facebook ad revenue came from anti-immigrant groups, and $542,000 was spent by anti-LGBTQ groups. Anti-Muslim groups spent close to $70,000 on ads, although plenty of anti-immigrant groups are also anti-Muslim.

Because Facebook only began publishing ad information in mid-2018, the company has surely made multiple millions from these groups’ advertisements over time. The top spenders since then are the anti-immigrant Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR, which spent $910,000 on Facebook ads), the anti-LGBT Alliance Defending Freedom ($392,000), the anti-LGBT Family Research Council ($107,000, including ads worth $6,850 that it bought for its president Tony Perkins’ page), the anti-Muslim Clarion Project ($55,000), the anti-LGBTQ Illinois Family Institute ($33,000), and the anti-immigrant Californians for Population Stabilization ($20,000).

“This is an astounding amount of money that’s been allowed to be spent by hate groups,” Keegan Hankes, research director of the Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Project. “It reaches a lot of people with some very toxic ideologies. Obviously that’s incredibly worrisome, if not a little unsurprising given Facebook’s track record specifically around these ideologies.” 

Interestingly Facebook which has a zero tolerance policy on what it deems as “obscene” photographs banned the discussion of sexual preferences and positions, labeling it as “sexual solicitation,” last year. LGBT-themed ads were also being blocked and flagged as “political” last year due to a new advertising policy.

You can read the entire article HERE

Anti-Gay Bigots in Hungary Lose Their Minds Over Coca Cola Ad Featuring Same Sex Couples

Anti-Gay Bigots in Hungary Lose Their Minds Over Coca Cola Ad Featuring Same Sex Couples

A new Coca-Cola advertisement running in Hungary that include images of same-sex couples kissing and holding bottles of Coke is facing backlash from anti-gay Hungarian politicians and conservative activists.  The ads can be seen at train stations and elsewhere in the nation’s capital, according to several local media reports.

Coke launched the “Love is Love” campaign in Hungary days ahead of the progressive Sziget festival, which is scheduled to kick off in Budapest this week. The posters contain slogans, such as, “Zero Sugar, Zero Prejudice.”

István Boldog, a conservative member of the Hungarian parliament and a Fidesz party leader, has called for a boycott of Coca-Cola products until the ads are removed.

The country currently recognizes legal unions for same-sex couples, but the Fidesz party and its leader, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, oppose the legalization of same-sex marriage.

An online petition calling for a boycott and for local officials to ban the ads has reached about half its goal of 50,000 signatures. There is speculation that the many of the signatories are fake.

“Until now, large companies in Hungary have not advertised with openly gay content and messages. Do not be illusory, this is a test,” a translated version of the petition states. “If Hungarian society accepts this, there will be more and more steps. Posters, commercials, films, rainbow products, etc. And as we continue to slide down the slope, it will become increasingly difficult to stop.”

Cola-Cola has no intention of removing the ads and responded to criticism of the campaign: “We believe that both heterosexuals and homosexuals have the right to love a person the best they can.”

“In our advertisements, posts, and messages, we express the principles we represent, and thus our belief in equality between people.

“We believe that in a world based on these values, everyone can live freely, happily. The right to love and be loved belongs to everyone.”

Coca-Cola Hungary same-sex advert
NIVEA Dropped by Longtime Ad Agency After Saying ‘We don’t do gay’

NIVEA Dropped by Longtime Ad Agency After Saying ‘We don’t do gay’

FCB, one of the world’s leading ad agencies, has dropped Nivea Skincare as its client after a 100-year long relationship after a senior employee allegedly said ‘we don’t do gay’ when shown a new ad of two men touching hands.

FCB CEO Carter Murray, said the decision came after ‘much reflection and discussion on our creative ambitions’. He added: ‘There comes a point in every longterm relationship when you reflect on what you’ve accomplished together and set your sails for where your journey will take you next. ‘Sometimes that journey ahead demands tough choices that lead down different paths.’

In the UK where FBC is located Nivea spends more than £225 million on advertising a year.

A spokesperson for Beiersdorf stressed that such behavior was not tolerated at the company.

“We wish to express our concern on the reported allegations as they do not reflect the values of Beiersdorf, Nivea and our employees worldwide. No form of discrimination, direct and indirect, is or will be tolerated. We are strongly committed to diversity, mutual respect, equal opportunity and tolerance.’

British Airways Features Gay Couple, David Bowie In It's 100 Year Anniversary Video

British Airways Features Gay Couple, David Bowie In It’s 100 Year Anniversary Video

The Independent:

This year marks 100 years since British Airways started flying. To celebrate its centenary, the airline has just released its 100th anniversary campaign advert, with best of British talent front and centre. The advert, called #BA100, is designed to be a “love letter to Britain”.

