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Taiwan NMA Animators Take On The 2012 Election: America Gets Gayer and Higher – Epic Video

For the first time in the history of the U.S. voters had the option to approve same-sex marriage at the ballot box. Gay rights advocates were able to add Maine, Maryland and Minnesota to the short list of same-sex marriage approved states.

Wisconsin also contributed to the monumental leap forward by electing Democrat Tammy Baldwin as the state’s first female senator and first openly gay person elected to the chamber. Many individuals believe that victories such as these, demonstrate a shift in the public opinion.

Colorado and Washington state also made history by legalizing marijuana. Before you go and do a happy dance, there are some key factors complicating the issue. For one, marijuana is still considered illegal under federal law. Some are claiming that the federal government will fight these measures or threaten marijuana shops.

In the meantime residents in Colorado and Washington state must closely follow the rules, and make sure they have the appropriate paperwork to legally grow and consume marijuana.

And the hysterical animators of Taiwan’s Next Media Animation bring it all to life for our enjoyment

Watch it.  It’s pretty damn epic!

MA – Don’t Buy The Gay Inc Hype! – Back2Stonewall Endorses John Tierney (D) Over Gay GOP Richard Tisei

About a month ago we did a story about the The Victory Fund a LGBT political action committee  which has joined in with the chorus of Gay Inc. organizations that are embracing “gay republicans” and are endorsing gay GOP Richard Tiesi just because HE IS GAY over heterosexual incumbent (and straight) Democrat John Tierney who has a 100% Pro-Gay voting record and is ranked the 8th most Progressive member in Congress in a closely watched Massachusetts House of Representatives race.

In a recent ABC news story in which they called Tiesi a  “rising openly gay Republican star” they state that he’s the best chance that the  Republican Party have to pick up another seat from Democrats and that Tisei would become the first openly gay Republican member of Congress.

Tisei relied to this that  “I feel like yeah I’m probably— I might be the catalyst because I’d be one of the first people to break through and I embrace that,” Tisei told ABC News. “I’m not afraid of being myself.”

What Richard Tisei doesn’t tell you is that when he was deeply in closet up untill 2010 voting a GOP anti-gay record in Massachusetts and only came out publicly after it seemed that he would be outed by others of he did not.

•  Tisei voted against final passage of the bill to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. (H. 5427. Roll Call #483 on 10/23/89)

•  Tisei voted to prohibit the Department of Social Services from placing children in its care with gay or lesbian foster parents. (Massachusetts State House Roll Call Vote #94, 5/17/90)

•  Tisei voted against a bill to make it unlawful to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation in employment, housing, public accommodation, and insurance in Massachusetts. (HR 3123 and Roll Call #701 on 9/23/85)

The battle for the Massachusetts House Seat might very well determine who holds the Speakership, rabidly anti-gay John Boehner (if Tisei wins) or  LGBT friendly Nancy Pelosi (if Tierney is reelected).

It is absolutely shocking and absurd for the Victory Fund in 2012 to support someone just because they are gay and not because of the issues at hand. You do not turn your back on a well proven progressive friend to the LGBT community for a gay Republican who has voted anti-LGBT in the past and expect him as a freshman representative to stand up to the entire Republican party.

If a person supports a party with a platform like the Republicans, a platform includes anti-women, anti-gay and anti-minority planks even if they are “gay” they shouldn’t be supported with “gay money” and should not be endorsed by any self-respecting LGBT group..

Back2Stonewall.com ENDORSES Massachusetts Rep. John Tierney (D) for Massachusetts House Representative and calls on others to in the LGBT community to also despite the Victory Funds endorsement of Richard Tisei

Paul Ryan and Wife Mock, Laugh At, Then Ignore Unemployed Man – Video

A video has surfaced form an event in 2011 when Paul Ryan campaigned at the Janesville Labor Day Parade.

The video shows one the now vice presidential candidate’s constituents, an unemployed man asking Ryan and his wife Janna Little Ryan how he plans on bringing jobs back to America. Ryan  first tells the man to visit his website, then offers him candy and a Green Bay Packers schedule chuckling under his breath — “No… I just  need jobs,” the man replied — and then Mr. Ryan and his wife try to ignore the  man until Ryan’s staffers and bodyguards can move the man away.

