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Tattooed Rocker Adam Levine Voices Continued Support For Gay Rights

Hot and tattooed Maroon 5 frontman and The Voice judge Adam Levine goes into detail as to why he supports equal rights for the LGBTQ. Adam discussed why he recently made a statement in an MTV video blog supporting marriage equality explaining It’s just so silly and it doesn’t make any sense to me that you wouldn’t be able to marry whomever you want to marry. It’s not our business –It seems we’re a little behind on that, and we just need to make it legal and stop caring so much. It doesn’t matter. And it shouldn’t matter.

Adam relays a message to others that don’t support equal rights and believes “anyone who doesn’t agree with it is essentially putting themselves above other people. That’s what they’re doing. And that’s not OK with me.”

Adam elaborates his stance on his live and let live philosophy stating “people have their personal preferences as to what they want to do with their own lives, and they have every right to do that – just like a gay couple has every right to do that. It’s just not anyone’s business except the people involved. That’s all I would say: “What makes you better than these people?”

Levine discussed that his brother who is gay is not the only reason why he supports equal rights and says “I don’t think that having a gay brother has affected the way I feel about it, because I would feel the same way regardless. I happen to have a gay brother, but that doesn’t mean I’m more of an advocate for equal human rights. That shouldn’t change anything about the way that I feel.” (PERFECT ANSWER)

When questioned further on his brother being gay affecting his support for gay rights, Adam feels “that contributes on some level to the way that I feel. But I don’t know – I don’t think I would feel any differently if he happened to be straight. The relationships that I have with people – whether it’s my brother or a friend, gay or straight – that shouldn’t really ever come into play. Someone’s sexual preference is their sexual preference.”

Of course this isn’t the first time Levine has voiced a supportive, strong stance in equal rights. Earlier this year Adam along with his band members of Maroon 5 participated in a boycott of a restaurant El Coyote in Los Angeles for supporting Proposition 8. Adam has also has long supported with the It Gets Better Project.

You can catch this beautifully tattooed swoon-worthy Adam this Fall along with another LGBTQ activist Zachary Quinto in FX’s American Horror Story.