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ABC News Dumps FRC Hate Group Pres. Tony Perkins From Program After Public Outcry

ABC News Dumps FRC Hate Group Pres. Tony Perkins From Program After Public Outcry

Late last week ABC News released a preview of its guest line-up for This Week, its Sunday morning political talk show. Among those listed to join the “Powerhouse Roundtable” was Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (FRC)  offering a platform for the LGBT hate group leader to discuss the Orlando shooting as a “Christian leader”.

Faithful America quickly launched a petition calling on ABC to drop Perkins from the lineup. (Which we shared on Facebook) Noting that Perkins “has repeatedly accused gay men of molesting children,” the petition also pointed out that no other Christian leader was scheduled to offer a different perspective on behalf of people of faith.

The petition read:

In the aftermath the horrific massacre in Orlando, ABC News is turning to an anti-gay hate group leader to speak for Christians.

On Sunday, This Week with George Stephanopoulos is scheduled to feature Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. Perkins has repeatedly accused gay men of molesting children, causing the Southern Poverty Law Center to formally designate FRC as a hate group.

Other media outlets have increasingly stopped offering a platform for Perkins’ vitriol after hearing from thousands of us who are outraged by his claim to speak for everyday Christians.

But so far ABC News is promoting Perkins’ Sunday appearance without mentioning that he’s a hate-group leader, and they haven’t scheduled another Christian leader to offer a different perspective.

This morning Tony Perkins did not appear on the program.

Expect plenty of bitching and the gnashing of Ms. Perkins fangs this week over the “dumping”.


Too Late Dubya! – George W. Bush Tells People Not To Criticize Gay Marriage. – Video

George Bush gay marriage

Well ain’t this some shit.

The man who virtually ran on an anti-gay platform for two terms and with the help of his self loathing homo henchman Ken Mehlman pushed statewide anti-same sex marriage ballots across the country former President George W. Bush.  Today in an interview aired on ABC News when asked about same-sex marriage, answered, “It’s very important for people not to be overly critical of someone else until you examine your own heart.”


Now, from a safe distance,  this little man. The worst President since Ronald Reagan  thinks it safe to say a few nice, conciliatory words to the same people he threw to the wolves to get to power to whitewash his disgusting legacy?

To you I say a big ole’ FUCK YOU George Bush!

Inspired By Zachary Quinto ABC ‘World News Now’ Anchor Dan Kloeffler Comes Out On Air

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Dan Kloeffler writes:

Kind of a big moment for me while filling in on World News Now, which is by far the most fun you can legally have at 3:00 in the morning! Yunji de Nies and I were talking about celebrity headlines, when I read the story about Zachary Quinto, who played Spock in “Star Trek,” coming out as gay in a magazine interview. Because WNN is a show where you can offer some personality, I had a little fun with the story saying that I would drop my rule against dating actors.

I’ve never shared that I’m gay on-air, even though I’ve been out to my family, friends and co-workers for years. In fact, an old boyfriend – now best friend – has always given me a hard time about not doing so. But for the same reason that Zach decided to come out, I too, no longer wanted to hide this part of my life.

So Queen Latifah, Kevin Spacey, Jody Foster, Anderson Cooper and so many others.  When are you going to stand up, be brave and OFFICIALLY come out.

And as for Dan Kloeffer.  Bravo man!   I may not be Zachary Quinto but I’d date you in a second!

WATCH: ABC News "What Would You Do?" Segment on LGBT Teen Bullying (Video)

ABC News’ “What Would You Do?” presented a segment last night on Gay Bullying. 
ABC News hired 4 teenage actors to play bigoted bullies and a helpless gay victim and set the stage on a Long Beach, New York boardwalk.

“You’re a disgusting homo!” one bully yells. Our victim covers his face, his eyes filling with tears. “What do you have in that bag? Fairy dust?”

The insults keep coming as bystanders fill the boardwalk.

Then we start to notice an alarming trend. Despite the bullies’ relentless taunting, most people pass the group without saying a word. Our victim yells “stop!” and tries to get away from the three bullies but they keep blocking him at every turn.

Some people watch in the distance — pausing for a moment to stare but eventually just continue on.

For 15 minutes, no one seems the least bit interested in stopping the harassment. Some tell us they simply didn’t think it was their business to get involved.

“It wasn’t at a point where I thought I should jump in,” one man said. “I just didn’t feel it was my place to step in.”

Only 3 people who passed stopped over a two day period of taping to help.

Maike Carr, a self confessed former bully who not only stopped the bullies but then attempted to lecture them.  Mike Brady who survived a hit-and-run accident over 20 years ago; he was left with only one working hand as a result of his injuries . “Well, I went over to him and said, what’s going on here?…And you know, I was ready to punch one of them with my left hand, but that didn’t happen, thank God.” and Jeff Kupferman is a retired social worker who used to work in a local school.

Kupferman had a message for those who, over two days of taping in Long Beach, witnessed our gay bullying and did nothing to stop it.

“It’s not just about letting somebody be picked on,” he said. “being bullied and being harassed…and, and it’s a normal part of growing up. It’s not a normal part of growing up.”