Grifter Franklin Graham: "GOD HATES PRIDE"!

Grifter Franklin Graham: “GOD HATES PRIDE”!

God doesn’t hate PRIDE. But I’d watch out for stray lightning bolts if I were you, Franklin.

Someone’s bank account must be getting low.

Did you know that God hates pride? We read a lot about June being designated Pride Month, but I think Princeton professor Robert P. George has a great idea. Let’s focus on Biblical humility rather than pride this June.

Pride involves the sin of rejecting God’s authority and rules, in favor of our own wants and desires. In contrast, humility involves surrendering ourselves to God and honoring Him. Jesus is the ultimate example of humility.

Although He is the King of kings and Creator of heaven and earth, He humbled Himself by taking on the penalty of our sins and dying on a criminal’s cross in our place.

It is ludicrous and arrogant to think that we can tell the One who made us male and female that we somehow know better. I’m with Professor George—let’s celebrate humility and fidelity, not the opposite. What do you think?

Posted to Franklin Graham’s Facebook page:

The Robert P. George that Graham speaks about founded three of the most anti-LGBT hate groups in America. Witherspoon InstituteAmerican Principles ProjectNational Organization for Marriage.

Theofascist grifters like Franklin Graham wouldn’t recognize Jesus Christ if they passed him on the sidewalk.

10 thoughts on “Grifter Franklin Graham: “GOD HATES PRIDE”!

  1. I’m with Mr. Graham on this one. The Bible does speak against pride and against homosexuality as well. And I’m going to stick with the word of God.

  2. You said it yourself. Humility is surrendering yourself to God and honoring Him. That means we surrender to God’s moral law. THAT honors Him. Reverend Graham is neither a fascist or a grifter. You seem to throw a lot of labels around. Think about what you say.

  3. Gods of the top 6 major religions recognize pride as an attribute that separates the believer from the God whom is to be first in the followers life. A suggestion has been to keep one’s pride within one’ s church such that the pride is essentially celebrating with thanks to the chosen God. As a human do not separate yourself from your God…mine is Christian. Despite controversey,hype, bad activism, and drama understand that God knows your true intent and circumstances. Did heterosexuals perpetuate some of those “bad actions”? Do heterosexuals make ” off religious tract” decisions when they party too much ? We all need to understand that pushing hate , especially now , creates undue stress and covid variants. Let’s stop the hate.

  4. They’re battling against truth with name-calling. Who do you want to emulate, the truth tellers or the name callers? I’m going with the truth tellers.

  5. Franklin Graham is a neo-facist who has expressed admiration for Putin the butcher in the past and convicted rapest and serial liar Donald Trump. Yet Graham uses his bully pulpit to marginalize if not persecute those who’s life choices offend him. He typifies many evangelicals and Republicans today who selectively condemn others while they are fooling themselves that they are moral and righteous and while they callously attempt to limit the rights and freedoms of those they disagree with. Graham is not a man of God.

  6. A quote. “ My words are truth and they are life”.
    If you deny the truth, it remains the truth.

    Two genders, male and female. God did not create homosexuality, men did.

  7. It’s amazing to me how absolutely ignorant and ill-informed most of these people are who are commenting against Pride. The Bible says a lot. It also has proven to be impossible to live by its OT standards (which is why Jesus came in the first place for anyone who cares to know the truth). God does not hate homosexuals in the same light that God does not hate the ignorant neanderthalistic dumbshits who think everything BUT. It’s good that so many of you can quote scripture. But, as Christ said to the religious leaders of His time, I say to you: You know the very word of scripture backward and forward, yes, but you’ve clearly missed the point of it altogether.

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