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"Christian" Broadcaster Rick Wiles: The Antichrist “Will Be a Homosexual Jew” [Video]

“Christian” Broadcaster Rick Wiles: The Antichrist “Will Be a Homosexual Jew” [Video]

Far-Right fundamentalist Christian radio host and conspiracy theorist who demonstrates the miraculous ability to out-crazy virtually anyone else Rick Wiles has stepped the crazy bar up a notch even for him. On his “TruNews” program Tuesday night  that the End Times are near and warned that the Antichrist “will be a homosexual Jew.”

What is the spirit of antichrist? It is anybody or anything that denies that Jesus Christ came to earth as God in human flesh. That is antichrist. If you deny it, then you are antichrist. And the Jews and Judaism is antichrist. Any Jew that denies that Jesus Christ is the son of God in human flesh, then he is antichrist. Judaism is antichrist. Islam is antichrist. Hinduism, Buddhism, all those isms [are] antichrist because they deny the virgin birth of the son of God.”

“I personally believe that the Man of Perdition, the one that you call Antichrist, I personally believe he will be a homosexual Jew  Watch out for global Zionism taking over this planet through artificial intelligence. There are two things that you cannot publicly criticize now; you cannot criticize the homosexual agenda and you cannot criticize Zionism. Those two are together. They’re driven by the same spirit. And what is coming is a global entity that is going to be Zionism and homosexuality and it’s going to be operated through artificial intelligence and it’s going to be policed through the most high-tech surveillance society that you can imagine. It will be a nightmare.”

“Israel embraces homosexuality .They need to be told, You’re sinners, you’re going to go to Hell, you need to repent, you need to call upon the name of Jesus!’”



WATCH Adam Lambert & Chic’s Nile Rogers Cover The David Bowie Classic “Let’s Dance” – Video

Adam Lamberts lets dance

The legendary Nile Rodgers– musician, producer, composer, arranger, guitarist and founder of Chic—served as curator for a benefit Dance Party like no other in the history of the East End of Long Island on behalf of AFTEE (All For The East End) a unique charity focused solely on raising money for the local nonprofits that make the East End of Long Island.

Rogers was joined on stage at the benefit by none other than Adam Lambert and they performed ‘Let’s Dance’ which Nile Rodgers produced  David Bowie in 1983 and became one of Bowie’s biggest hit singles, reaching #1 in the UK, US and various other countries.

And HELL YES I’ll dance with you, Adam. Anywhere, anytime.

VH1 Divas: Adam Lambert, Keli Rowland and Keli Hilson Tribute To Donna Summer – Video

It should have been an Adam Lambert solo tribute to Donna Summer.  He was the only diva on on stage with the vocal range to cover her.


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WATCH Adam Lambert Perform With QUEEN In Kiev, Ukraine @ Back2Stonewall.com – FULL CONCERT VIDEO

Queen played its first concert with Adam Lambert Saturday night in Kiev, Ukraine. If you couldn’t make it there, the entire concert is posted below!

You know that Freddy is smiling up there.


What’s "Too Gay" Today? – Prop 8 Being Struck Down Of Course! – WATCH: Winning Lawyer Ted Olsen’s Video Statement and REACTIONS FROM Cyndi Lauper, Kim Kardashian, Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Lambert, Armistead Maupin, Zachary Quinto, Kathy Griffin. Nancy Pelosi AND MORE!

*Today on a very special episode of What’s “Too Gay” I am going to post reactions from people who actually give a damn about us and the wonderful ruling tfrom Judge Vaughn Walker striking down Prop 8.  (So there will be NO hate groups in this post and NO Gay Inc Groups reactions from the likes of HRC,  Equality California, NGLTF, or others who now praise this court case but originally did everything they could to stop it.  We DO Remember.)

So let’s celebrate!

Cyndi Lauper:  “Gay and lesbian couples have long struggled for acceptance and the ability to marry the person they love and want to build a family with. Today’s landmark ruling declaring Proposition 8 unconstitutional is a testament to the fundamentals on which this great country was built and validates that the discrimination gay couples face must come to an end. We as a society should be embracing these couples and helping them make the lifelong commitment to each other that many of us straight people take for granted each and every day. This decision is a major step in the right direction towards equality.

“Gay and lesbian couples have long struggled for acceptance and the ability to marry the person they love and want to build a family with. Today’s landmark ruling declaring Proposition 8 unconstitutional is a testament to the fundamentals on which this great country was built and validates that the discrimination gay couples face must come to an end. We as a society should be embracing these couples and helping them make the lifelong commitment to each other that many of us straight people take for granted each and every day. This decision is a major step in the right direction towards equality.

Kim Kardashian via Twitter:  Prop 8 was struck down! This news is amazing!!!! Its about time! Congrats to everyone!

Ellen DeGeneres:  Today, California’s Proposition 8 was declared unconstitutional. When Prop 8 was passed two years ago, I said, “One day we will look back and realize how wrong this is.” Now, we’ve made a huge step forward. In today’s ruling, the court stated that Prop 8 “fails to advance any rational basis” for denying the right to marry, and the court is right. We’re all equal, and we should all have equal rights. I’m so grateful for today’s decision.

*Read MUCH more after the jump! – Kathy Griffin, Wil Wheaton, Christina Applegate, Michael Ian Black, Adam Lambert, Zachary Quinto,  Shanna Moakler, Nancy Pelosi,  more reactions and  WATCH OUR HERO: Ted Olson’s Video Statement after the verdict!

Wil Wheaton: via Twitter:  Congratulations to all my friends who can now get married again. It’s disgraceful that there’s even a question about your rights.

