ORLANDO - Electronic Traffic Sign Hacked, Changed To Read "Kill All Gays".

ORLANDO – Electronic Traffic Sign Hacked, Changed To Read “Kill All Gays”.

As if the Don’t Say Gay laws weren’t enough. Now they have to put it in big yellow letters they want us dead.

FLORIDA – Officers on Wednesday morning responded to a report about a suspicious incident in Orlando’s Medical City. When they arrived shortly before 5 a.m., they found a traffic sign had been alerted to read “KILL ALL GAYS” in bright orange letters.

A spokesperson for the City of Orlando told FOX 35 that the sign had been out there for the last four days ahead of a 5K fun run planned for this weekend warning motorists about possible delays.

“When you see someone go through the efforts of hacking a sign to put such a disgusting message, of course, it creates fear,” said State. Rep. Anna Eskamani, D-Orlando. “And that’s the point.”

The spokesperson said the message was immediately removed once notified and that the city has contacted the barricade company and police. The sign was also removed sometime Wednesday.

The Lake Nona area around Waterford Lakes was also the site of a blatantly neo-Nazi rally back in 2022 that resulted in the arrest of three of the participants. Additionally, on New Year’s Eve, anti-Semitic slogans were projected on buildings around downtown Orlando. Just so you don’t think all of this happens to be an isolated incident.

Please, all LGBTQ and Allies. Sign on, share, and participate in a Boycott of Florida travel, tourism, and products.

We must fight back!

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