Fans Attack Tom Holland Over Taking Role As Gay Man In "The Crowded Room."

Fans Attack Tom Holland Over Taking Role As Gay Man In “The Crowded Room.”

Tom Holland goes gay all-in in “The Crowded Room”. GFB’s aka, greasy fan boys take offense.

Actor Tom Holland, known to all as the current Spiderman in the MCU universe. (Well one of them.)

Holland — who recently announced that he will return to the superhero role in “Spider Man 4” came under fire on social media from homophobes and bigots Friday for his part in the Apple TV series, “The Crowded Room.” in which he plays a gay man.

PLOT: In Manhattan in the summer of 1979, a young man is arrested for a shocking crime, and an unlikely investigator must solve the mystery behind it before the true criminal strikes again.

But some of Hollands supporters responded to the online haters by arguing previous ‘Spider-Man’ actors had taken similar LGBTQ roles, such as Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

One admirer wrote, “For the people commenting on Tom Holland’s scene on his new show « the crowded room », take a look at the others Spider-Man actors…It’s called acting.”

And yes. In the first tweet above shows Tom bottoming a big black man. (Peter Rabbits)

Get that image out of your mind.

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