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Bwahahaha! – GQ Magazine Names Mitt Romney the ‘LEAST Influential Person’ of 2012

While most magazines publish a year-end list of influential people who have accomplished far more than most of  us ever will.  GQ has published a count  down the twenty-five least significant men and women of 2012.

And Number 1 on the list is none other than Mitt Romney.

Was anyone inspired by Mitt Romney? Did anyone vote enthusiastically for Mitt  Romney? Of course not. Voting for Romney is like hooking up with the last single  person at the bar at 4 a.m. The only successful thing he did this year  was embody every black stand-up comedian’s impression of a white person. Thank  God the election’s over. No more endless photos of Mitt staring winsomely  off-camera with that attempted smile on his face. No more glaring campaign  mishaps week after week after week. No more labored media efforts to make him  look like anything other than Sheldon Adelson’s pampered money Dumpster.  Good-bye, Mitt. I hope you enjoy the rest of your life quietly ensconced at Lake  Winnipesaukee, blissfully ignorant of the plight of anyone who doesn’t have $300  million squirreled away in the Bahamas.



Millions Celebrate At LGBT Pride Parades In San Francisco, New York, and Chicago.

Millions of LGBT’s and our straight allies celebrated at Gay Pride Parades yesterday held in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and other cities across the United States

In New York alone over a million marchers followed the lavender line painted on Fifth Avenue, with Cyndi Lauper and city’s first married gay couple, Connie Kopelov and Phyllis Siegel leading the parade as grand marshals.  Held one year to the day of same-sex marriage being legalized in New York state.

Mayor Bloomberg had a message to the rest of America before stepping off onto the parade route.: “The government should get out of your personal life.” (that is of course unless you want to eat sugar)

More than 300 groups marched down Fifth Avenue to the Stonewall Inn, the site of the 1969 Stonewall riots, which is widely considered the start of the national gay rights movement


In Chicago a record breaking estimate of 850,000 participants attended the parade that winds through the North Side including one of the city’s gay neighborhood of Boystown.

The event drew many public figures, including Gov. Pat Quinn and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, along with families.

Chicago resident Carrie Roberts brought her two children, ages 5 and 6.

“The parade is a good expression of freedom and acceptance,” she said. “I thought my kids would enjoy it.”


And at 42nd annual Pride parade in San Francisco on Sunday which culminated a weeks worth of festivities huge crowds lined Market Street for the celebration, which included everything from the Leather Pride contingent to some tail-wagging pups from the San Francisco SPCA  as loud sirens, flashing lights and countless rainbow flags and banners accompanied uniformed police officers, cheerleaders and politicians including  San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee who spoke at the city’s Civic Center — near the parade’s end-point.