There’s nothing like “compassionate conservatism”

Let them eat CANDY!

Gun Shot Fired Into Obama Campaign Headquarters In Denver Colorado

A gunshot was fired at President Obama’s reelection  campaign office in Denver yesterday afternoon shattering the front plate-glass window and terrorizing those inside.  Fortunately no one was harmed.

The shot came at about 3pm and though they have no leads on a person at the  moment, Denver police say they’re looking into a specific vehicle description  that may lead them to the man or woman responsible.

This is what happens when a major political party (The RepubliCONs) become unhinged from reality.

Democratic National Committee and Obama Campaign Create Online Voter Registration Web Apps

REGISTER TO VOTE ONLINE HEREWhile the Republican party is doing everything in its power to rig the 2012 election and make sure that potential Democrats are not able to vote, the Democratic National Committee and the Obama Campaign are fighting back by introducing a new open source web app that lets unregistered Americans register to vote online.

The app lets potential voters fill out a National Voter Registration Form on the web, which is then converted into a PDF that can be printed and submitted — and to make things a little easier the app also includes all of the necessary registration guidelines and information for each individual state. So if you live in a state that supports online registration you can forgo the PDF all together, as the app will direct you to the appropriate online form.

Adam Fetcher, a Obama campaign spokesman, says the tools are intended to simplify the process of registering for all citizens in order to make elections more representative.

“We need more Americans to have a say in their government. [T]hese new tools are part of our efforts to get as many Americans involved in the process as possible heading into our convention in Charlotte and in the remaining days until Nov. 6.”

The Democratic National Committee app  code is released under a custom license from the DNC that allows wide re-use of the code and the Obama re-election campaign debuted its own version, a point-and-click customizable voter registration form that anyone can embed on their website or in a blog post.

According to estimates from George Madison University, in 2010 there approximately 217 million eligible voters in the United States but only 41 percent of them turned out to vote.

Use these codes and pass them on and let’s make sure that everyone who is an eligible Democrat and Progressive voter registers and gets out to vote in November.

Our very lives do depend on it.

*Back2Stonewall.com wilol be adding the Online Voter Registration App shortly and we hope that all websites and blogs will do the same.

How OHIO’s Crooked and Racist Republicans Are Planning To Steal The 2012 Elections

Ohio is always a swing state for a very good reason.  That reason being that the Republican Party in Ohio will do anything it possibly can to steal every election, (How else can you explain John Boehner being in office) and of course this the year of the 2012 Presidential election is no different.

The GOP-hio Strategy in 2012 reflects much of what was done by the Republicans in  2000 and 2004 to steal those presidential elections for George W. Bush.

1. Since 2009, the Ohio GOP has purged some 1.25 million citizensfrom the state’s voter rolls. This accounts for more than 20% of the  roughly 5.2 million votes counted for president in the state in 2008.  The purge focusses on counties that are predominantly urban and  Democratic.

2. Electronic voting machines have been installed throughout the state which are owned, operated, programmed and maintained — and will be  tallied — by Republican-connected firms, including Diebold (now  Premier), ES&S and Triad.

3. The GOP controls both houses of the Ohio Legislature, the  governorship, the secretary of state’s office, and the state supreme  court. Soon after the 2008 election, it imposed a draconian photo ID law designed to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of suspected  Democrats, as is being done throughout the US. But Ohio is a referendum  state. A statewide grassroots movement recently crushed a GOP-pushed  anti-labor law, and many Republicans feared the photo ID law would also  go down. Then Husted was ruled ineligible to hold office over a  residency conflict. Ohio’s Supreme Court re-instated his eligibility,  but he was prompted to oppose the photo ID law. Today a prospective Ohio voter can use 17 different kinds of ID, but in recent elections some  poll workers have demanded photo ID anyway. Without a grassroots army of independent election monitors to protect them, many more Ohioans are  likely to be disenfranchised.

4. In 2004, 10.6% of the votes cast in Ohio were so-called “early  votes” via absentee ballots. A voter had to be absent from the county to vote absentee. In-person Election Day voters at the 42 predominantly  black inner-city precincts in Columbus waited between 3-7 hours to vote.

