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Bud Light Announces Partnership With LGBT+ Business Owners Despite The Dylan Mulvaney Debacle.

HRC Lowered Bud’s Corporate Rating for Not Protecting Dylan Mulvaney. Meanwhile HRC Has Not Protected Us From Florida and the GOP.

So who’s going to downgrade HRC as the most do nothing and vapid LGBT org on the planet? WE MUST.

The Human Rights Campaign has given gave Bud Light’s parent company Anheuser-Busch top ratings for LGBTQ+ equality and diversity for decades. But now that has all changed.

The Human Rights Campaign informed Anheuser-Busch of its decision in a May letter after previously writing to the company in April, criticizing its response. 

In a nutshell: Dylan Mulvaney a trans influencer said in a Vlog post that she liked Bud Light. Bud Light heard about it and sent her several souvenir 6 packs with her face on them as a thank you. Mulvaney then uploaded a vlog post showing the cans and not explaining anything. There was no advertising or spokesperson contract. Just some free 6 packs with her face on them. Cut the right-wing/propaganda sites that ran with it. And since most right-wing media is bankrolled by the GOP, unlike the stingy Dems and skinflints at HRC. The are numerous more websites to push anti-LGBT propaganda than to fight it.

“When we saw the company working with Dylan, that was a good sign. It was a sign of inclusion,” Jay Brown, SVP of programs, research, and training at HRC, and the signatory of both letters, told CNN. “What we were disturbed by was the company’s reaction once the backlash started happening.” But in reality, the company was not really “working with her”. And to be truthful Mulvaney never came forth with that information.

“At this moment, Anheuser-Busch must stand in solidarity with Dylan and the trans community,” he wrote at the time. “However, when faced with anti-LGBTQ+ and transphobic criticism, Anheuser-Busch’s actions demonstrate a profound lack of fortitude in upholding its values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Annheiser Busch responded

“We remain committed to the programs and partnerships we have forged over decades with organizations to drive economic prosperity across a number of communities, including those in the LGBTQ+ community,” an Anheuser-Busch spokesperson said in response to a request for comment for this story.

Since the 1980s, Anheuser-Busch has been a major supporter of the LGBT community. The company has been a long-time sponsor of Pride events across the country n recent years, Budweiser has taken its support of the LGBT community a step further by becoming a major sponsor of the Equality Act, which would provide nationwide protections for LGBT people. In 2017, Budweiser even released a limited-edition Pride Can in support of the LGBT community. 

Budweiser has learned a very valuable lesson. Never gift an influencer anything.

And as for the Human Rot Campaign turnabout id fair play: “In this moment, it is absolutely critical for the Human Rights Campaign to stand in solidarity and fight with the LGBTQ communities in Florida, Texas and other GOP controlled states. However, when faced with anti-LGBTQ+ issues, HRC’s inactions demonstrates a profound lack of fortitude in upholding its values of diversity, equity, and inclusion of it’s mission. And further proves it’s worthlessness to the community. and should be gone.

HRC Corporate Rating: SUB ZERO!

ARIZONA: Anti-LGBT Troll Ethan Crockett-Schmidt Gets Shooed Away From AZ Border Patrol, Rips Off Bodice.

ARIZONA: Anti-LGBT Troll Ethan Crockett-Schmidt Gets Shooed Away From AZ Border Patrol, Rips Off Bodice.

Schmidt would not be deterred so he removed his shirt in hopes his manly physique would get him access. Or a date.? Who the fuck knows?

Laughable idiot Ethan Crockett-Schmidt has made quite the name for himself as the most moronic ultra-right-wing troll in Arizona. From trolling Barnes & Noble, Target, and The Crayola Store over carrying LGBT-related material to posting his need to “impregnate 100 women to carry his White Christian Nationalist brood.” )

Yesterday Schmidt went to the Arizona border to interrupt and humanitarian aid and check on the wall status. Later after claiming that the Border Patrol was owned by the Mexican Cartel, Schmidt ripped off his shirt trying to provoke a bare-knuckle box match. Or an all-male gang-bang in which he is the “bangee”. No one knows which for sure.

Clearly, Yosemite Sam failed terribly as a parent.