Michael Ian Black:  via Twitter:  Finally I have somebody to blame for my disintegrating marriage. Thanks, gays! – How the hell am I going to explain to my wife about that dude I married? “I thought it didn’t count” won’t work now. (Tounge -in-cheek funny or just an idiot?  Your call there)

*  Christina Applegate:  via Twitter:  I am crying with absolute joy! Thank you thank you thank you for letting equality win. All men are created equal! Period!!!

*  Kathy Griffin: “I am, of course, thrilled and heartened by Judge Walker’s ruling. My thoughts and best wishes are with the brave plaintiffs — Kris Perry, Sandy Stier, Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo — on this emotional day. I also applaud the remarkable work of lead attorneys Ted Olson and David Boies; two men who, 10 years after facing off in Bush v. Gore, have teamed up to fight the good fight on behalf of loving California families. As we all know, the antigay movement is certain to appeal this landmark case to the ninth circuit U.S. court of appeals in San Francisco and, ultimately, to the United States Supreme Court in Washington. So, while today’s decision is a key victory in the fight for marriage equality, we still have a long way to go before my mother, Maggie, can break out her box of wine in celebration. I urge my friends and fans to stay strong, be vocal and take strength in the knowledge that we will be on the right side of history.”

Adam Lambert:  “We’re gonna throw glitter on this barn tonight!!!”

Zachary Quinto:  via Twitter:  Dear california: you. better. work. (Oh yeah you’re not Gay.  Come out already!)

Shanna Moakler:  “This is so much bigger then marriage, it’s about wisdom, compassion and knowing we CAN be heard, action DOES make a difference!”

Armistead Maupin:  This battle has always been about love, and love won out today. When I was in law school, I was bored to distraction by the sight of a legal transcript. This one read like sonnet.”

Nancy Pelosi: “I am extremely encouraged by the ruling today, which found that Proposition 8 violated both the due process and equal protection clauses of the U.S. Constitution. Proposition 8 has taken away individual rights and freedoms, and is a stain upon the California Constitution. We must continue to fight against discriminatory marriage amendments and work toward the day when all American families are treated equally.”  (Um Nancy.  You have the power to take on DOMA you know.

The White House:  “The president has spoken out in opposition to Proposition 8 because it is divisive and discriminatory. He will continue to promote equality for LGBT Americans.  (Thats it? Meeeh.)


2010 GLAAD Media Awards – Another Gay Organization, Another Glitzy Party For The Gay Elite

The GLAAD Media Awards which salute fair, accurate and inclusive representation of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the issues that affect their lives in the media was held Saturday night in a glitzy and expensive ceremony at the Hyatt Regency. (Your donation dollars at work!) Winners – chosen from 152 nominees in 32 categories – were awarded at a March ceremony in New York, while the remainder will be presented at a San Francisco ceremony in June.Last nights ceremony spotlighted the “major” catagories.

Glee won “Best Comedy” and “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy told the audience that next season “Kurt” (Chris Colfer) would have a boyfriend and they would be school prom kings. (OMG, SPOILER MUCH MURPHY?!) Colfer who is is gay; along with lesbian actress Jane Lynch were both on hand.

Other winners included Logo’s “RuPaul’s Drag Race” for outstanding reality program and “A Single Man” for outstanding wide release film. “A Single Man” director Tom Ford wasn’t on hand to receive his trophy. His partner Richard Buckley accepted the award on Ford’s behalf because the filmmaker was stranded in London thanks to the volcanic cloud of ash.

Constance McMillen, the lesbian Mississippi teenager who challenged her school district’s ban of same-sex prom dates, presented comedian-actress Wanda Sykes with the Stephen F. Kolzak Award, which is given by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation to an openly gay member of the entertainment community for their work toward eliminating homophobia.

“I’m willing to give this award to you,” Sykes teased McMillen, “but I’m not gonna do it. It means a lot to me.”

Also openly lesbian Iron Chef” Cat Cora presented actress-director Drew Barrymore with the Vanguard Award, which honors efforts to increase visibility and understanding of the gay community.  “The thing that means the most to me about an evening like this, and why I want to fight and be outspoken about this is because there are so many people who are in desperate need of families,” Barrymore said.

Adam Lambert, the glam-rocking “American Idol” runner-up who raised eyebrows with his racy performance at last year’s American Music Awards, capped off the ceremony hosted by transgender actress Candis Cayne and gay actor Wilson Cruz with a performance of his tunes “Music Again” and “Fever.” He ended by pleading for diversity within the gay community.  (Perhaps Adam should have pleaded for diversity within the human race.)

Another party for the elite held with your donations.

Fucking beautiful.

LAMBERTGATE – Adam Lambert And The FCC Complaints. – They Have To Be Seen To Be Believed.

Before I start I want to say soemthing to all those who filed FCC complaints.  (Even thought I doubt you are reaing this but I want to get it off my chest.)  I don’t give a flying fuck about what your child watchs on television.  It is no ones job but your own.  And what the hell were you doing letting your kid watch TV at 10:50pm on a school night anyway?

Now with that being said lets take a look at some of the complaints….

The “boy’s town” of Mexico or Bancock? Well I guess they’d know.
And I’m sure in Rainbow City you’ve had alot shoved down your throat.
Isn’t that nice they had a long talk about Adams dick……
I’m surprised this one could pull his knuckles off the floor
So head on over to The Smoking Gun and read the rest. They have twenty-eight of these morally righteous missives posted and they’re all pretty funny… until they get sorta depressing..