Joe Rogan Has A Conniption Fit Over The Word "PRIDE". ‘Now It’s Gay!’

Joe Rogan Has A Conniption Fit Over The Word “PRIDE”. ‘Now It’s Gay!’

During Tuesday’s episode of his podcast Joe Rogan and guest fellow comedian Tom Segura about some of the top news stories circulating the internet. At one point during their discussion, they talked about Pride Month and the boycott of Bud Light following their partnership with Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. Rogan then raised the topic of Pride parades and argued the LGBTQ+ community has taken over the term and rainbows and puppies! (Well maybe not puppies. Yet.)

“What’s weird is that when you say pride, people immediately think of gay,” Rogan said.

“Pride means gay,” Segura said.

“How wild is that — that they did that?” Rogan replied.

“Now people are like, what are trying to say,” Rogan said. “What are you trying to say? You know, it used to be, you were proud. Now it’s gay.”

“It definitely means queer,” Segura replied.

Rogan turned his attention to Pride month.

“I imagine you don’t even have to say gay pride anymore. You say pride month. How insidious they snuck it in. They slowly took over pride. Like they took over the rainbow,” Rogan ranted.

As the conversation continued, Rogan said, “The rainbow has become, I mean, it’s gay — rainbow’s a gay thing.”

“I mean, that’s what it is now. Pride it’s a gay thing. The word is like, if you say you have straight pride, people are like, ‘Really? Do you really?’” Rogan said. “First of all, why? If you’re 99 percent of the people – the fuck you proud of?”


Joe Rogan aka, Villian Edgar Heed (Egghead) strikes once again!

Prepare the Harvey signal!

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