FLORIDA: Casey DeSantis' "Mamas For DeSantis" Attack LGBT Community In First Ad. [VIDEO]

FLORIDA: Casey DeSantis’ “Mamas For DeSantis” Attack LGBT Community In First Ad. [VIDEO]

Casey DeSantis, wife of Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, is relaunching a group focused on portraying her husband as a friend to “mamas” everywhere.

She first launched “Mamas for DeSantis” — which appears to be a Moms for Liberty knockoff — to aid her husband’s gubernatorial re-election bid in 2022.

Florida’s First Lady is kicking off the presidential campaign’s iteration of “Mamas for DeSantis” with a new video highlighting the Governor’s stances against drag queens, masks and Anthony Fauci. The video, which runs slightly more than two minutes, juxtaposes stern narration against a visual backdrop of a parade of horribles for DeSantis and his supporters.

“When you come after our kids, we fight back. There’s nothing we won’t do to protect our children. They’re not yours,” the voiceover contends, juxtaposing Biden against “fighter” Ron DeSantis. The video’s roll out is aptly timed. Mrs. DeSantis is in Iowa Thursday, where she will appear with Gov. Kim Reynolds to launch a “Mamas for DeSantis” group.

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As for “protecting the rights of parents,” that apparently excludes immigrant parents, parents fighting to prevent gun violence in schools, parents who want their children to have a truthful understanding of U.S. history, parents of transgender kids seeking gender-affirming care, parents who want their kids to become more empathetic and understanding of their own emotions — and the list goes on and on.

14 thoughts on “FLORIDA: Casey DeSantis’ “Mamas For DeSantis” Attack LGBT Community In First Ad. [VIDEO]

  1. Disgusting ad. Why is it the Republicans what to fight? What happened to working together. I am a proud mom of a transgender adult. I fear for her safety as I believe DeSantis is creating HATE & discrimination for many immigrants, black , brown sexual orientation, political expression, etc. We are so divided.

    1. Exactly my thoughts! Enough with spreading hate and division. We don’t want it in America… not what we were founded on

  2. I am a Christian mother of a gay man. He is a hard working, honest and very kind man. He is married to another wonderful man also of same character, much loved in the straight and LGBT community. My son was born in Florida and now has moved to another town, another state where they treat others as individuals on their merits, not based on sexuality (that’s personal and should not be anybody else’s business!)
    I am native Floridian, still living there (for now anyway). I’ve known of DeSantis for a long time and can honestly say now that I am ashamed of him and his wife. They are NOT behaving like the Christian’s they say they are. It’s called being Hippocrates. They both have people in their circle who are Gay. Is this how they want them treated. And to say Gays want to take their children….well that is just wrong. Such banter will only create hate and fear (is that what they want…hmm).
    It has to stop. I am a nurse and I can tell you that many of my colleagues disagree with DeSantis and now his wife. I have to say that I am ready to leave Florida if this keeps up. DeSantis will not have my vote unless he stops being radical and starts being kind.

  3. ????? What !!! You expect no reaction to “we are here we’re queer and we are coming for your children “ ????? EVERY parent will fight you with every means possible to protect their children from your pure malevolence !!!!

    1. There is no gay group that ever say that we coming after your children.
      The statement was
      We are queer we are here we are here to stay.
      We fought for the right to adopt because so many children was unwanted by the so call straight Christian community.

  4. This commercial is absolutely awful. Nobody is interested in children or coming for them. If someone is then they as an individual is committing a crime and should be dealt with.
    The LGBTQ COMMUNITY are people who prefer a different lifestyle. I have many friends that fall into that category and have never seen them do anything towards children.
    Ron DeSantis is nothing, but a dictator and is causing nothing, but trouble in the state of Florida.
    He cannot and should not be Governor while campaigning for the Presidency. He is not and will not work for the people of this state or this country.
    I’m waiting to be arrested for disagreeing with him.

  5. I always wonder what the fear behind anyone’s statements and beliefs are that becomes so strong that it comes out as hate toward others who live a life of peace and are not personally attacking anyone else’s way of life?

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