Congressman George Santos aka. Miss Kitara Ravache: “My Conscience Is Clean”

Congressman George Santos aka. Miss Kitara Ravache: “My Conscience Is Clean”

Re-elect George Santos: Pure as the driven slush.

Santos appeared as a guest on the Wednesday night edition of Rob Schmitt Tonight on Newsmax TV.

Via Mediate:

Embattled Congressman George Santos announced his reelection campaign this week and now insists, despite wild fabrications of his resume, his “conscience is clean.”
“Look, nobody’s immune to making mistakes in life. I’ve owned up to them. You know, I wish every politician would go on TV and admit when they lie, but they don’t. And with that, they continue to hurt Americans,” Santos said.
“I have my story. I am George Santos. I am the son of immigrants,” Santos said. “The kid who came from a basement apartment, worked my butt off to get to where I did. Honestly, I didn’t steal, cheat, kill or anything, right?”

The expression is “My conscience Is clear”. That’s clear, not “clean.”

Even when he’s lying about being “honest,” he’s still full of shit.

Oh and Santos did steal and cheat. 2 out of 3.

Not sure about the “kill” part yet. We will keep you updated.

Portland: Trans Woman Arrested in Violent Stabbing Death of Cab Driver

UPDATE: Portland: Trans Woman Arrested in Violent Stabbing Death of Cab Driver

A transgender woman has been arrested and charged with the violent stabbing death of a cab driver in Portland, Oregon over the weekend.

 Local reports say the fare for the short drive was only about $8, but ended up costing the man his life when his rider suddenly stabbed him in the neck with a knife, seemingly for no reason at all.

The trans woman who has only been identified only by her birth name Moses Jacob Lopez was found standing outside the car covered in blood she was quickly arrested and has since been charged with second-degree murder and unlawful use of a weapon.

A spokesman for the cab company said footage from the car’s onboard camera proved the attack was “Vicious, senseless and brutal, adding, “There was no conversation. No altercation. Nothing.”

 Lopez, has a well-documented history of making violent threats, having once posted to social media in 2015 that then he wished he were a woman so he could assault other women without facing the same consequences

Just before the Hillsboro arrest, Lopez had been charged with two felony counts of unlawful use of weapon and two counts of menacing. She missed her court hearing on April 6, and a warrant was issued for her arrest — three days before she allegedly murdered the cab driver

UPDATE – 04/19/2023: On Wednesday evening, police named the deceased victim as 43-year-old Reese McDowell Lawhon. A spokesman for Radio Cab told local media their driver had recently found his biological parents and was hoping to meet them for the first time. 

At Lopez’s arraignment on Monday, she pleaded not guilty to both charges. She wore her hair in a bun and still had eye makeup visible. 

Lopez worked as a certified nursing assistant for around a decade but Oregon state nursing records show she was fired from an unnamed medical facility in June 2021.

“Information gathered in the [Oregon State Board of Nursing]’s investigation show that from 2019 through 2021, CNA engaged in abusive and threatening behavior towards co-workers,” reads the probation order from February 2022.

While police have not released any information about a possible motive, the Easter Sunday stabbing murder happened in the context of a surge of trans activists encouraging violence and making threats on social media as revenge

See: Trans Day of Violence.

Not helping

Caitlyn Jenner Vows to Take On The 'Radical Rainbow Mafia'

Caitlyn Jenner Vows to Take On The ‘Radical Rainbow Mafia’

Deplora-trans is at it again.

Caitlyn Jenner appeared in a recent video and claimed that the “Radical Rainbow Mafia” supported “grooming children,” and has vowed to fight them!

In a clip Jenner appeared alongside Charles Moron Moran, a leader in the “Log Cabin Republicans”. Both Jenner and Moran claimed further that the “rainbow mafia” is “destroying the entire LGBT community.”

Jenner has also claimed repeatedly that the “Radical Rainbow Mafia” supported “grooming children,” a common talking point on the far-right, and the use of “violence to shut down opposition.” and has recently launched a political action committee, which she explained is dedicated to fighting “radical gender extremists.” Among the few specific policy stances, the group opposes “radical gender ideology in our schools” and transgender girls competing in youth sports that align with their gender identities.

What a “bitch”.

Donald Trump To Hold Presser at Mar-a-Lago After His Arrest and Perp Walk

Donald Trump Predicts “Death And Destruction” If He’s Indicted and Arrested.