Famous faces onboard the special #BA100 flight include actors Gary Oldman, Olivia Colman and Riz Ahmed; sporting stars Anthony Joshua, Ellie Simmonds, Nicola Adams, Chris Robshaw, Harriet Millar-Mills and Anthony Watson; musician Paloma Faith and artist Grayson Perry. The first Briton in space, Helen Sharman, is also onboard.

ADVERTISING: UK’s Ruswe Honey Puts A New Gay Spin on the Three Bears – Video


London’s BMB advertising group –(Beattie McGuinness Bungay} has put a new spin on the old Goldilocks fairy-tale for Rowse Honey by casting three big hairy men as the 3 bears in the products recent ad-dorable campaign with no goldilocks in sight.

BMB creative chief Jules Chalkley says the strategy behind the campaign is simple—to “encourage more people to put more honey on porridge.”

We wanted to find the ultimate advocates for porridge and honey,” Chalkley says. Who better, the team decided, than the Three Bears.

“It was important to find the characters that would make it feel authentic and genuine, who we could trust to accurately represent the gay bear community. Their chemistry was absolutely everything. We also wanted to find people with a genuine passion for food, the great outdoors and fitness.

When they get around to casting Gioldilocks may we suggest Charlie Hunnan?  I;m sure nobody will mind him sleeping in their bed.  I know I wouldn’t.




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WATCH: Heineken Shows Pepsi How Its Done – “Worlds Apart” An Experiment (Video Advert)


Heineken has made an incredible advert that shows that two strangers with opposing views can prove that there’s more that unites than divides us. #OpenYourWorld

Take that Pepsi!


New Ad For GOOGLE HOME Stars Same Sex Couple But No Kissing Allowed - Video

New Ad For GOOGLE HOME Stars Same Sex Couple But No Kissing Allowed – Video

New Ad For GOOGLE HOME Stars Same Sex Couple But No Kissing Allowed - Video


A new ad for GOOGLE HOME titled Carpool was released on Wednesday that featured  two gay dads and their kids in which they rush to get their day started at breakfast.  The ad features the new feature that will allow link  up to six Google accounts simultaneously, and tailor responses based on the voice profile of the person who asked the question.

This commercial shows a deeply perverted lifestyle unacceptable to decent Americans.

It was shocking to learn that we don’t kiss though.



Comcast TV Bans Boy Butter Commercial In Chicago Starring Red Hot Seth Fornea

Homophobic Comcast Bans Boy Butter Commercial In Chicago Starring Red Hot Seth Fornea


The brand new Boy Butter commercial, starring red hot ginger Seth Fornea (pictured above) currently airing on this season of Rupaul’s Drag Race on VH1 in NYC, LA, San Diego and nationwide on Canada’s OutTV was banned from airing on cable TV in Chicago by ComCast TV.

Despite having no problem airing 2015 Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl ad starring Charlotte McKinney, which is basically porn in comparison. A sexy busty woman being suggestive and showing a lot of skin is fine but if you just replace that woman with a hot gay man, it is a much different story.

“I think it’s Chicago’s loss and a clear representation of how shamed and stigmatized our sexuality is.” says Daniel Robinson, the director/producer of this banned Boy Butter commercial.

“It’s ‘a sexist and homophobic double standard’ said Eyal Feldman, who founded Boy Butter. He added: ‘My hope is that by continuing to push the boundaries of what is acceptable and palatable on TV, Boy Butter can create a space where gay men can watch images of themselves, not only in the shows that we watch but also the advertising that sponsors them.’


WATCH: Coca Cola’s Global Gay Diversity Commercial “The Pool Boy” – Video

In one of its four new spots for “Taste the Feeling,” Coca-Cola’s global campaign that launched in 2016 as part of its “One Brand” strategy,  Coke is putting a modern spin on a trope from daytime soaps/telenovelas by having a brother and sister both lust after the pool boy in its latest ad.

In “Pool Boy,” the siblings stare out the window longingly at the handsome young man cleaning their pool. They both race outside, nearly tripping over each other, to offer him a Coke, only to find that someone else in the family has already beaten them to it..

All “Taste the Feeling” ads are designed to translate globally with simple stories, little to no dialogue and universal themes. Different versions often are shot for different regions of the world, changing only the casting for North America-Europe, Africa and Asia. 

But will it play in Kansas?

Cue the One Million Moms aka 3 Old biddy and a Computer boycott in 3, 2, 1……



BBC One’s 2016 Christmas Advert Features Diversity And A Gay Male Kiss – Video


BBC One’s Christmas 2016 advert features the best of diversity and equality from across Britain and people are loving it on social media and on Youtube


With Lucy Rose singing a cover of Merry Christmas Everyone, it shows two men at a party kissing under the mistletoe.

It is the only kiss seen in the one minute film.

Merry Christmas BBC One!