FOX Claims White House Flew “Pedophile” Progressive Pride Flag. White House Responds.

FOX Claims White House Flew “Pedophile” Progressive Pride Flag. White House Responds.

CON-servatives aren’t the only one upset especially after the snubbing Gilbert Baker’s original Pride Flag for the knockoff “Progressive” Pride Flag.

After strong pushback from a White House spokesperson on Wednesday, Fox News altered the framing of a highly controversial article that included a critic equating the “transgender flag” with “grooming and pedophilia.” The White House confirmed to Mediaite that a spokesperson did reply to Byrne Wednesday ahead of the story’s publication, which eventually was framed around a quote from a founder of Gays Against Groomers – a far-right anti-LGBTQ advocacy group.

The article was updated after publication to note, “The White House, responding to requests from Fox News Digital for comment, said on Wednesday that it’s been flying the flag at pride celebrations for the past three years.” Additionally, the article was edited to include a line at the end saying, “The White House did not respond to Fox News Digital’s requests for comment on the flag’s design and meaning.”


Since the photos of the “Progressive” Pride flag hanging at the White House between two American flags pushback has come from both sides including many in the LGBT community over snubbing the original Pride flag by Gilbert Baker and not including it at all. At the very least BOTH should have been hung.

The Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD, and the Task Force have been defending the decision the use the “Progressive” flag on social media for the past 24 hours, no doubt because HRC and The Task Force are deeply involved in the planning of such gatherings at The White House and are probably responsible for such an insulting and ill-thought-out decision.

While there are many “alternate” group flags. They should never take the place of the original or at least be flown side by side.

The far-right media has made a mockery out of the “Progressive” pride flag and a majority of the community find it ugly and offensive to the original which included everyone.

It’s been more problems than it’s worth.


6 thoughts on “FOX Claims White House Flew “Pedophile” Progressive Pride Flag. White House Responds.

  1. I love and respect the work of this website and have been a “member” for a very long time. And having lived In San Francisco from the start of the rainbow flag (as originally modified from Gilbert Baker’s first design), I too was not so happy when the new “Progressive Pride” flag first appeared.

    However, it was preceded by the leather flag — at no objection by the community and the transgender flag — at little objection from the community, and others. In fact, I recently read somewhere that there might be over 20 different “gay” flags flying around the world, all based upon the original one.

    And what not? Look how long it took for us to recognize and add anything to “LGBT”, and even then, many of us objected to the B and the T, not to mention all the others we have added. Personally, as an international HIV and human rights activist, I know prefer LGBTIQ+. For me, the Q (for queer) and the + (for all others including PLWHIV, asexual, pansexual and all others) covers it all.

    Therefore, why should we not also have an additional flag, to be used as one sees fit, that would cover ALL others?

  2. A pride flag is a pride flag is a pride flag. I don’t see why people are upset by it. That we have an administration that displays ANY of the pride flags is something to celebrate. I think of it as all-inclusive, not one thing or another.

  3. Pedophiles are adults who want to have sex with children….they should get no recognition. This is a sad sad world…and a disgusting topic. I feel sorry to share the air I breath or the land beneath my feet I will not offer up my children to soulless, godless creatures. So people who are concerned whether or not the pedo freaks are being represented need to reevaluate their priorities. I’m beginning to loose all faith in humanity.

  4. If you live in the United States and are an American, you are being represent by the American flag. Everyone is different is so many ways but that’s what make us American. We are focusing on so many subgroups, we are loosing our focus and unity on being an American. We are stronger if we all support each other.

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