Blah blah. Blah blah blah blah. Blah.

Trump’s Truth Social account:

“What kind of person can charge another person, in this case a former President of the United States, who got more votes than any sitting President in history, and leading candidate (by far!) for the Republican Party nomination, with a Crime, when it is known by all that NO Crime has been committed, & also known that potential death & destruction in such a false charge could be catastrophic for our Country? Why & who would do such a thing? Only a degenerate psychopath that truely hates the USA!”

The deranged Orange One it seems is hoping that being overly dramatic will provoke his dimwitted base and lead them to violence. Perhaps he wants the court to refuse to grant him bail on the grounds that he’s a danger to the public. Or at a minimum, a dramatic arrest and being led away in handcuffs.

Whatever. Still can’t wait .

Obviously a fake. But we can dream.
Motor City Moron Ted Nugent: “God Sent Me” To Do Battle For Trump and S%*t My Pants!

Motor City Moron Ted Nugent: “God Sent Me” To Do Battle For Trump and S%*t My Pants!

Transcript vis podcast”

If they wanna arrest President Trump, we need to not protest; we need to not put on rallies. Because Antifa, Black Lives Matter and these imported Chinese nationals and Somali nationals who are coming across our open border, as orchestrated by Biden Satan gang, they are ready to do battle.
Do not go into battle — yet. Remain peaceful and shine a positive, loving, patriotic light on the darkness, as perpetrated by this Satan Manhattan D.A., and let them show their cards, because if it all goes down as it’s already headed for, the trajectory is  we will win this election with this great President Trump in a landslide.
Because Satan has made his move; now Michael The Archangel can make ours. America, I have thought non-stop diligently. God has sent me for times like this. Put on the armor of the Lord. Remain peaceful. Remain strong. Remain spiritual.
Pray like you’ve never prayed before, and in a loving, supportive, civil manner, convince anybody in your life — family, friends, co-workers, people at church or school. Some churches are actually coming out for the Satanism of child molestation and drag queens, under the auspices of Church. So we are surrounded by pure evil.

Nugent the Trump supporting, God fearing American who shat his pants to get out of the Vietnam War has been as of late seen hawking fire pits emblazoned with machine guns and “Trump 2024.”

Honestly It is a national tragedy that mental illness is not taken seriously in this country.

Chicago Bakery Cafe Closing After Harassments and Threats Over Family Friendly Drag Show.

Chicago Bakery Cafe Closing After Harassment and Threats Over Family Friendly Drag Show.

UpRising Bakery & Café in Lake in the Hills has announced it will close at the end of the month.

Owner Corrina Sac hosted several community events at UpRising since the bakery and café opened. Last July, she organized a family-friendly show at UpRising featuring drag performances, according to the news release.

The night before the performance, the doors and windows of the bakery were smashed and hate messages were painted on the building. After the attack, the village of Lake in the Hills told Sac she can no longer hold events at the bakery due to a zoning issue. When she tried gain last December the event had to be canceled after Homeland Security warned Sac of a possible Domestic Terror threat.

Then her staff and the bakery’s costumers were also attacked. Protesters spent days outside UpRising, harassed patrons and photographed their license plates, according to the release. Sac and her children were also threatened on social media.

“Closing our doors is the direct result of the horrific attacks, endless harassment, and unrelenting negative misinformation about our establishment in the last 8 months,” Sac said in the news release.

“From an award-winning bakery that donates to local organizations and supports diversity and inclusion, we have been rebranded by misinformation as ‘gay only’ and ‘pedophiles.’ Local customers no longer come here because of the perceived threat that tarnished our good name and the fears of their license plates are photographed, and they are harassed.”

Sac has tried in vain for months to get help from the McHenry County State’s Attorney and Illinois Attorney General. No help has been given.

Several fundraisers are planned for March to potentially save the bakery, or to at least provide financial support to Sac and her staff.

Kathy Griffin Testifies Over Viral Video Lawsuit Of Adult Harassing Teen In Prom Dress

In April 2021, a 59-second video of Sam Johnson was posted online. In the clip, the businessman is seen standing next to an 18-year-old teenage boy named Dalton Stevens who wore a dress to his prom and bothers and berates him..

