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ILLINOIS Amends It's Illinois Act on Aging to Cover LGBT Seniors

ILLINOIS Amends It’s Illinois Act on Aging to Cover LGBT Seniors

Governor. JB Pritzker has signed  Bill 3490 measure into law yesterday that amends the Illinois Act on Aging which will now add protections and services for older LGBT adults. 


Senate Bill 3490 was signed by the governor on National Honor Your LGBTQ Elders Day, which recognizes older individuals who fought for equality and led the equality movement that continues to be active. Changes made to the act set up the Illinois Commission on LGBTQ Aging, which will investigate and advise on helping services and needs of older LGBTQ adults improve.  “These elder adults are trailblazers in the fight for LGBTQ rights, growing up in an a more hostile time where basic rights were regularly denied based on gender and sexuality,” said Pritzker. “This amendment to the Illinois Act on Aging honors that struggle by ensuring all people can age in dignity with equal access to essential care and social supports.”

A press release later stated that the commission will be responsible for looking into issues relevant to LGBTQ older adults. They include housing, health, caregiver support, psychosocial needs, assisted living and HIV/AIDS specific care. “LGBTQ older adults face unique challenges, and we want Illinois to lead in valuing their identities, expanding access to inclusive services, and meeting the critical needs of this population,” said Paula Basta, director of the Illinois Department on Aging. “This new law affirms the administration’s continued commitment to supporting LGBTQ elders in our communities.”

The LGBT community itself needs to look into the plight of our LGBT seniors. The people responsible for doing the heavy lifting and fought tooth and nail for the rights we all enjoy today are the real “marginalized” and “oppressed” in our community.

Forgotten, spurred, ignored, and dismissed by the younger LGBTQ community the very people who should be exalted are ignored and invisible.

How invisible? How many of you knew that May 16th. was the Annual National Honor Your LGBTQ Elders Day?

I rest my case.

May 17th is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

May 17th is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) is celebrated every May 17th and  is coordinated by the Paris-based “IDAHO Committee,” founded and presided by French academic Louis-Georges Tin.

The day aims to coordinate international events to garner support for the respect of lesbians, gay and transgender rights worldwide.

The idea of the Day was launched in 2004. The date of May 17 was chosen to commemorate the World Health Organization’s decision to remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders in 1990.

By May 17, 2005, as a result of a year-long campaigning effort, 24,000 people worldwide, and well-known international organizations like ILGA, IGLHRC, the World Congress of LGBT Jews, and the Coalition of African Lesbians, had signed the appeal to support the IDAHO initiative..

Organizations in more than 70 countries in the world now include the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia as part of their annual mobilization plan. In some of them, the Day has become the major focal point of action.

IDAHO has now been officially recognized by the EU Parliament, Spain, Belgium, the UK, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg and Brazil. It is also recognized by numerous local authorities across the world, such as the province of Quebec or the city of Buenos Aires.

Please  do your part.  Now more than ever. PLEASE  stand up and speak out against Homophobia and Transphobia wherever and whenever you see it.

Will Kohler

Putin's Convoy, - STRIKE THAT - GOP Senators Meet With Zelensky

Putin’s Convoy, – STRIKE THAT – GOP Senators Meet With Zelensky

Via CNN:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has welcomed to Kyiv a congressional delegation led by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Zelensky said on his Instagram account that the visit “is a strong signal of bipartisan support for Ukraine from the United States Congress and the American people.” He added: “Thank you for your leadership in helping us in our struggle not only for our country, but also for democratic values and freedoms. We really appreciate it.”

In other words: Zelenskyy met with a bunch of people who thought Trump trying to extort him wasn’t worth impeaching him over.

Other than Moscow Mitch, Republican Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, John Barrasso of Wyoming and John Cornyn of Texas were also present.

I’m actually surprised Susan Collins could make it after that heinous chalking attack

GET HER: Vladimir Putin To Send "Doomsday Warning" to the West

GET HER: Vladimir Putin To Send “Doomsday Warning” to the West

Oh no! Not the Doomsday Machine!

