UK Trans Rights Group Loses Case To Have LGB Alliance Stripped of Charity Status.

UK Trans Rights Group Loses Case To Have LGB Alliance Stripped of Charity Status.

As the umbrella becomes more crowded is it time to stay together or divide and conquer?

When you get over to the other side of the pond in the UK trans rights issues and causes are a bit different and it can be confusing at times.

Today the Mermaids Transgender rights organization has lost its case to have the controversial LGB alliance stripped of its charitable status – in what is thought to be the first case of its kind in the UK.

Mermaids argued that the LGB alliance “shouldn’t be recognized as a charity because it was focused on hostile anti-trans activism and not (as it claimed) on the promotion of lesbian, gay and bisexual rights”.

Judge Lynn Griffin said: “The appeal in this case is dismissed. We have dismissed this appeal because we have decided that the law does not permit Mermaids to challenge the decision made by the Charity Commission to register LGB Alliance as a charity.”

LGB Alliance which has chapters in America also has described itself as a charity which promotes the rights of lesbian, gay and bisexual people “on the basis of sex rather than gender and believes that gender transition is largely driven by homophobia”.

The group would also like a return to the focus of LGB issues.

LGB’s make up 99% of the communities population.

LGB Alliance co-founder Bev Jackson said the organization shared the view of Harry Potter author JK Rowling that “without sex there is no same-sex attraction”. Anti-lesbian prejudice and fear is leading many teens, especially lesbians, to believe that they have ‘gender identity’ issues when they are in fact grappling with their emerging lesbian/gay sexual orientation.”

Separately, a Charity Commission inquiry into Mermaids – was opened in December last year after new concerns were identified about the organization’s governance and management – is ongoing.

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