Josh Hawley Attacks "Woke" Corporations. Promises To Win The "Culture Wars".

Josh Hawley Attacks “Woke” Corporations. Promises To Win The “Culture Wars”.

Little Joshy must have eaten his Wheaties today.

During remarks at the religious conservative activist conference Road to Majority on Friday Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO)”vowed to defeat a new form of ‘cultural Marxism,’ saying it has taken over the Democratic Party and the media while taking root in universities. And claiming corporations are pushing a new “religion of woke”.

“These new Marxists want to give America a new religion. They want to impose on us the religion of woke,” Hawley said. “It is the religion of transgenderism, critical race theory and open borders, multiculturalism, and they are shoving it down our throats.

The leftist elites have proclaimed themselves as the priests of this new religion. They’re the high priests,” Hawley said, adding that the country does not agree with them.

“I’ve got news for these corporations, these woke corporations. We are not going to surrender this nation to the cultural Marxist in the C-suite.

“We may not have started this culture war, but we’re going to win it,”

Josh Hee Hawley

Everybody remembers how Josh “Manhood” Hawley stands and fights.


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