The Ohio Association of Election Officials, is overwhelmingly dominated  by Republicans from Ohio’s rural counties and thus they have control despite the small number of residents from those counties and they do everything that they possibly can to disenfranchise voters especially in urban and democratic areas. And even  the larger cities GOP representatives do all that they can to help.  Doug Priesse, Chair of the Franklin County (Columbus) GOP, sparked a  firestorm when he explained that  “I guess I really actually feel we  shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban — read  African-American — voter turnout machine.”

Unless the Democratic Party fights back and makes some last-minute  headway in reforming Ohio’s electoral system (Where is Eric Holder and the Department of Justice?) and the crocked, racist and well-connected Ohio GOP gets away with all their plans it could make it harsh reality that  Barack Obama might not be able to carry Ohio this November even against an elitist dog of a candidate like Mitt Romney

GOP Closet Case Lindsey Graham Tells Goverment Contractors To Lay Off Workers Before 2012 Election

In what can only be described as another in a long line of attempts by the Republican party to sabotage the economy and the jobs situation for political gain “alleged” self loathing closet case Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has called on government contractors to layoff personnel just before the election, in protest of the  defense budget cuts slated for the first of the year, due to the 2011 Budget Control Act.

“Politicians, you know, quite frankly respond to pressure,” Graham said about the cuts set to begin in 2013 under the so-called sequestration budget.

“I’m urging every defense industry that could be affected by sequestration to put your employees on notice before November,” he continued. “The more it becomes real to us as to what comes the nation’s way, the more likely we are to solve the problem.”

To call for politically-based layoffs is nothing less than  treasonous treachery.  And this is further proof that Graham and the republican party is not above it.

Graham a  life-long” bachelor” and former military prosecutor has been at the forefront of gay rumours for years, with those in his home state of South Carolina and Washington who say that it’s an open secret and has been for a long, long time.  And like many closet case Republicans Graham, like  Larry Craig  has voted antiigay on every issue from the Matthew Shepherd Hate Crimes Act, the repealing DADT and of course the federal marriage amendment .

Barney Frank: Any Self Respecting Gay or Lesbian Shouldn’t Be Voting Republican (No S**t)

The gone but never forgotten Rep. Barney Frank, in an interview with Palms Springs’ Desert Outlook sounded off on why lesbians and gays should never vote Republican:

Any gay or lesbian person with any self-respect should not be voting for any of the Republicans, including Mitt Romney, who made the degrading comment in one of the recent debates about how he kept Massachusetts from being the Las Vegas of gay marriage, kind of cheapening this very profound thing for us. This is a faker who in 1994, when he was trying to beat Ted Kennedy in a different era, said ‘Oh, I’ll be better than him on gay rights,’ and of course he’s been outrageous.

“In fact in 2004, when the Massachusetts Supreme Court had ruled in favor of gay rights, there was an effort in the state Legislature to overturn it. Mitt Romney led a fight against a whole lot of legislators who had courageously voted with us to uphold gay marriage, and he tried very hard to defeat them. I think he gave the business I’m in a bad name. He is the most unprincipled, dishonest, intellectually flexible guy I’ve seen. There does not appear to be any public policy to which he’s committed.”

Well thank you Captain Obvious.  But what you really should be focusing on is trying to get the LGBT Community out and to the poles en masse to actually vote for Obama.

After the past four years of pulling teeth with the Administration to take a more forceful stand on our bigger issues and Obama’s recent refusal to sign an Executive Order against LGBT Job Discrimination the bloom is beginning to fade on the rose and the energy and excite of the “fierce advocate” that Obama created in 2008 is nowhere near where it was.

The goal right now isn’t to stop LGBT’s to not vote Republican.  Many won’t do that no matter what.

The goal should be to get the disenchanted to actually leave their homes on Election Day and get out to vote.

Give them a reason to have faith that Obama and the Democrats will grow some balls after the next election .

Refusing to sign the Executive Order was a huge mistake on Obama’s part.  And as for the DNC, until it embraces and promotes a plank of FULL LGBT Equality and a progressive agenda and turns its backs on the so called “Blue Dogs” our turning out to vote will always be up in the air.