Via Rueters

President Vladimir Putin will send a “doomsday” warning to the West when he leads celebrations on Monday marking the 77th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany, brandishing Russia’s vast firepower while its forces fight on in Ukraine. Defiant in the face of deep Western isolation since he ordered the invasion of Russia’s neighbors, Putin will speak on Red Square before a parade of troops, tanks, rockets and intercontinental ballistic missiles. A fly-past over St Basil’s Cathedral will include supersonic fighters, Tu-160 strategic bombers and, for the first time since 2010, the Il-80 “doomsday” command plane, which would carry Russia’s top brass in the event of a nuclear war, the Defense Ministry said.

Can’t we just drop a bomb on the parade and be done with all this shit?

#FlashbackFriday Disco Classic! - Donna Summer Performs "McArthur Park" [1978]

#FlashbackFriday Disco Classic! – Donna Summer Performs “McArthur Park” [1978]

MacArthur Park was written by singer-songwriter Jimmy Webb that was originally recorded actor and singer Richard Harris in 1968. Harris’s version peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and number four on the UK Singles Chart. “MacArthur Park” was subsequently covered by numerous artists, including a 1969 Grammy-winning version by country music singer Waylon Jennings and the premier disco a number one Billboard Hot 100 cover by Donna Summer in 1978.

Italian music producer Giorgio Moroder would recall that he and his collaborator Pete Bellotte had been interested in the concept of either remixing a track – as yet undecided on – which had been a hit in the 1960s or else remaking a 1960s hit as a dance track: Moroder – “I remember that I was driving in … on the Hollywood Freeway, and I heard the original song [i.e. “MacArthur Park” by Richard Harris] on the radio. I thought: ‘That’s it – that’s the song we’ve been looking for almost a year.’

And the rest is disc-tory!

I do not claim ownership to this song or video. All rights reserved by copyright holders

NOTICE: “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”

GAY GEEK - Dead by Daylight Came Adds its First-Ever Playable Gay Gay Character

GAY GEEK – Dead by Daylight PC Game Adds Its First-Ever Playable Gay Character

Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight has announced the addition of its first-ever LGBT+ playable character.

Via Gay Times:

For the last six years, players have immersed themselves in the game’s diverse stories and its batch of 30 survivors . However, for the first time in the game’s history, developers have added its first LGBTQ+ character. On 27 April, Behavior Interactive announced that fan-favorite character David King would become the games first gay character.

The character David King described as a “hot-tempered ruffian”, was first introduced in the game’s fifth chapter, A Lullaby for the Dark: The single child of a wealthy family, David King seemed destined for greatness. While growing up in Manchester, he demonstrated serious potential in both sports and academics, and with his family connections, all doors were open to him. He could have succeeded at anything, if it weren’t for his combative nature. David lived for the adrenaline rush of a good fight and would go out of his way to get into one.

Death by Daylight’s creative director Dave Richard gave further insight into their decision to update the character’s backstory: “It was a long effort to get here today because we wanted – like any type of representation that we do in DbD – we wanted to make sure that we do it right, that it’s not token, and that players will feel represented by this character. David King is a loved character, a youthful character, he is loved by a lot of players, the LGBTQ community already considers this character in their fan love story as being gay as well. So it was a great fit to tell an amazing story,”

Behavior Interactive consulted closely with the organization GaymerX in order to select the right existing character.

Katastrophe on Twitter: "So we know that Dead by Daylight has Leon, Claire,  Jill and Chris... But did you know that there's actually a 5th RE character  in DBD? 🤔 You can
David King

Gay History - April 29, 1955: Rod McKuen  Born Singer-Songwriter, Actor, and Gay Rights Activist

Gay History – April 29, 1955: Rod McKuen  Born Singer-Songwriter, Actor, and Gay Rights Activist

Rod McKuen was an American poet, singer-songwriter, and actor. He was one of the best-selling poets in the United States during the late 1960s. McKuen also produced a wide range of recordings, which included popular music, spoken word poetry, film soundtracks and classical music. He earned two Academy Award nominations and one Pulitzer nomination for his music compositions and wrote over 1,500 songs.

But what many don’t know is that McKuen NEVER divulged his sexual preferences and was a dedicated gay rights activist.

