CALIFORNIA - LGBT Hate Crimes Rose 29% in 2022.

CALIFORNIA – LGBT Hate Crimes Rose 29% in 2022.

California’s Attorney General released it’s “State of Pride Report” on Tuesday which looked at data and surveys on issues ranging from mental health to public policy. And while California is known as one of the most LGBT-friendly states in the nation, hate crimes have risen dramatically.

Between 2021 and 2022, there were over 391 reported hate crime events motivated by sexual orientation bias in California, an increase of 29% over the previous period, the report states.

The Attorney General’s report also says LGBTQ+ children are victimized and bullied at rates four times higher than non-LGBT+ children, and nearly half of all gay youth seriously considered suicide in 2022.

This is a very dangerous time for everyone in our community. Please take care and be diligent.

You can read the full report HERE.

One thought on “CALIFORNIA – LGBT Hate Crimes Rose 29% in 2022.

  1. These are ONLY the reported, since many closeted do not want to report. The numbers are actually much higher – in all places in the USA and around the world. Those attacked who are with less privilege and more vulnerable and do not view the police as helpful, are less likely to report. Should we expect to hear from the Roman Catholic Church their alarm and opposing such violence? They were quick to make statements against the Dodgers for recognizing the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group who has never committed violence Seems this violence against LGBT People, would be of much greater urgency to those moral police religious leaders? Or perhaps they consider that expected and “justified” from their actual bigoted views AND practices.

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