“I chose what I want to wear, so you can f— off,” the teen told Johnson. The businessman then said, “you look like an idiot.

Kathy Griffin retweet the video with the message, “If this is Sam Johnson in Nashville, Tennessee, the CEO of @VisuWell , healthcare-tech-growth strategist, married to Jill Johnson where they may reside in Franklin, Tennessee, it seems like he’s dying to be online famous.”

Johnson said Griffin’s tweet led to VisuWell firing him as CEO and removing him from the board. Days after the comedian fired off the message, the company released a statement distancing itself saying it, “unequivocally condemns the behavior exhibited by Sam Johnson.” So of course child abusing adult homophobe Johnson is suing Griffin for “doxxing” him.

In the lawsuit, Johnson’s lawyer wrote, “Ms. Griffin is a malign internet provocateur and is notorious for her disturbing posts on various social media platforms, especially Twitter. Her preferred method of online harassment is to “dox” private citizens.” and said the video was “incomplete, edited, and out-of-context.” His lawyer wrote, “The Video Clip only showed one minute of an incident that had been developing for over one hour. The implication created by the Video Clip—that Mr. Johnson instigated a confrontation to bully two LGBTQIA+ teenagers at a hotel—was deeply misleading.”

In her response, Griffin said, “This case tests a core feature of our democracy: the ability to participate in debate on a public issue without fear of punishment and involves a widely publicized incident in which [Samuel Johnson], a local health care executive berated a gay high school student who was taking prom pictures at the Harpeth Hotel in Franklin, Tennessee, early on a Saturday evening.”

Death Reported on Atlantis Events Gay Cruise

Death Reported on Atlantis Events Gay Cruise

There has been a death reported on the much discussed Atlantis 30th Anniversary Cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Sea’s. Reporter Chris Wiggins tweeted news of the death. He also reported on several “Code Alpha” (medical emergency) announcements broadcast on the ship.

Atlantis Cruise and it’s operators have come under scrutiny the past few days as pictures and video’s released by passengers show the cruise sailing at 100% capacity with no social distancing or masking in place. Atlantis which had bragged about the safety restrictions before the cruise has remained silent about the sudden disappearance of all of these, on a full ship while Omnicron rips through the population affecting both non-vaccinated and in some cases vaccinated Americans alike. Ironically, in a separate move Royal Caribbean and other cruise lines have cancelled many of it’s cruses going out these past 2 weeks on ships sailing at 50% capacity or less.

Of course Atlantis and fellow gay vacation VACAY are trying to frame the backlash as a homophobic attack by those complaining which of course it is not since many of the complaints are coming from within the LGBT community itself.

Other than the obvious concern over the spreading of the Omnicron variant this cruise has also shined the spotlight on past Atlantis Events cruises which have been plagued by drug use, passengers going overboard and shipboard deaths over the years.

*In January 2020, a member of the Atlantis technical crew went overboard from the Oasis of the Seas.

*In February 2019, federal agents arrested two men trying to board the Allure of the Seas at PortMiami for possession of a large quantity of drugs which they were intending to sell on the cruise ship which had been chartered to Atlantis Events.

*In January 2018, Storm Chasers’ star Joel Taylor died of a suspected overdose on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Harmony of the Seas, which had been chartered by Atlantis Events.

*In February 2012, an Atlantis Events attendee went overboard from the Allure of the Seas operated by Royal Caribbean. His body was never recovered and he is presumed to be dead.

*In January 2011, cruise passenger, Barry Krumholz, was arrested for selling large quantities of ecstasy pills, methamphetamine, ketamine and other drugs aboard the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas chartered by Atlantis Events. There were reportedly a half-dozen drug overdoses during the cruise.

And these are just some issues over the years.

After the death of Joel Taylor in 2019 it has also come to light that Atlantis Events hires it’s own medical team for the cruise and does not use Royal Caribbean’s. Weather a gay or a straight cruise  cruise ships are notorious for the limited nature of the cruise ship’s medical facilities and no place to have a medical emergency,

So while Atlantis Events cries homophobia to cover it’s blatant disregard of health and safety protocols for COVID perhaps we should also talk about the dangerous and deadly institutionalization Atlantis Events has made of supporting the gay drug underground.