In 1977 McKuen very publicly opposed Anita Bryant’s 1977 anti-gay Save Our Children—Campaign dubbing Bryant with the name ‘Ginny Orangeseed’—and gave benefit performances in Miami and at multiple gay discos in New York and LA to raise money for gay rights groups. His 1977 album Slide… Easy In‘s cover depicts the arm of 1970’s gay porn star Bruno, his fist filled with Crisco, hovering above a can with the label “disco” on it.. The so-called “Crisco/Disco” album featured the song “Don’t Drink the Orange Juice,” released during the national “gaycot” of Florida orange juice in response to the Anita Bryant campaign.

In fact in the 1950s, McKuen held a leadership role in the San Francisco chapter of The Mattachine Society. And in later years engaged in AIDS activism for well over a decade, participating in numerous fundraisers in support of AIDS related charities.

McKuen himself though refused to identify as gay, straight, or bisexual, but once explained his sexuality saying, “I can’t imagine choosing one sex over the other, that’s just too limiting. I can’t even honestly say I have a preference. I’ve been attracted to men and I’ve been attracted to women. I have a 16-year-old son. You put a label on.” (This caused The Advocate, to give McKuen the dubious “Something You Do in the Dark” award for refusing to identify as gay.)

For over half a century McKuen proudly advocated for gay rights while refusing sexual labels for himself

McKuen lived in Beverly Hills, California with his partner Edward, whom he called his “brother”, and four cats . He died of respiratory arrest, a result of pneumonia, at a hospital in Beverly Hills, California, on January 29, 2015.

Homophobic Russian MP Launches “I’m Not Gay” Reality Show

Homophobic Russian MP Launches “I’m Not Gay” Reality Show

Via The UK Metro:

Homophobic Russian MP Vitaly Milonov is presenting a reality show where contestants have to guess which person is gay in order to win a cash prize. I’m Not Gay is a series that sees eight men move into a country house together. At the end of each episode, they vote to eliminate a contestant they suspect of being gay. If they correctly guess, then they share two million rubles (£21,000), but if the homosexual man dodges detection he wins the prize. In the first episode, which has been shared on YouTube, Milonov tells the contestants: “I hope that you will quickly figure out the gay.”

In 2013, Milonov declared that gay men “deserve to be punched and kicked” after a gay man was blinded in a hate crime assault. That came days after he led a police raid on a gay Halloween party.

In 2014, he attempt to ban Eurovision from being shown in Russia due to that year’s win by “pervert” Conchita Wurst. and in 2017, he attempted to ban Disney’s live-action version of Beauty And The Beast as “gay propaganda.”

So we’re the first “tributes” for the Russian Hunger Games.

Coming soon to Fox I am sure.

Leaked Video - GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn Caught With Male Scheduler's Hand on His Crotch

Boys Will Be Boys! – GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn Caught With Male Scheduler’s Hand on His Crotch

MidasTouch released the video and actual receipts on Crawthorn and his “scheduler” Stephen Smith on Twitter including Venmo messages obtained by American Muckrakers PAC.

Ethics complaint filed against Madison Cawthorn claims he’s provided thousands of dollars in gifts, housing & travel to his aide Stephen Smith, who lives with him. Venmo payments include suggestive messages.

One payment made by Cawthorn to Smith dated 6/17/18 reads, ‘Getting naked for me in Sweden.’

Look’s like it ain’t no big thing. But this should be fun to watch play out.

Canada Lifts Restrictions On Blood Donations By Gay Men

Canada Lifts Restrictions On Blood Donations By Gay Men

Via CTV:

A policy change years in the making, on Thursday Health Canada approved Canadian Blood Services’ submission to eliminate the three-month donor deferral period for gay and bisexual men. Moving away from a blanket ban, the national blood donor organization will be able to screen all donors regardless of gender or sexuality. Instead, donors will be screened based on their sexual behaviours. Canadian Blood Services (CBS) is expected to introduce the new behaviour-based questionnaire approach by Sept. 30. It will apply to both blood and plasma donations.

Too bad the United States has recently starting sliding back into the fascism of the uninformed.